I'm Not Allowed To Love You
Chapter 1: The outers are out
OK I'm back with another fic.  I'm not gonna say if this one is a Mamoru/Usagi or Seiya/Usagi fic.  Only because I don't know yet!  So if you have a preference, if you want Usagi/Mamoru to end up together tell me!  If you don't, tell me that too!  Well here it goes.

"Usagi."  Ami waved her hand in front of  Usagi's face.
6 more hands waved in front of Usagi's face trying in vain to get her attention for almost 10 minutes.
Finally Luna pounced on Usagi digging her claws into Usagi's leg,
~"Just some words from-"~
"Ow Luna what was that for?" Usagi asked rubbing her leg finally coming out of her daydream memory.
"We've only been trying to get your attention for 10 minutes now Usagi."  Luna said stepping away.
"Yeah Odango Atama where's your head today." Rei's didn't finish her sentence before Usagi's face turned a deathly shade of white.
Ami sighed and buried a nose in her book, Haruka walked towards the window staring out it aimlessly, Michiru tried to concentrate on the duet she was writing for herself and Haruka, Hotaru was shooting looks between everyone in the group, Makoto was rearranging the cookies on the plate she had fixed, Minako was retying her bow, and Rei looked crest fallen.  This wasn't the first time this had happened, now it was becoming a ritual.  One of the girls would say anything that would trigger Usagi's thoughts of Seiya and she would go silent for several minutes.  Leaving whoever had said it feeling badly and everyone else unsure what to do.  Usagi would not be consoled claiming that she was all right.
With the appearance of Mamoru everyone's hopes rose, maybe he could cheer her up.  Mamoru kissed Usagi lightly on the lips and she jumped almost a foot into the air.  "Mamo-Chan don't scare me like that!"  Usagi exclaimed.
"Gomen-Nasai Usako."  Mamoru responded, "Am I interrupting a meeting."
Makoto shook her head, "Nope Mamoru-San, we really don't have a reason to hold scout meetings anymore.  We are just hanging out."
"Good.  Do you mind if I borrow my beautiful girlfriend for the rest of the afternoon then?"
Everyone waved their hands at the couple with a smile, "Call me later Usagi-Chan."  Minako called as the two disappeared out of the temple.
"She's gotta stop being like this!"  Haruka responded pounding her fist into the wall.
"Haruka-san calm down."  Minako soothed.
"Why is she being so difficult?"  Haruka seethed.
"She's not being difficult Haruka-san.  Her and Seiya got really close while she was here, she misses him."  Ami spoke her words carefully, cautious so as not to upset Haruka anymore by implying in anyway that maybe, just maybe, her feelings for Seiya were more than just that of friendship.
But it didn't work, "She has Mamoru-San!  What does she need that singing fool for?"
"They are just friends!"  Rei said pulling to her full height in front of Haruka.  "Just because you didn't like Seiya-kun, Yaten-kun, and Taiki-kun doesn't mean Usagi couldn't be friends with them.  As much as you want to think you can you can't choose Usagi's friends for her.  She won't let you, no matter how hard you try."
The group looked back and forth between Rei and Haruka, there might well have been sparks flying between the two.  Haruka gestured to Michiru and Hotaru to followed her out the door, "If there are anymore attacks you know how to reach us."
The inner senshi watched the outers walk out of the temple gaping, sure they had always agreed on everything but never had they walked off making it clear they wanted nothing to do with the inners, not since they had decided to work together as a team at least.

"Where are we going Mamo-Chan?" Usagi asked, looping her thumbs in the belt loops on her pants.
"I don't know I thought maybe the park?"  Mamoru suggested.
Usagi nodded, instead of instinctively picking up Mamoru's hand she and Mamoru walked side by side neither talking. Finally Usagi broke the silence, "Mamo-Chan is something wrong?"
"What? Huh?" It was obvious Mamoru had been in deep thought because he seemed surprised to hear Usagi's voice.
"I asked if something was wrong."
Mamoru took Usagi's hand and smiled, "No there is nothing wrong but there is something I need to tell you."
Usagi's heart raced, the last time Mamoru had said anything of that sort he was right before they went on the walk in which Mamoru told her he was leaving for America to study there. "You aren't going back to America are you Mamo-Chan because as much as I want your dreams to succeed I don't think I could loose you again. Even if Galaxia's threat is gone."
Mamoru smiled and pulled Usagi too him, "It's nothing like that Usako," Mamoru reassured his girlfriend quickly. Mamoru pulled Usagi towards the bench they spent a lot of time at.
Usagi let out a deep breath and asked, "So then what do you need to tell me."
"I got an internship at a hospital. Only one out of about 2,000 students gets it. That means I am eligible to graduate from med school earlier than most. This time next year I will be a doctor."
Usagi's eyes lit up, "Mamo-Chan that is wonderful news!"
"I thought you would like it. You know what this means right?"
Usagi looked questioning at Mamoru and shook her head, "No? What?"
"It means that when you graduate from High School I will be able to provide for you. It means we can get married."
Usagi's jaw dropped, she didn't know whether from shock or shear excitement. She had waited so long for that day, the endless days and endless letters to Mamoru when he had left for America.
"I think it is high time we talked to your father about us getting married." Mamoru stated.
Usagi nodded dumbly and then looked at her watch "Kami-Sama I am going to be late! My father has dinner guests coming in from his Advertising Agency. He said he wanted me there because he wanted to show he could reach teenage audiences or something. Gomen ne Mamo-Chan I have to go!" Usagi kissed Mamoru quickly and ran towards her home.