Chapter Six: Disturbing Intentions

The surroundings were eerily vacant, though not quite uncommon for the backstreets of the city. Residential and fairly new, this part of town was still rather uninhabited save for a few recently moved in families. Also, at this time, most would be inside with friends eating lunch.

Thought it seemed for the girl strutting down the road, she payed little attention to how most should be acting.

Nose buried into a mobile phone, with constant beeps and jingles emitted out from the device in a collage of sounds that was rather disharmonic and unpleasant to listen to. She did not appear to mind at all, as to her, the rackety music only enhanced the wonderful experience that was Tetris.

Fingers moved along the keys with expert precision only gained after spending hours on end using technology. If one did not know any better, they would say she was a totally geek, wasting her life on trivial games with horrible sound.

To one who did know better, they would say she was merely biding her time until proper business interested her. For, this girl who walked down the street was the epicentre of almost every gossip circle in the area.

Quickly hitting the pause button on her game, she used the time to casually flick back the single side-ponytail of golden hair. Even when it appears no one is watching, a girl has to keep up her appearance just in case.

Returning avidly to the game, she became thoroughly enrapt, and failed to noticed that she was slowly walking off-centre. Until she fell face-first into an unsuspecting and well-placed bit of foliage.

Spluttering as she got a lovely mouthful of leaves, the girl thrashed around in the bush trying to regain her lost composure. Without any luck in untangling herself, she gave up and lay stomach-flat on the dirt, hidden amongst the leaves almost like a predator in waiting.

Huffing unhappily, yet now satisfied she could try to stand up normally, just as she was about to dash back out into the street as if nothing happened, the sound of voices made her freeze in her spot.

Gripping her mobile tightly, she held her breath praying whoever it was would not see her. The humiliation of being found lying amongst the dirt underneath a hedge. Disgraceful!

She peaked through the leaves, and spied the originators of the voices. One, a tall man, with the shiniest, purple-est, most well-looked-after hair she had ever seen. The other, a lanky boy, possibly no older than 13. His impossibly curled magenta hair flipped around almost inanely as he walked along side the older man.

The girl sensed something off about the unlikely duo. They seemed of no relation, and it was strange to have people of such a large age difference being friends. So what were they doing together…?

Forgetting all issues with laying on the grimy ground, she wiggled in her concealed position to get a better look.

The young boy seemed fidgety. His also magenta eyes darted quickly around, and he nervously wrung his hands. The man though, he had a calm smirk on his features; yet there was something sadistic… and maybe even sinister about that ill sneer. He motioned towards the boy, beckoning him around the corner right next to the hidden girl.

She pressed herself as low as possible to the ground. Oh please, please, don't let them see. There was a feeling that what she was about to witness could be something big, something that the gossip girl could not ignore, even in a million years.

Whispers between them were heard, yet they were so low even at her short distance away they were indistinguishable. Not long after, the murmurs died out, and only the shuffling of movement and brush of clothes made noise. Dead silent and dead still, the girl didn't dare move to see what was going on in case she made a little too much noise.

Finally, she caught a few words.

"Ahaha… You look very cute, Ted"

From the deepness of the tone, she guessed it was the older, purple-haired man. Did he.. just call the kid 'cute'? It sounded so creepy! Old men should not say those things to children!

Desperate to see what was happening, she did the only move possible for her. Slowly, she extended her arm, brining the mobile out beyond the edge of the bush. Hopefully, they were looking the other way. It was a large risk, yet this was quite possibly her only chance.

With shaking fingers, from adrenaline and nervousness, she pushed the button.

Hurriedly she rushed her arm back in close her to body, and clutched the phone to her chest. Uncertainly, she moved it to eye-level and looked into the pixelated screen, at the low-quality photo that the small device had taken.

Her eyes widened, and she nearly dropped the mobile from horror.

There are things you don't want to see. This was one of them. She may know almost every person in the neighbourhood, but there were some she didn't, and for good reason.

Blinking, trying to get the scarring image out of her head, she rubbed her temples with her free hand. So now… what should she do? This kind of thing would be of no interest to the teenage social groups that she mainly dealt with… should she contact the police? This certainly could be taken a crime, she was sure.

Thinking for a moment, an answer finally came. There was someone she could ask. Someone that knew everyone. Someone who would definitely deal with this situation promptly and properly. Someone that knew about all kinds of creepy things like this.

Immediately opening up a new txt message, she began rapidly punching in letters. In less than a minute she had typed a lengthy txt, and with the final number of the recipient entered, the girl pressed the send button firmly with a sense of conclusiveness.

Now there was only one thing left to do.

Wait till the two leave, then get the hell out of here.

--A few hours later, Len POV--

Here I am, in my room, on my bed, fearing for my life.

Crouched with my arms wrapped around my knees, my shoulders rested against the backboard. The bumpy frame was rather uncomfortable, yet I had no will to move. I stared at the door, almost as if some huge monster was about to leap through. Which could actually happen, in these current circumstances.

All the women (plus one Kaito) had decided to go on a spontaneous shopping trip. They were just going out for general groceries, but considering how long they've been gone so far, I'm guessing it's turned into a full-on spree.

And knowing them all, I can guess fairly accurately what they're all going to come home with.

Meiko; sake. Kaito; ice-cream. Miku; leeks. Rin; clothes and/or oranges.

It's so predictable I could do all their shopping for them.

Although it's not that which is bothering me. It's that they all left me alone with this house's only other occupant.

The closet-paedophile himself, Gakupo.

At first I thought it would be okay. Mr. Scary-Pedo-Man originally went out way before the girls (and Kaito) even decided to go shopping, but all hopes of being free of trouble got crushed as he returned home hardly half-an-hour after they all left.

