Title: Lucius Malfoy: The Charmer

Author: The Ranga

Fandom/Pairing: Harry Potter: Lucius Malfoy/Hermione Granger

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Non-consensual sex(rape) Do NOT read if you do not like it

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING *cries*

Authors Note: I know that in Deathly Hallows it states the Lucius' animagus is a pure white peacock but I have decided to change that a little so this fic is officially AU so DO NOT FLAME ME

This is just a Quick update so that you guys don't get annoyed with me and say that I'm taking too long... I've been busy with the new year and my new found obsession with making Malfoy Icons

Chapter Two

Lucius Malfoy: The Lion

Hermione awoke the next morning to find herself still on the large king-sized bed but with nothing that held her to the headboard. She looked at her wrists and saw they were bruised from the ropes the night before, as she massaged them she looked around but to her horror she saw lying next to her, not Lucius but a gigantic, pure white lion with cold grey eyes looking back at her. Slowly it stretched and sat up and shook its head majestically which caused the great fluffy mane puff up but settle back in place. The 25 year old flinched slowly started to edge away but before she got anywhere the lion had growled and pounced on her, the great fluffy paws pressed on her shoulders while the back legs stood over her feet. Hermione felt the lion breathe heavily on her face as the mane tickled her cheeks. Suddenly the lions nose began to retract as the mane thinned into long pale blond strands, the fluffy mouth lost its fur and turned into thin lips, the padded paws grew into long fingers that gripped Hermione's shoulders and slowly the back lowered and formed a black satin dressing gown as he pressed against her stomach. Suddenly Hermione found herself face to face once again with one Lucius Malfoy, his cold eyes stared into hers. Slowly he dismounted her and began to walk to the dresser on the other side of the room.

"I hope you slept well, I have removed the curse and bonds but I trust that you don't make a move to escape or things will get worse for you... and your friends," he said he ran a brush through his hair.

Hermione was dumb-founded "Y-You You're..... A lion?" she stuttered. Lucius nodded as he grabbed his cane, drew his wand and summoned a tray of pasteries, hot toast, and steaming cups of tea. "But I would think that you'd be a snake of some sort," she said with a frown as she regained herself.

Lucius made a disgusted face "A snake? Do I look like Snape to you?" Hermione shook her head quickly "No, I'm too proud and you can't get much prouder than the majestic white lion," he said with a smirk as he puffed out his chest.

Hermione frowned as she thought of something "But lion is the animal that represents Gryffindor, its a little contradicting since you were in Slytherin... no?"

"Ironic isn't it? But I wanted to be a lion, besides the Gryffindor lion is golden, I'm white," he said as he sat on the bed and reached for a cup of tea and toast. Hermione looked at him and saw his profile, his long blond hair that fell around his shoulders, his fine jaw and thin lips... she couldn't deny it, he was strikingly handsome but every instinct to her to hate his guts.


"Hermione," Lucius called, she had been allowed to go with Lucius into his office which contained hundreds of books, most to do with the dark arts or dark witches and wizards but she managed to find Quickzey's Quick Guide to Hair Care. As Hermione looked up she saw Lucius' hand beckoning her, slowly she got up nervously, scared of what was to come. The blond wizard pulled out form his desk but remained in his chair "Get on your knees," he ordered once she stood in front of him, she obeyed quietly and waited for the next instruction, Lucius looked down at her with the look of lust laced in his eyes "Undo my pants," He said and with that she raised her shaking hands to the fastened belt, slowly she undid it and worked her way to the zipper and finally uncovered his large erection. "Now suck it," she heard him say as she felt his fingers entangle in her hair which then slowly pushed her head towards his cock. Hermione grabbed the base with one hand and then took the head in with her mouth, her tounge swiped over the tiny slit, she heard Lucius' breath hitch then let out a ragged breath as the pulling on her hair intensified. Slowly she more and more of his erection into her mouth but it took every bit of Lucius' strength not to deep throat her, before he could even calm his urge, Hermione relaxed her throat and engulfed his whole cock as he let out a low grown in approval. As soon as she had gotten used to Lucius' size in her throat she pulled it out and tonged at the head before sliding it down her throat once more. Hermione began to build up speed as Lucius' two hands gripped the back of her head and pushed her head in further in time to her sucking. It wasn't long before he felt that familiar feeling of a glorious climax and sure enough with a few more sucks from the oh-so-talented witch, he came hard down her throat and slumped in his chair, beads of sweat that had formed on his forehead clung to his now messy hair.

"Fuck" he whispered as he untangled his hands from her hair and allowed her to stand, "that deserves a reward..."

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