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Black Cat - Code: KN


Chapter 1

Moving Mountains

Sven closed his eyes and took a deep breath, reopened them and held the binoculars to his face. Four guards at the front entrance, two stationed on each side and seven at the back… bingo. Sven pressed the receiver that was in his ear.

"Train can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear partner!" Train was sitting in a maple tree whose branches were hanging over the edge of the concrete wall that blocked the view of the main courtyard. "What's up? Any weak points?" Train slid up closer to the wall but careful not to disturb any of the leaves.

"The back entrance seems to be a good bet but Train be…" a yell and a crash was heard on Sven's radio as Train jumped into action. "…careful… oh forget it." Sven exasperated. In no seconds flat the seven guards that were at the back entrance were down for the count.

"Okay I'm in." Train kicked a struggling guard in the ribs and brought him back down again. "Princess are you ready?"

"Yes." Eve was watching from a bush in the main courtyard, she had managed to sneak past the guards and set up base in a fern, she poked her head out and looked quickly in each direction to make sure they didn't alert the other guards. She speedily hurried to the backdoor and using her nanomachines, altered her finger to fit the lock. She picked at it for a while and grinned when a satisfying click was heard, opening the door steadily, she slipped her head into the door and did a quick sweep of the area. Then signaled for Train to follow her, Train grinned and gave a random guard a swift kick to the stomach, just in case; and followed her inside.

Other than the occasional pots and pans the kitchen was pretty much normal… and super clean. Train could actually see his reflection on the counters… so it was safe to say that leaving fingerprints was a definite no-no. Train scoffed- obviously this guy was a neat freak, man, what he wouldn't give just to move a pot or spatula to somewhere different.

"Train what are you doing? Our target is this way." Eve pointed to living room and grimaced when Train didn't move right away.

"Right, Princess, right."

Sticking to Sven's plan they snuck past the guards… well not exactly 'snuck'… more like Train created a big noise, on accident of course, making them leave their posts and Eve manages to sneak past them to unlock any doors they were guarding. Train then promptly knocks them out and poor Eve is left wondering what life would be like without Train as a constant nuisance. But somehow they seemed to work well together but Spenwasn't worried about their cooperativeness, he was worried about them actually catching a bounty this time… they were short on money and with Train's obnoxious eating habits they were becoming broke fast. Sven sighed from his post outside and squiggled slightly to make himself more comfortable on the branch he was perched on. He removed the binoculars from his face and rubbed his left eye.

"Ugh. When I get off this branch I am going to take a long shower and probably a bath too." Spen's ears instantly perked when he heard soft footsteps on the ground beside him, he grabbed his case from the small branch it was perched on and pulled out his gun. Cocking it slowly as to not alert whoever- it- was of his presence, he aimed it at the ground below him. He would make it quick… Crap if only he had brought his silencer with him… no time to think about that now. He would jump down from his branch and slug him across the head before he could even make a sound, yes, that sounds reasonable. As the footsteps became closer Spen tensed and a bead of sweat dripped down his chin and a shadow came into view, Sven was ready to pounce when a soft meow was heard. A calico cat strolled up to the tree pausing only for a minute to clean its' paw then returned to its' midnight stroll. Sven let his shoulders drop slightly with relief but still the tension he felt would not go away. He felt it the moment they stepped on to the grounds, he believed it only to be superstition or anxiety, but the feeling only got worse. Something was wrong… Spen just didn't know why.

Train and Eve crept silently through the basement but it was difficult, under their feet and everywhere they looked there were tubes and wires that had labels and tags of 'Do not touch' or 'Danger- High Voltage' typed or hand written on it. Train was beginning to realize why this Calypsos guy was so freakin' expensive. Train was barely paying attention when Eve suddenly froze. Train nearly bummed into her making him stumble slightly but not enough to make him fall backwards.

"What's up Princess?" Train inquired peeking over her shoulder. Eve reached inside her side pack and pulled out a neatly folded paper, opening it, she scanned it quickly and looked up.

"That's him. The one in the white lab coat with the blood stains on it." Eve pointed to the man with the large glasses and greasy- green hair that looked like it had been denied a decent wash for weeks, Eve wasn't lying about the coat but it looked more black and red than white. Normally Train would have announced their presence by now but he didn't move from his spot, he was too busy staring at the three men in the black suits that were gathered around the doctor. Where the heck had he seen them before?

