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An hour and 57 minutes later Booth stood next to the dented operating table (Bones would have his head for that... if either of them lived through this.)

There was only one light on, the one above the table. Security guards were patrolling the opposite side of the building, Booth had sent everyone home. Angela and Hodgins looked awful. Camille just looked worried, and the temporary assistant just looked confused- and Booth liked this one. He played hockey.

Max was up on the high walkway- standing in the shadows watching the whole escapade.

1 minute left.

A slight clicking noise could be heard on the tiles outside the main lab.

There he was, leading along a bad-looking Bones.

Her face was not patched up at all- it had clotted slightly but it stood out against her face like a bad makeup job.

"Good to see you Agent Booth." He purred. Jonas' mouth curled into a smile that enraged the G-man. "So glad that you could make our little appointment."

Booth's eyes narrowed

"You didn't exactly give me a choice."
"That was the plan. You see- the only thing that I could find to force you into my little game was your partner,"

The criminal pushed Bones down to sit on the operating table. She was still gagged and handcuffed. "I considered taking your son- but he was always with your ex, and I had a feeling that it would be harder to keep things quiet with your ex and all. So I opted for her, apparently you are attached to her, more so than anyone else that I could see. So I took her."

"You're sick." Booth commented and Jonas smiled eerily.

"Thank you agent Booth."
"Let her go now."
"No Agent Booth- that was never the plan."

Jonas seized the knife that he had been holding- twirling to throw it through the forensic anthropologist's head.

There were two successive bangs.

Jonas fell- two bullets through his left eye.

Booth stood there- the gun held in his left hand still smoked.

Max was racing down the metal steps-

Booth rushed toward Bones, she was covered in blood and was quivering- he uncuffed her in seconds- and she fell into his arms sobbing.

He pushed the hair from her eyes and held her tightly to him. So tightly, that he could barely breathe.

"Thank you." She gasped

That was when he realized that Max was not the only one in the Jeffersonian- Angela and Hodgins popped up into view from behind the couch in the Artist's office.

Cam was there- inside the morgue room.

Even Sweets was there- staring in horror at the corpse draped across the metal table- Jonas' blood and brain tissue were everywhere.

Then Bones let out a gasp- that was not the same as the others.

"Temperance are you alright?"
Booth pulled back- looking into her eyes with something beyond worry.

"It's time." She whispered, then gasped again as pain ricocheted through her body. "They're coming."

Bones was in the maternity ward- the doctor was checking her out- Booth was there with her.

Max stood with everyone else- outside in the waiting room.

"Why were you guys there?" He asked as soon as they were all alone in the room.

Hodgins- as always- the elected leader of the group- spoke first.

"We knew that something was up. Booth doesn't just tell us all to go home and rest while Brennan is in any kind of danger. In fact- he usually insults and annoys us until we find something. So, we held a vote- and decided that the thing to do was to wait it out."
"What were you guys planning on doing?" Max was almost angry with the motley crew of smarties. Nevertheless, he wasn't.

There they stood- his daughter's people.

The ones that she trusted with her life and loved like her family.

"Whatever we could do, baby. No one messes with Booth and Brennan and gets away with it." He winced "Sorry about the baby thing- it's a reflex."

Temperance's father shook his head carefully.

"Thank you." He said quietly, and shook Jack's hand.

The small group heaved a slight sigh of relief.

"You're welcome." They all said together.

Sweets finally talked himself into sitting down next to a man that intimidated him almost as much as his daughter did.

"Will Agent Booth feel remorse for what he did?" The pale psychiatrist asked the older man.

Max was surprised that the kid was even talking to him, but he let none of that show on his face.

"No. He will not"
"But he felt guilt for killing Epps."
"Epps didn't kidnap my daughter and hold her against her will."
"Did you see how easily he did that though? I mean... dude... that was amazing."
Max leaned back in his chair and smiled slightly.

"Booth was a killing machine back in the war. However, this kill, this kill is different. I felt no guilt when I killed Kirby. That man threatened what I loved most in this world. And he knew the man that he was dealing with when he did it."
"You think Booth loves your daughter?"

Max glanced at Sweets.

"Anyone with half a brain can figure that."
Sweets couldn't tell if the man was insulting or complimenting him.

"You know if I report that to the FBI- they'll split them up."
Max grinned, and leaned back in the cheap- uncomfortable hospital seats.

"Do you see where we are son? That man in there- is the father my daughter's children. Do you really think that you can separate them completely?"
Sweets thought this through, and nodded.

