Sometimes a certain situation can completely change how you view someone. For Rin, this situation was walking in on her brother doing something rather embarrassing… RinxLen

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Chapter One: Viewpoints

-- Rin POV --

It started off like any other day. I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast (which was deliciously cooked by Miku), and then watched some TV with Meiko and Kaito. It was then I had the potentially fatal (yet that was unknown to me at the time) thought of wandering upstairs to see Len.

"Change the channel." I complained to Meiko, who was, as usual, hogging the remote control.

"No, I want to watch this."

"But it's boring."

"Then don't watch it."

"But I want to watch TV too!"

"Then you're stuck with this."

Meiko glanced over at me, a smirk playing on her lips. I hmph'ed at her, pushed myself off the sofa, and began to lazily trudge towards the stairs that led to the bedrooms on the second floor.

The house that we all lived in was decent sized; we each had our own separate rooms and there were two bathrooms that we shared. I think the house originally belonged to Meiko's Grandfather or some other old guy she was related to, and due to some circumstances we (being myself, my brother, Miku, Kaito and Meiko) had all ended up living here.

Even at the slow pace I had walked, I was quickly outside Len's room, as his was the first doorway on the right of the stairs. I didn't bother knocking (my second fatal error), and as usual I just casually pushed through the door into my twin's room.

What I saw next is something I had never even thought about, and was not likely to forget for a long time yet. You just don't think about your own brother doing those kinds of things, for the single fact that he's your brother.

But there was Len, doing one of those things, and he was still my brother.

Len was sitting on the edge of his badly-made bed, his hand down his pants, and he was, for lack of a more eloquent word, wanking himself.

I remember watching his expression, his mouth slightly open, and a faint blush across his cheeks. Then I remember looking down to where his hands were. And I remember staring at his pants, or more precisely the bulge in his pants.

At first he didn't even notice my presence and continued doing his… 'thing'. It wasn't until I made an involuntary squeak, that he snapped opened his eyes, and looked up at my face, which had in the meantime turned a very bright red colour.

Then Len's face also turned a bright red colour, and I'm not sure for how long… but we just kind of stared at each like that, too shocked, surprised or embarrassed (probably all three) to make any movement.

As if I had woken from a dream, I suddenly felt my arms and legs move without much thought, as I silently backed out of his room and closed the door gently after me. I suppose it probably was shock, because I then walked back downstairs, but I wasn't really controlling my body… I was in a part-trance, my brain too overloaded to think about anything at all. Except what I had seen just moments earlier, and it kept repeating in my head.

I must have had a horrified expression on my face, because Kaito had asked me if I had seen a ghost. I think I mumbled something incoherent for a reply, and then I somehow managed to get my non-responsive body back upstairs and into my own room.

And so, there I was, lying in bed, and in the space of a few minutes, which seemed incredibly longer, the way I looked at my brother had completely changed.

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