Fandom : Inuyasha

Rating : M

Title : Vengeance

Author : Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Main Shipping : InuKag

Warnings : Main Char Death, pregnancy, inu going demon

Summary : After Kagome is killed in an attack, Inuyasha goes demon. Sesshomaru heeds Inuyasha's unconscious call, and comes to help his brother avenge his mate. InuyashaKagome.

Dedication : L. Mouse for 'Slayer Of Nightmares which inspired me to write this.

Date : 1-13-09

Progress. Complete with Two Chapters.

She was dead.

It was quiet now, the only sounds the faint echo's of battles already fought, and the soft crackle of several small fires.

The hanyou walked quietly, slowly and reverently, looking at the decimated village.

Kagome was dead.

Inuyasha fell to his knees again, forbidden tears pooling in his eyes.

Kagome had been talking to Kaede, preparing to leave via the Bone Eaters well once again, with a promise to return shortly.

Then it had happened.

Naruku had attacked the village, and had shielded his aura long enough to cut down both Kaede and Kagome.

His pups.

It was the reason that Kagome was coming back shortly. She was going to tell her family that She and Inuyasha had mated, and she was pregnant his pups. She was going to get clothes and come right back.

She would never be back.

Inuyasha took a deep, shuddering breath and let himself sink into his comforting demon, his eyes shutting as he merged, his hair starting to wave wildly in the wind as his eyes turned a deep blood-crimson, and his demonic markings came forward.

I'll revenge you, Kagome. I swear it.