"So you're saying- that it would be pointless to point out the fact that partners have created unhealthy attachments on one another?"
"No- I'm saying that Scully and Mulder did- and nothing bad ever happened to them."
"That is a fictional example Mr. Brennan-"

"Max." Brennan smiled his comfortable smile "it is always Max- I don't even know another Mr. Brennan"

"I'm pretty sure he lives in Iowa."

Max's eyebrows rose slightly


Sweets nodded.

"Yeah- we checked him out when you were first apprehended. We had to check every angle of your identity."

"You were working with the FBI then?"

Sweets rolled his eyes

"I've been working with the FBI for four years now."
"And how did you get assigned to my daughter and Booth?"

Sweets shrugged.

"I asked nicely."
"You wanted to work with them?"

Sweets' face was inscrutable

"I um… I found them as one of the most interesting studies that I have ever come across. So I asked to be reassigned."
Max turned to the psychiatrist- noticing the slight clues to his words.

"What were you before Sweets?"

Sweets' eyes twinkled slightly.

"Dude, that would be classified. As of right now- I'm a psychiatrist."

Booth held tightly to her hand while they looked down into the faces of their twins.

The boy's eyes were so blue- the girl's were deep chocolaty brown.

They were both smiling up into the faces of their mom and dad.

"They're so small." She whispered, as their eyes fluttered in sleepiness.

Booth smiled at her and the babies.

"They're newborn, Bones- of course they're small."

She looked at him with something that bordered irritation, and then the weariness passed over her face.

Silence reigned for a few minutes as they watched their children fall asleep.

"They are just so beautiful." She whispered again, and smiled in that way that he had only seen a few times, ever.

"Bones." He said- watching his family together.

"Yes Booth?"

She was attempting to document every instant of the labor in her mind- as memories now, of the hours of pain that had brought her here.

"Bones- Temperance- when this all over, when all this stuff is behind us-you know now that this has happened with these two." He grinned happily. "Could we maybe- could we- could we just keep doing this? You know for real…-" He was really asking- really wanting to know the answer.

She looked at him- her eyes wide.

She opened her mouth, but he beat her to it.

"Bones, you're bleeding!"
Her forehead was open and oozing blood, her left eye was starting to swell.


The pain was a strong, shooting horror was emanating from her shoulder- chest, and most of her body.


His voice was farther away- and she couldn't keep his eyes from closing- she wasn't tired.

There was a baby wailing somewhere in the hospital- the cry was a long drawn out and tireless scream.

Then the sound was gone- faded, nothing, it was as if someone had pulled the plug on her hearing and she was gone. Floating in a land that didn't live in the realm of space and time.

She felt impact- thrown forward into something that shouldn't exist.

Slumped forward over something that was too hard to be Booth.

But that's not right... Booth was the one driving.

Her thoughts grew increasingly muddled. Everything seemed wrong. Her memories were not right.

She heard him groan- her eyes opened. The red blood that caked her eyes made it hard to see.

He was facing her- his face that eerie pale and calm that existed only when someone was unconscious.

She attempted to pull herself off of the dash.

The dash board? Why am I in a car?

Warm breezes flowed through the shattered windshield.- the light pole that they were smashed up against- guttered and hissed, the light flickering. Giving everything a surreal tint.

Her right wrist must be broken- she had deduced that by the weakness and extreme pain coming from her arm.

She adjusted herself- her breath hurt as it pressed against the bruising on her chest.

Booth had to have some broken ribs- the way he was laying gave evidence to that.

He wasn't coming to.

As the light around her began to fade she fought it. But the force of unconsciousness was stronger than her will and she passed out again.

The baby was screaming again- the mother's instinct told her that it was not one of her babies that was calling out.

The cry was twisted- becoming more shrill and mechanical... the sound faded again

Red and blue lights flashed, people were shouting, the scream was now recognized as a siren.

There was more blood on her face now- it was slick down her face.

"Dr. Temperance Brennan?"

She wished that whoever was shining the light in her face would turn it off- and then stop bothering her with movement and questions.

Someone lifted her out of the car- and her entire body protested.

"Broken right wrist, broken right arm, her right shoulder is dislocated, look like when she was thrown forward most of the impact hit on the right side."

"What about the man?"
"He's got a shattered collarbone- several ribs that look broken. Her injuries are a great deal more serious than his- although it looks like they both have head injuries."


"Completely. You'd think a fed would know better."

Whoever they were they were talking about her and Booth.

This wasn't right! Her brain shouted. I was in the hospital, giving birth .

But she lost control of her brain again and her eyes fluttered gently, then closed.

Eyes Opened

The hospital room was the same. Her dreams had been twisted and wrong. Terrifyingly real. She fought the urge to panic... but it was the same room, the same place, it had only been a dream.

Booth was not there.

