I tried so hard to concentrate on the teacher's words, but I could feel my focus disappearing. I had always known that moving from England to America was going to change things, but that didn't make it any easier to get by. I found it harder to understand the lesson. I had history next, and that would be like starting with a brand new slate. I had always been quite good at history but here I would need to know about american history not british. I'm suppose I'm not starting at the beginning. I had moved to Forks just barely two weeks ago. My mum had just remarried to James, hence the move here to live with him. This is my first day of school here, the day hadn't been too bad, but I felt really alone. The bell rang and I packed up my stuff while the others students ran pass me. Next was lunch, a trial I was not prepared for.

I made my way into the cafeteria and paused for a second examining my options. Finally I settled on a small table in the corner of the room. I sat down, but I didn't concentrate on my lunch taking the chance my sheltered position offered to examine the rest of the students.

They all bustled around, calling out to various friends. Laughter seemed to bounce off the walls. I sighed I had always been shy and quiet, so I hadn't always known fitting in would not be easy. I also seemed to have a talent for blending in with the scenery, despite being the new student, no one had barely even glanced at me, though my british accent (on the few times I had talked) seemed to interest a few students.

I looked around and a particularly group of students caught my eye, they were all quite pale and exceeding beautiful, all except one a brown haired girl (who was still pretty) who was smiling quite contently, while one of the guys with reddish brown hair had one of his arms around her waist. There was a big guy who was chuckling at something, and he was sitting by blonde girl, who seemed she never suffered from the affliction of blending in the background. There were three others, a brown haired girl and even from here I could feel the 'bubbliness' radiate off her, she was sat next to black haired guy, who she had just leant over to kiss on the cheek. The last guy was blonde and he interested me more than the others, he was sat slightly away from the group and was quiet.

I turned my attention back to my lunch, I really didn't need to get caught staring. Five minutes passed by and I had just eaten half of my sandwich when someone sat down in front of me. I was too shocked to even cover up my surprise, and the pixie like girl let out a laugh at the expression on my face. Behind her head I could see the surprised looks on the faces of the people she had just been sat with.

"Hi. I'm Alice Cullen. You're the english girl aren't you?" she said. I returned my attention to her.

"Hi. I'm Natalie Caine. Nice to meet you" I replied.

"Would you like to come and sit with me and my family" she asked. She laughed again, presumably because I was looking surprised again.

"Don't look so surprised" Yep definetly looking surprised.

"Would the others mind?" I questioned. Alice seemed nice enough, and her bubbliness was infectious, but I could still see the rest of her family and they were still looking surprised.

"No. But I'm telling you now I take no responsibility for whatever stupid nickname Emmett decides to give you" she replied with a small laugh and I couldn't help but join in with her.

She stood waiting for me to join her and I hesistantly collected my things before falling into place with her. We walked across the cafeteria and it was only then that I recognised the hushed whispers that filled the room. Students whose eyes had seen right through me that morning were now looking at me with amazement in their eyes. It seemed that the Cullens were very important here. So why was Alice talking to me. The thought suddenly crossed my mind; what if this was all a horrible trick, but I squashed that thought flat in my mind. Alice didn't seem the type. By the time I had reached the table the rest of the Cullens had composed themselves.

"So who have you brought us to meet?" the big guy boomed acroos the table as I sat down.

"Natalie Caine" Alice filled in for me.

"This joker here is Emmett" she continued, as she gestured to him. Emmett shot me a wide smile.

"Bella Swan and Edward Cullen" she said and I noticed that she had joined their names together to demonstrate they were a couple. I gave both of them a shy smile.

"This is my boyfriend Jack and that's Rosalie, Emmett's girlfriend" I noticed that Rosalie was giving me a look that clearly stated that she didn't know why the hell I was here.

Then Alice looked to the last person to be introduced the one who had caught my attention earlier.

