A/N: The epilogue's not cruicial to the story in this case, I just had thought of some interesting scenes and What-If's? along the way, such as could SG-1 have been intertwined with the seaQuest crew later on, had these two universes actually been one in the same? So here's some fun, random, side-bit after-thoughts.

I hope everyone liked the ending, and I just want to thank everyone for reading and reviewing along the way :D It's been fun! See you around. - mirage24


"Hey, Sam, have you seen these yet?" Daniel asked with extreme excitement as he came through the doors to her lab, papers in hand.

"Seen what?" she asked as he placed the files in her hands. "You shouldn't be waving those blue-prints around but yeah, I've seen them. Looks like it's going to be one helluva sub."

"Are you kidding? Do you know what we could do with a boat like that?"

"We're the Air Force, Daniel."

"I'm not talking about the SGC, Sam. I mean, archaeology. How many sites are now underwater, sites that are totally worth looking into," he said. "I'm talking the Library of Alexandria. Ancient lighthouse sites. Temples. The meaning of life kind of stuff."

She smiled. "Too bad you can't add Atlantis to that list."

He shrugged. "I'll get there eventually."

Sam nodded. "Eventually."

"Mayday, mayday this is seaQuest DSV 4600."

"Sir we're picking up a transmission," the communications officer aboard the Odyssey said.

The Captain came up behind him. "From who?"

"seaQuest, sir. There's something wrong. What—"

"What is it?"

The communications officer shook his head, his hands flying over his keyboard quickly. "I don't know, sir. It just cut off, I—"

"Captain! There's a hyperspace window opening ten miles from our current position. Source unknown," navigation reported.

"Who's supposed to be out right now?" he asked of the communications officer.

"No one. They're all out getting ready to intercept the—"

The ship rocked.

"Ahead full toward that window!" the Captain ordered. "Now! I want to know who's taking seaQuest!"

By the time they came upon the site of the hyperspace window, they were gone, seaQuest and all.

"Well someone's got to find her!" Secretary General McGath shouted. It was not becoming of him to do so, but he was well past angry. He'd lost many good friends when seaQuest disappeared three months ago.

"We're looking, too," Brigadier General Jack O'Neill said, trying to reassure the Secretary General.

"In what capacity, exactly, General?" McGath all but spat. He couldn't believe what the Air Force was could do to help them when the only place seaQuest could have gone to was the bottom of the ocean.

"I can't disclose that," O'Neill replied with full calm. "It's classified. Just know that we're doing our best. The Odyssey was the last ship to hear the seaQuest's last transmission."

"You and your shuttles," McGath returned.

"It's more than just a shuttle."

"Oh, I'm sure it is," he said. "Just call and tell me when the rest of it gets declassified so I don't have to listen to the Air Force's bullshit cover stories anymore."

"Yes, Secretary General."

Jack was the first to cut the vidlink.

He was getting too old for this.

Instead, found another number and dialed that one. It took a few moments, but then someone picked up on the other end. That someone looked at Jack questioningly. "General, how can I help you?"

"I know McGath gave you rights to seaQuest if she's found in one piece," he stated.

Captain Oliver Hudson nodded. "And?"

"She's out there somewhere, Captain," Jack said. "I promise you that. Just don't give up the search."

The General looked so serious, how could Oliver deny him that?

"Yes, sir. I will find her."

"I know you will, Captain," he said. "I know you will."