All she could figure was that she had fallen asleep due to exhaustion and she just couldn't remember.

She felt sore, and tired.

Angela was there- asleep on the uncomfortable chairs next to her hospital bed.

Angela's face looked drawn and there were bags under them.

The artist shifted slightly, head rolling forward in sleep to snap back- this, as it usually does- woke her up, that's when she noticed that Brennan was awake- and a huge smile graced her face.

Temperance saw that the bruise and the swelling were gone off of her friend's face. The forensic anthropologist knew that her friend had been knocked unconscious- but she thought that there were definitely still marks. Brennan frowned and tried to think of how the wounds could have healed up in only about four days.

"Oh my goodness, Brennan you're awake!" Angela practically skipped around the bed, pulling her best friend into a tight embrace. "Sweetie I've missed you so much!"

Brennan paused, tensing against the overly dramatic embrace. She'd only been asleep since the night before.

Nevertheless, Angela was dramatic. Maybe it had felt longer… or something.


Brennan's heart skipped a beat at the sound of her partner's voice.

Angela's head snapped up- almost knocking into Temperance's chin.

"Booth!" She squealed- releasing Brennan immediately- Brennan could see the doorway… no one was there.

That's when the Forensic Anthropologist realized that Angela was hugging some complete stranger in the bed next to her.

Which was made even worse by the thought that they hadn't even gotten her a private room…

"Bones what's going on? Angela- although I'm really happy that you're happy to see me- can you- please- let- go." Angela released Booth and watched them both in slight raptures.

Booth was in the hospital bed next to hers, and he had no signs of injuries. There was nothing to show the reason that he was in hospital bed next to her.

"You don't remember the accident?" Angela asked-

"Ah!" They both cried out- as searing pain and flashing lights filled their minds… simultaneously.

"You don't do you?" her eyes widened. "I have got to go tell the doctor… and tell Hodgins!"

She rushed from the room without letting them have another word.

"What is going on Bones?"
He always asked these things when he was truly confused- his face was that careful blank that he always used when something was wrong.

"I think that we have been in an accident."

"Uh huh…"It was a question asked in the lying calm tone that she rarely heard. "Then what's been happening to Christine and um…"

"-Seeley." Bones quickly interrupted, "His name is Seeley."

Booth smiled- that faint smile that just barely touched his face- but his eyes spoke volumes.

Their glances only met for a few seconds- the bond that they had shared so deeply was already starting to fade.

"I don't think that they exist." She whispered faintly- trying to keep her heart in a box. But the situation was starting to hit home. As everything began to fall into place.

"They had to exist. We lived what happened."

"The accident- it was a invention of our unconscious minds."
"A dream?" He looked unbelieving.


"Like a vision?"

"No- there are no such thing as visions-"

"-Then how do you explain us both having the same dream?"

Bones almost launched into a heavily scientific explanation of the dream- she had always done that, to annoy her partner, but mostly to make him remember why he needed her.

These past few months, she hadn't needed to do that- to intimidate him- he was never ashamed that he needed her.

He knew that she was smarter than he was- he loved the fact that she had the niche that she fit into- never encroaching into his territory.

They lay silent for a minute- each lost in this new information.

"How long have we been out?" He asked finally

She leaned forward- grasping the chart that lay at the end of their bed, eying it with a doctor's gaze.

What she saw surprised her.

"Four months."
"What? But you have been pregnant for almost 9."

She shook her head-

"Time doesn't have to pass the same during a hallucination in a coma."

But the memories were there- although it never happened. They could both remember every night and day that they had spent together since waking up.

It was what made it so difficult. They remembered being together- without having to be together.

Angela entered with the Doctor- Hodgins, and the whole group from the Jeffersonian.

Cam smiled her fond smile at the two of them, lying so pale in their beds.

Hodgins looked calmly at all of them- his blue eyes displaying happiness and reserve, Angela was just purely radiant- she had missed her friend so much. Beyond words.

They called Zach- leaving it on speakerphone.

Bones and Booth glanced at each other vaguely- each experiencing their own form of Déjà vu- they had just done this months ago- only that time- they had given Zach much different news.

The doctor rushed them all out suddenly- demanding to do tests and let the patients rest.

Everyone noticed the reserve of the two patients, but none commented.

They had been in a coma for four months. Shouldn't we let them be a little odd?

"Hi guys." Sweets' naïve hairless face made Booth roll his eyes and frown.

This wasn't the time.

Brennan wasn't as unhappy to see their psychologist.

"I've been told that you don't remember your accident."
Bones nodded- and Booth wished that their seemingly uncommunicated signals didn't seem so lost since they had found out that it all wasn't real.