"And this is Jasper" she said this with wider smile, almost as if she knew something I didn't. I suddenly realised that I still hadn't said anything, so I gave everyone a collective "Hi"

So lunch didn't turn out to be so bad as I thought. Everyone drifted off into their own seperate conversations, but I still felt welcomed. I spoke mainly with Bella, who seemed to intimidate me less than the others. I learnt that the Cullens or Hale in the case of Alice, Jack and Jasper were all adopted by Esme and Dr Carlisle who Bella seemed to know very well (I got feeling she had had more than her fair shares of trips up to hospital). As that thought crossed my mind Edward laughed at nothing in particularly. I also learnt that Jasper used to go out with Alice. I don't know why Bella told me that, but I'm pretty sure the gestures that Alice was making behind my back (which she thought I couldn't see) were to encourage her. I felt as though Alice had a plan and I was a part of that plan. Emmett was making jokes every five seconds and I don't think I had laughed so hard before. Edward was always polite to me. Alice offered to take me and Bella out on a shopping trip, a pained look crossed Bella's face at this point. Rosalie just ignored me but I was used to it, so it didn't bother me. Jack even spoke to me a couple of times, but most of time he was too busy arm-wrestling with Emmett. I had already learnt that Emmett didn't like to lose. Nearer to the end of the lunch Jasper spoke to me it was only a few words, and he seemed hesistant as though he was unsure whether or not he should be talking to me.

"Natalie" he called out to me. He was so quiet I could barely make him out from Emmett's booming voice, but yet at the same time I felt as though I had heard him so clearly. I turned to him, despite the fact I was sitting next to him, he hadn't chosen to talk to me until now.

"What part of england are you from? London?" he asked

"No. The New Forest" I answered not really expecting him to know where I was talking about, but he nodded thoughtfullly as if he had heard about it.

"How does it feel to be living here now. I expect it's a bit different" he asked.

"Honestly" I said. I don't why but I felt as though I could tell him anything.

"Harder than I expected. I get really confused sometimes what with the different words you have for somethings. I have history next I'm haven't got a clue." I said truthfully.

"You have history next. What room?" Alice burst in. Apparently she had been listening to our conversation.

I paused to look at my timetable. Alice looked at my timetable too.

"Room 210" she exclaimed before I even had the chance to answer her myself.

"That's Jasper's next lesson too, he can walk you there" she declared with a triumphant look on her face, before she returned to her conversation with Edward. I turned to look at Jasper to check if he was okay with this. He gave a small smile, which I took to mean he was okay with it. Then everyone's attention turned to Emmett as he gave a triumphant cry and punched the air. Apparently he had just won his arm wrestling match.

Jasper's POV

I had been just as surprised as everyone else, when Alice suddenly launched out of her seat, and walked towards the new girl. The new girl looked just as surprised as us to find herself the centre of Alice's attention. I paused to at her and took the chance to examine her feelings. I could feel her shyness, nervousness, surprise and overall her happiness. It was as though she hadn't expected anyone to talk to her. I next examined her appearance she was wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt, her brown curly hair was down and ended just below her shoulders, she was small perhaps just 5"3 and she was curvy. She wasn't your typical beauty, but I saw something that I'm pretty sure no other guy took time to appreciate and they were her brown eyes. In them I could see a kindness that I hadn't seen in years. Suddenly I became aware she was walking over to the table with Alice. I shifted nervously in my seat. I was fine enough for Bella to sit at the table, but I was unwilling to expose myself to a new temptation. I saw Edward shoot me a concerned look, he must of been listening to my thoughts. Alice introduced everyone, but I could still feel the shyness radiating off her. I listened to her as she talked to Bella. I heard Bella explain that Alice and me used to go out. This was after prompting from Alice. Really for a vampire she wasn't very subtle sometimes. I missed Alice. Actually it wasn't Alice I missed so much, what I missed was having that someone. Alice shot me a conspirational wink. I knew then that Alice had had a vision. And apparently me and Natalie were in it. I talked to Natalie, it lasted barely seconds, but in those seconds I realised how nice it was to hear her voice. I shook my head, I had only just met her and I was already thinking about her way too much. She was human and I was a vampire. That on it's own was enough reason to stay away from her. And that was what I had planned to do until Alice spoke up and said I would take Natalie to our next lesson history.