Two Weeks That Changed Our Lives

A/N- So I love the movie "The Holiday" but I'm always left wondering what happens after new years. Do Amanda and Miles just go back to LA and Iris and Graham stay in England? I guess we'll have to see…

Rated- T (just incase)

1:00 AM January 1st 2007-

Iris ran her figures through Sophie's hair, who was sprawled across the couch on top of her aunt and Miles after a long night of laughing and singing.

"Graham, I think it's time for this little girl to go to bed." Iris chuckled gazing down at her niece.

"Hmmmm… I think you're right sis." Graham replied walking over to the couch and picking up his eldest.

"I also think it's time for this one to go up stairs." He continued walking over to Olivia who had fallen asleep on Amanda's shoulder.

"Ummm, yeah." Amanda chuckled

"No Daddy…" Olivia murmured trying to wake-up, "I'm not tired yet."

"Me neither, Daddy. I'm not tired." Sophie said rubbing her eyes.

"Right girls. You're so tired you can't keep your heads up." Graham replied staring at his young daughters.

"No Daddy!" They said in unison flashing adorable puppy dog eyes

"OK girls, come with me." Iris said getting up and ushering them to the stairs.

"I'll be right back." She said looking back at the three remaining people.

Graham gave Iris a nod of appreciation as she hurried Sophie and Olivia to their room.

Breaking the sudden silence Miles walked over to Graham and gave him a hardy pat on the back, "Hey man, thanks so much for having me over for New Years." He said, "The food, drinks and your kids were great."

"Oh no, it was my pleasure." Graham replied, "After talking to my sister I couldn't wait to meet you…"

"Alright, Sophie and Olivia are cleaned up and tucked in." Iris said coming down the stairs, "I think they fell asleep before I turned off the lights. I think if I had stayed in there any longer I'd be in bed too."

"Thanks Iris." Graham said

Iris' smile faded a little sensing a sudden silence, "So I guess we'll head back in town. You know how John Roberts gets when his guest come in late and wake him up?"

Miles was staying at the Surrey Inn because Iris wasn't sure how people would fit in the cottage. He also didn't want to impose on her since it hadn't been that long since meeting.

"Hey I've got an idea." Graham said catching everyone off guard, "Why doesn't Miles just stay here tonight? It's a forty minute drive into town and I don't want you driving anymore than you need to Iris."

"Well, ummm…" Miles started as he glanced at Iris, "I don't want to be a hassle."

"Oh it's no problem." Graham insisted, "We've got a spare room down here and I can just take you back to the inn in the morning to pick your stuff up."

"I guess that'll work." Iris said shrugging her shoulders, "Amanda, did you happen to see the spare room in the cottage?"

"Honestly, I didn't." Amanda replied laughing.

"And how about this?" Graham said clapping his hands together, "I'll drop the girls off at Mum and Dad's house then we can all meet at the James house for brunch."

"Sure." They all replied.

"Sounds like a great plan. Now I think it's time to get home." Iris said giving Miles a peck on the lips.

"Happy New Years Graham." She said giving her brother a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for doing all this. It was fun"

"You too sis." Graham said hugging his little sister.

"Good night honey." Amanda said wrapping her arms around Graham and kissing him.

"Good night." He replied returning her kiss. "I love you."

"Bye girls." Graham called out as Iris and Amanda walked out the door.

"Bye!" They said in unison waving back at their men.

Climbing into Iris' red mini cooper Amanda and Iris leaned back and reflected on how amazing their year ended, looking forward to the next.