Fandom : Inuyasha

Rating : M

Title : Vengeance

Author : Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Main Shipping : InuKag

Warnings : Main Char Death, pregnancy, inu going demon

Summary : After Kagome is killed in an attack, Inuyasha goes demon. Sesshomaru heeds Inuyasha's unconscious call, and comes to help his brother avenge his mate. InuyashaKagome.

Dedication : L. Mouse for 'Slayer Of Nightmares which inspired me to write this.

Date : 1-13-09

Progress. Complete with Two Chapters.

Something was seriously wrong.

Sesshomaru could feel it. Something somewhere had messed up The Balance, thrown it out of control.

Ah-uh carried both Rin and Jaken, following Sesshomaru as they headed for the disturbance.

Something was terribly, horribly wrong with Inuyasha.

He could feel it singing through his blood, his hate and contempt taking second place to figuring out was wrong with his half-blood brother.

He slowed as they made it too the village, and Sesshomaru was in shock at the sight of it. It was leveled.


There! In the middle of the village, standing facing away from him was Inuyasha. Inuyasha threw his head back and roared.

Sesshomaru's eyes widened. What the fuck had happened? Inuyasha was merging with his demon. Something Sesshomaru had tried to convince for a long time to do. But since Inuyasha had given him back his arm, they had come to –somewhat- of a truce.

And Sesshomaru knew then what happened. He could almost smell it, and could hear it the cried of his brother.

They killed the miko, Inuyasha's mate.

He had been informed when Inuyasha had taken the girl as his mate, and she had become with pup. It had been the gossip for weeks that the legendary Inuhanyou Inuyasha had taken a human as a mate.

Sesshomaru felt sorry for the one that did this –Naruku, he had no doubt-.

Inuyasha would kill him.

And Sesshomaru would help.

Blood called to blood, telling him to help Avenge his brothers pain.

Then later he could try to kill Inuyasha again.