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Spoiler: Chapter 341

His eyes took a second to understand that he sword had connected with a barrier.

He could not understand what made him pause, though only for a millisecond, once he realized he was slicing through her barrier. He had stopped himself, unconsciously. It broke anyway, shattering soundlessly.

He saw her through the splinters, her eyebrows furrowed. His lips twisted down in displeasure as he caught the pleading look in her eyes. If she wanted his understanding, she would receive none.

He could not understand how she could read his moves better than her savior. Was it because she understood him? Perhaps through the myriads of training Aizen-sama forced her to go through with him, she had learned to read his attacks? Or was it simply because he was not fighting hard enough?

He could not understand why she was on his side, defending him. Most of all, he could not understand why she did not give it her all in her barrier. He learned, not too long ago, that she had grown strong enough to reject him altogether, keeping him out of her room when she refused to see him. He had to get Aizen-sama to convince her to come out. He had entered the room and came out with a self-satisfied smirk, telling Ulquiorra not to worry.

He could not, and would not, understand the pain in her eyes. She used to smile, not necessarily at him, but when he's around. He understood she was just glad for the company. And he understood that she knew he had been protecting her when she started muttering 'thank you', though only when he had his back turned. Because she was not supposed to thank her captor.

He did not understand the tightness in his chest. It was different from the time she placed her warm hands tentatively on his cold skin and whispered, 'I'm sorry,' when one of her attacks injured him.

He did not understand why he felt engulfed in anger when his foe suggested he had 'become more human'. Was it because she had suggested the same? Or was it because of the look she gave him when he had suggested it? Perhaps it was simply envy. Those were her words. He did not want to hear them from lips other than hers.

He did, however, understand her reluctance to join in the fight.

She had not known which side to choose.

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