Sweets' eyes grew grave-

"On February 4th You two called- the Disimar case was solved- there was something that was bothering you badly. Of the DNA gathered on the body of the girl, only one donor had been identified. Agent Booth- you were forced to kill the man when he attacked Dr. Brennan."

"Karl Hainey."

Sweets nodded.

"You were supposed to fly back the next morning- when you didn't arrive for your flight the airport called us. We alerted the Las Vegas police- they found your car in a ravine way outside the city. You were barely alive."

"So they kept us alive for four months."

"Yes Agent Booth- you're brain activity was surprisingly high for coma patients."

Booth didn't look at his partner for fear that he would give something away- something that would tell their all-knowing psychiatrist what they had been dreaming of.

Questions were asked and answered, there was the normal banter and constant ribbing of the young man before them- he took it quite well, surprising himself by realizing that he had missed the two of them this whole time.

"So in real life we went to Vegas, got drunk... and had a car accident- instead of..." Brennan let it trail off

"Right," Booth agreed, "that's how i understood it too- the dream picked up where real life left off."

"So it was an illusion." Bones finally said- as the room went silent- finally that day,

"Some illusion-" Booth muttered, the darkness in his soul was starting to become more deep.

"You enjoyed the dream?"

He thought about denying it- of keeping the exterior that he didn't mind so much-

"Yes Bones. I was rather… content."
Her pause made him self-conscious, he had bared his soul a little too much maybe.

"So was I, Booth."
Another brief pause.

"You do realize that we should have figured it out much more quickly-"

He shook his head- still not seeing her meaning.

"It was as if someone took every cliché from any fiction story ever written- and put us through it- A one night stand turned pregnancy? The calm way that everyone was so accepting of it? The fact that we were ok with it?"

Booth nodded.

"the fact that you were kidnapped as soon as we started showing feelin- I mean as soon as we started being um… more ok with us being pregnant."
"Not to mention you shooting Jonas through the eye- that was extremely fantastic- I'm surprised that I didn't catch it."

"No Bones- I could have done that- I really am that good."

"But Booth- that was a one in a million shot- no one can spin and hit a moving target."
The G-man shook his head.

"Bones- I wouldn't have missed."
"How can you be sure of that?" She asked- the patient smile on her face.

"Because it was you Bones, I wouldn't miss when it comes to you."

She stopped- her eyes once again falling into his-

"But everything else was silly really." He interjected, as the silence drug on.

"Yes. It was rather ridiculous- like someone was writing the slightly soppy version of how our relationship would progress." She smiled. "Completely ludicrous."

He laughed lightly.

"As if we would allow ourselves to um… cross the line."

"At least we don't have to worry about them splitting us up."

They both smiled and nodded- it wasn't worth that- losing the twins and their life.

But they would say it was. And they would be once again happy with the surrogate relationship that they had had.

Right? This is what they had had before. It would be enough.

Experiencing what could be first hand had been a learning experience.... nothing more. Now they knew that it would never work between them.... Right?

Awkward silence reigned again- but then they remembered the comfort of their dreams and it melded into peaceful silence.

"Booth?" The scientist asked- her voice was strange, almost tender.

"Yeah Bones?" He had almost been asleep- almost been back to that world that they had been so rudely taken from.

"You asked me a question- right before we... woke up…"

Booth remembered- of course he remembered.

"Oh.. uh… Bones that was when I thought that-"

"-Yes." She interrupted, he kept talking to himself more than anything- not truly hearing her words...

"Wait, What?"

"That is my answer. Yes."

"Is your answer? Bones- I don't want you to feel like-"

"No Seeley. You know me- I don't say things unless I mean them- and I won't lie to you."

He sat up in his bed- his dark eyes filled with doubt.

"So you're saying yes."

She frowned.

"I said that didn't I?"

"You're sure?"

She rolled her eyes, took the pillow from behind her head and nailed him with it.

"What about the team? Scully And Mulder remember? You know that they'll probably make us give it up."

She shrugged,

"I think it will be worth it."

They stared at one another, slightly confused by this turn of events. Booth was unsure- Bones was unbelieving of her own audacity.

This wasn't how either had imagined. Both had expected something a little bit more... epic...

But it was OK, there would be grief over the twins, over her captivity.

Those things had been real, if only to them. And they would need one another to get through it.

Just as they had always needed one another. Of course, what they had just said to one another changed everything.

Maybe it had been epic. Just a less loud epic. A Bones and Booth epic.

Seeley Booth smiled. He liked the sound of that

"Okay Bones." He said simply.

Laying back in his bed, hearing her voice answering his final words, just barely over the sound of the hospital noise and the monitors.

"Don't call me Bones."


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