Jasper's POV

Everyone was looking at Natalie, the curiousity written on their faces. What had happened to her in that week? I think I had a vague idea what had happened, but I needed Natalie to tell me the truth. I don't know why I felt such a burning need to know, I knew I had already failed her. She was a vampire now. I had always thought that if she did become a vampire, it would be at Carlisle's hands not some psycho vampire, (that was if my instincts were right and Maria had been the one to change her).

"On the day I was taken. I woke up to a hand covering my mouth. There were two vampires in my room. I remember seeing their blood-red eyes. They took me. I didn't stand a chance. They knocked me out. I can't remember any of my journey. I can't remember who the other vampire was, but I know Henry was the other one" began Natalie.

I can't believe I let that creep go. Natalie turned to look at me and frowned. Presumably at the angry expression I assumed was on my face.

"You'll understand, why I asked you to let him go, later on" Natalie said, speaking mainly to me.

"When I woke up. I was lying in an empty room. Stood above me was Maria. She stroked my cheek and said she had great plans for me. And then she bit me. She never left in those three days that followed. She just stood there and watched, not even leaving to feed. When it was over, she told me of her plans" Natalie looked up nervously at Bella at this point. She paused before continuing. Her voice was quiet, although we all heard it.

"She wanted me to kill Bella. It was the reason she had turned me. Maria was going to launch attack, much like the one today, but I was to be a part of it. While the Cullens were distracted, I was to kill Bella. She thought I might be able to get closer, because of who I was. I was terrified, I didn't want to do it. But the hunger, it was so intense I didn't think I would be able to stop myself. Then they found out about my little problem. They brought me a teenage girl to feed on" I saw Natalie shiver at this and I knew she had been deeply affected by it.

"Well, you can probably guess what happened. I couldn't feed from her. They tried to encourage me, even cutting the poor girl's arm open so she was bleeding. Nothing worked. I still refused. Eventually Maria stormed from the room, dragging the girl with her. I never knew what happened to that girl. I was left locked in that room for three days. No-one came to see me in that time. Not even Maria. Then on the fourth day Henry entered the room. I knew then that Maria had made her decision. She had deceided my fate" Natalie looked so upset by now. I also knew what she was referring to. It had been the same when I had travelled with Maria. When a vampire was no longer of use, you got rid of them.

"I thought that was it. But Henry looked at me. I saw the turmoil in his eyes. I begged him to let me go and eventually he agreed. He couldn't kill me. He agreed to let me go. He said he would tell Maria that I had escaped. He took me from that place, he manged to avoid Maria and the rest of his followers. Henry took me to that alley. Then he apologised to me and said he had to do this. That the real way that I had escaped could not be linked back to him. Henry looked into my eyes. I remember feeling dizzy. My vision was becoming dark and my memory of the last couple of days, began to slip. I must have passed out. Next thing I knew, I woke up in the alley alone, with no clue of what had happened. I can only assume that Henry's vampiric gift allows him to manipulate memories somehow" she said. Natalie sighed softly as she ended her story.

"Well that explains mostly everything, but it still doesn't explain why Maria wanted Bella dead" Edward spoke up. I glared at him. I knew he only wanted to protect Bella, but I could tell that Natalie had had enough of reliving those days she had been held captive by Maria.

"All she told me, was that Bella was special. Something was going to happen to her and that she needed to be killed before it did happen" Natalie said. I could tell by her expression that she was just as confused as us about Maria's real reasons. Natalie looked uncomfortable after all her revelations. The rest of my family seemed understand. They started to leave the room, one by one, realising that I wanted to be alone with Natalie. Alice was the last to leave.

"I'm planning it for you" she said as she flounced past me. I guess she had had a vision about what I was about to do. I wondered if she knew whether or not Natalie would say yes. I took Natalie by the hand, and she willingly followed me to the back garden. I stood in front of her, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear as it had fallen into her eyes. I stood in front of her, looking down on her angelic face.

"I'm sorry that this happened to you" I said. I truly was sorry. Natalie was the last person on earth, that I wanted to see hurt.

"I've already told you, Jasper. You don't need to apologize. You of all people, need not be sorry. You are my life" she said. I felt my heart swell at her words. Natalie always seemed to think she could never put words to her feelings, but to me she had never once said anything wrong. I sighed gently and got down on one knee. Natalie looked at me confused. She was so naive sometimes. From the sound of Rosalie's gasp coming from inside the house, she had figured out what I was about to do. Natalie, however, still seemed confused.

"Jasper, what is it?" she asked, her voice filled with concern.

"Nothing. I just had a question to ask you" I replied.

"Will you marry me, Natalie?" I asked, looking into her eyes. I smiled as the emotions flickered across her face. At first disbelief. Then utter joy, when she realised that I wasn't joking.

"Yes, Jasper. yes, I will" she exclaimed as she flung herself at me, forgetting that as a new-born she was stronger than me and as a result she knocked me to the ground. Natalie didn't seem to notice, she was too busy hugging me. I smiled to myself as I wrapped my arms around her waist, in order to hug her back. It sounded possessive, I know, but now she was really was mine and was going to be for all of eternity. I had never loved someone as much as I loved her. I would never leave her side.

Natalie's POV

It took a while to settle back into my old life. Obviously some things were going to have to change. I was supposed to be missing and now there was a perceptive difference in my appearance. We couldn't leave Bella. She just seemed to attract trouble and she needed to be protected. Carlisle had suggested that me and Jasper left on our own and went to live with the Denali coven for a while. I refused. I wasn't too keen on the idea on separating Jasper from his family. It wasn't right and anyway the Cullens needed Jasper as much as he needed them. Plus, I needed to tell my mum something, I couldn't let her carry on worrying about me. It was one thing I wouldn't compromise on. So eventually, we told her. My mum took it surprisingly well. She didn't seem to care that I was vampire, as long as I was living. She had hugged me tightly to her and wouldn't let go, although being a vampire I could've pulled away easily enough. I was even more grateful that I didn't feel the overwhelming need to bite her. Believe it or not I went back to school. I was surprised at Carlisle's decision. Wouldn't I expose them? But apparently according to Carlisle I needed an education and I also apparently overestimated my fellow student's intellect. He was right. As soon as the students saw my new appearance (I was wearing coloured eye contacts, so my eyes were no longer red), they had deceided that the reason I had disappeared was to have plastic surgery. I didn't know whether not to be relieved by this or astounded by their (apparent stupidity). But other than that, things didn't change too much. I was still terrible at french. I was still shy. I was still in love with Jasper as much as I ever was. One other thing that did change, was that I was now Jasper's fiancee, we had deceided to wait until school was over to get married (although Alice was already planning it for us). To be honest the wait was really getting to me.

I knew that my problems or the Cullen's problems were still far from over. Even if Bella is one of my best friends, even I can see that she just seems to attract trouble. But I know I will be fine. As long as Jasper is by my side. Even if I was vampire now, I still considered Jasper my guardian angel. I think I always will.

So that is my story, but then again it doesn't end there, because now I have forever. Forever with Jasper and the other vampires I called my family. Eternity means my story will go on and on and Jasper and I, will be writing that story together.

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