So back into current time, here I am, on my bed, fearing for my life.

I really should calm myself down… Read a book, do something. The door is locked, it's not like he could just waltz in…

Once again, the Goddess of Fate was against me, as the click of a turning doorhandle connoted the catastrophic arrival of my most feared enemy.

Gakupo just waltzed in.


Apparently not.

My girly survival instincts began to kick in, as I got the urge to jump up on my bed and scream really, really high-pitched. But I didn't. I'm planning on keeping at least that much of my pride, thank you very much!

Gakupo, however, seemed to have plans of his own. A strangely calm smile enlightened his features, and for some reason it looked even more threatening than the I'm-gonna-rape-you smirk Len had the unfortunate chance of meeting before.

"So, Len…" He began, and I sat up quickly on my bed; back rigid and my whole body stiff. It felt like I could hardly breathe, like his presence and overly shiny hair were sucking the air out of the room.

"…It seems I got it wrong about you." His voice was smooth and controlled, as was his movements as he casually flipped a section of his hair over his shoulder.

My breathing increased, and I had to concentrate hard to not show this. Breath slowly… slowly… in… out… in… don't freak out… calm… in… out…

Unfazed by my lack of response, Gakupo waded slowly across the room, towards me. Before I could barely blink, there he was, seating himself neatly next to me on the bed. I wanted to scream, scramble away; but my body turned into jelly, refusing to do more than just scarcely keep breathing.

"You were…" he cleared his throat, "…very close to Rin last night. Not like most siblings, eh?"

Oh god. I don't know what's worse. Him trying to flirt with me, or asking questions about Rin. Neither of those options sounded like they would have a happy ending.

I let out a shaky breath, yet still withheld any form of reply. Maybe if I say nothing, he'll get bored and go away…

A tiny squeak escaped my mouth as I felt him lean close to me, his shoulder brushing against mine. He face suddenly became dangerously close to mine, so much so that I could smell the lavender shampoo he must use in his hair. Panic sent my heart rate and breathing wild. He wasn't going to kiss me, was he?! I-I don't think I have body control to move away!

Uncontrollably, I started quivering, and I could only stare wide-eyed into that face surrounded by luscious purple.

"If you've got sister fetishes, I don't mind."

A tight knot had worked its way into my stomach, but despite the fear and nervousness, I couldn't help but feel indignant. It was not a fetish. I loved her.

His smile unexpectedly softened, and he placed an arm around my shoulders. Though… it seemed more comforting than anything. But it still felt pretty paedophilic to me.

"Listen Len, I won't tell anyone."

"You… won't?" That was the first time I had spoken.

Gakupo shook his head. "That's right. But you just got to do a little something with me."

Do something for him… that's reasonable. Wait, he didn't say 'for', he said 'with'. Oh… OH. OH NO. NOT THAT. PLEASE DON'T SAY THAT. NO NO NO NO-

"Len… I want you to…"

A shadowy, nearly invisible figure was outlined in front of the window. The figure sighed dramatically, drumming their fingers against the windowsill.

Why, they thought, why don't the neighbours ever close the curtains?

Another exasperated sigh escaped their lips, though this time heavily laden with a female tone. She, the figure, then leaned over delicately to collect a pallid pink mobile off the adjacent table.

She browsed through the list of contacts, though from constant practise, she barely had to look at the actual screen, knowing by memory the exact placement of the name she wanted.

Her eyes instead glanced back up to the scene lay out in front of her, in full view.

I mean, really.

Doesn't anyone have privacy these days?

Although, a small twinge of pity tugged at her stomach as she watched the poor boy being forced into various positions. Mostly she was unbothered by the ongoings that she often saw through the many windows in her house, but after gathering information on people that interested her… she couldn't help but feel somewhat attached.

She had a rather decent folio on that boy, she did. Searching her mind, she replayed the facts in her head.

Name, Kagamine Len.

Age, 15, 8 months.

Attending year 11 of Generaview High School, although currently on school holidays.

Has a twin sister.

Suspicions of 'feelings' towards aforementioned sister.

It was rather amazing what you could discover just by watching people through windows. As well as googling their names and possibly hacking some personal files.

Suddenly blinking, and shaking her head as if to rattle the distracting thoughts from her brain, she faced her mobile once again to find, to her satisfaction, she had automatically stopped on the contact she wanted.

Tapping the 'OK' button, she opened a new text message to 'Akita Neru'.

Her fingers clicked out a message within the minute.

It's definitely him. Appearance-wise and he's doing the same disturbing things to the poor boy here. Stats: Name, Kamui Gakupo. Age, 32. Favourite food, eggplants. Theories/Observations: Shotacon, neko-lover, vain, particular on appearances.

She watched a cute animation play as the message sent, then snapped the lid of the mobile shut. Looking up again through the window and towards her neighbours, she released another sigh. Just one photo now, and then she had seen enough.

Opening the mobile back up, and aiming its small camera lens towards the scene, she quickly took a few pictures for later evidence.

Labelling them accordingly, to prevent them from being lost in the sea of photos contained on the memory chip of the phone, she shook her head with mild disgust. The disturbing intentions some people had! Sheesh!

All the more reason people should close their curtains. Anyone who happened to have their window placed at the exactly right direction to see directly into their rooms could watch whatever they happened to be doing. Sometimes, she had to stand on a table to get the right angle, but she could always see what was going on. The neighbours really need to get that problem fixed!

With one last glance, she swiftly pulled her own octopus-print curtain tight shut.

And the last thing seen of the once shadowy figure was the brief swish of pink hair.

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