Chapter Six

"How late am I?" Usagi asks skidding to a stop in the dining room the next morning.

"You're not late Usagi-Chan." Ikuko assures her, "why would you think you were late?"

Usagi turns flashing eyes on Seiya, "you moved my alarm forward!"

Seiya smirks at Usagi, "I have rights you can't just go around accusing me of things that you can't prove I did."

"Baka," Usagi mutters grabbing Seiya's toast off of his plate, "thank you."

"Usagi-Chan sit down and enjoy *your* breakfast." Ikuko sets a full plate down in front of Usagi.

"I like Seiya's better." Usagi retorts grabbing at Seiya's plate but Seiya quickly pulls his plate away and grabs a couple pieces of bacon off of Usagi's plate. "Hey that's mine."

"Children, please!" Ikuko laughs, "keep your hands on your own plates. And hurry up and finish eating so that you aren't really late on your first day back."

"How about I give you guys a ride to school?" Kenji offers.

"Daddy, please." Usagi sighs, "we can walk, just like every other day."

"Well I just figured it might keep the mob down if you guys got a ride." Kenji responds.

"We've done this before Kenji-San," Taiki responds, "thank you for the offer though."

"A car to the recording studio would be appreciated though." Yaten adds.

"Of course," Kenji nods, "we have a three o'clock time slot so it's just enough time for you to get out of school and make it to the studio. I thought we could..."

Usagi rolls her eyes, "Daddy we have to go to school, they guys will meet the car out in front of the school at 2:30 when school gets out. But we have to get going to school."

"Thank you for breakfast Tuskino-San." Taiki, Yaten and Seiya mutter as they gather their things at Usagi's words.

Once they hit the street in front of the house Taiki and Yaten strode quickly ahead of Seiya and Usagi, not that she could blame them she knew they were excited to see Amy and Minako. "So are you ready to get back to a normal teenage lifestyle?" Usagi asks.

Seiya shrugs, "I guess. I kind of missed school, it's easier than rebuilding a planet."

"Yeah, but it still school, and still boring." Usagi yawns at the mention of school.

"Today probably won't be," Seiya states watching Usagi carefully.

Usagi scuffs her feet as she walks, "no, I guess it won't be."

"Have you talked to any of the senshi?" Seiya asks.

"No," Usagi shakes her head, "I haven't really had the time."

"So today is going to be awkward." Seiya states simply.

Usagi nods, "yup! But hey when you're involved when hasn't it been?"

"You've matured a lot Odango." Seiya says this as if it's nothing.

"Have I?" Usagi asks, this was a fact that hadn't been brought to her attention.

"Since we've been gone you have, you handle situations better. The old Odango I used to know wouldn't want to face her friends today, but you're just doing it."

Usagi turns to face Seiya watching his facial expression carefully, but before she can respond to his words a car pulls up alongside them, "Usako, need a ride to school?" Mamoru asks sticking his head out the window.

"I..." Usagi looks back and forth between Seiya and Mamoru.

"Go on Odango, I'll see you at school." Seiya urges.

"You could come with." Usagi suggests.

Seiya shakes his head, "nah, I'm good I'll see you in class!" Seiya calls as he waves jogging to catch up with Taiki and Yaten.

Usagi slides into the passenger seat of Mamoru's car and plants a kiss on his lips, "hi."

"So that's the illustrious Seiya?" Mamoru inquires.

Usagi shrugs, "I guess."

"I didn't mean to sick the wrath of Rei on you." Mamoru apologizes.

Usagi shakes her head, "it's nothing Mamo-Chan, really, Rei and I cleared the air. And she obviously explained, I would have called but Daddy had a company party last night and I couldn't get away to use the phone." Maybe this wasn't the exact truth, but she wasn't flat out lying to Mamoru either.

"I under," Mamoru nods, "and I'm glad you've got your friend back." Mamoru was doing the same thing as Usagi. He was glad that a friend who Usagi cherished was back but from what Rei and Haruka had told him he knew enough to know that he had a reason to feel threatened. "Well here we are." Mamoru pulls in front of the school where a mob of girls are waiting for the Three Lights.

"Bye Mamo-Chan," Usagi leans over and kisses Mamoru again.

"How about dinner tonight?" Mamoru asks, "I thought we could pack a picnic and then go for a picnic on the beach, the weather's just getting warm enough."

Usagi makes a sympathetic face, "I'm sorry Mamo-Chan, I promised Seiya-kun that I would go with him to the studio today, they are trying new songs out and he wants my opinion on what to put on the album. Maybe tomorrow?"

"I have classes and work tomorrow."

Usagi offers and apologetic face, "I'm really sorry Mamo-Chan, but call me later tonight and we'll make plans."