[They go in this order: on the right standing at medium height was a blonde wearing dark red sunglasses, his tie matched his sunglasses and his hair was spiked; in the middle was the tallest of the group- with a low cut and wave pattern on his edges he wore dark green sunglasses and a tie to match, he was slightly darker than the rest of the boys but couldn't be classified as brown or dark skinned; on the left was a man shorter than the tan man but a little bit taller than the blonde, he had slick black hair and like the others wore a tie to match his dark blue shades, but unlike the others with smooth looking faces he had a large gash across his left eye and it was evident that he was the superior of the group.]

The dark haired man with dark blue shades and slick black hair was communicating with the good Doctor, the mad scientist was obviously not listening had his back turned to them, but he talked to him anyway. "Dr. Calypsos my employer is expecting results this time, and if you don't deliver," he pulled a black gun out of his coat and cocked it loudly and pressed it to the back of the doctor's head, "I have been given authorization to 'relieve' you of your duties." The doctor didn't say anything for a while but then his shoulders started to convulse and the doctor started to laugh manically, the three men didn't flinch, but Train had to admit that something about that laugh made him want to back out of the door slowly.

"Gentlemen there are no need for idle threats, I have perfected my formula and I am ready to test it out on the population!!" Dr. Calypsos' glasses had a deep shine on them but that didn't block the maniacal looking eyes that were staring at them. A smile crossed his face and Eve wished she came with a barf bag. "Thirteen months of hard labor and experimental subjects have finally culminated into this perfect formula!!" The doctor reached inside a refrigerator and pulled out a tube filled to the brim in a gooey green slime that seemed to move and shift.

The three men looked at it puzzlingly and the tallest one of the group, with the low cut, turned his attention back towards the doctor and asked bluntly. "So how does this goop work?"

"G-GOOOOPPPPPP?!!!!!" The doctor looked infuriated at the man's words and began to shake from frustration. "This is hardly classifies as goop my friend! Just one tiny drop in a man's bloodstream can cause drastic changes in his molecular structure and metabolism!!" A sadistic smile flashed across his face and he began to chuckle, "This 'goop' as you so called it can create the perfect bio-weapon!!"

Oh sh—snap!

Train then fully understood why the doctor's bounty was over 60 million, he was not only wanted for the kidnapping of thirty people but he was conducting illegal experiments on 'bio-weaponry'*… but the doctor said something strange… subject experiments… oh… please God… no…

Obviously the blonde had the same thought as Train because he asked "Wait, how do you know that it can create a bio-weapon at all?"

Doctor Calypsos looked at him sharply as if he had forgotten that there were three people in his presence instead of two. But the surprise instantly faded from his face and was replaced with a look of accomplishment and sick pride. "I'm so happy you asked me that question young man; this way gentlemen." Calypsos pushed asidea dark grease covered curtain and lead them inside. Eve nodded at Cat and they slid from their hiding place and followed suit. But the moment they walked in instantly they regretted their decision and wished they had stayed outside.

The room was lined with tall tanks filled to the brim in the same type of substance that the doctor had in the test tube but several tanks were a different color. Several body parts floated in the liquid, some decaying others looked preserved and new, but that was tame compared to what they were going to experience next. Further down they wrenched from sickness… they found the missing people. Cut open with their organs floating in the tanks like confetti, sometimes there wasn't even a whole body just pieces of flesh and bone tangled with remnants of intestine or grey matter. But in one particular vassal was a collection of heads, ranging from the missing to the already deceased. Not only was he a kidnapper he was a freakin' graverobber… mutherfu…

"You see gentlemen my bio-weapon is perfect… enough intellect to think on the battlefield, to rationalize, and to become an adapt reader of his opponents moves but I have suppressed completely their freewill, so no incident of them disobeying orders. A beautiful weapon…" The tank in front of them was filled with the same greenish formula but instead of a human body there was a deformed looking creature with a fox head, bear claws, legs like a goat and a bare chest, the only thing that told Train and Eve that it was human once.

"Hmm very impressive Doc."

"Why the heck does it look like that though?"

The doctor stared at the blonde as if he was asking the dumbest question in the world. "That is because they were human once, even though the formula makes them superhuman they still are imperfect until I can identify the perfect DNA compound for my research, one, who I can combine the A.C.I.D. with- without…deformities…"


"Altering Compound Identity Destroyer- A.C.I.D" Calypsos stated in a matter-of- fact voice; he redirected his attention towards the tank and looked very interested at the reflections, he laughed and yelled "IF YOU WERE TRYING TO BE SNEAKY THEN YOU SHOULD PRACTICE MORE!!!"

"CRAP!" Train and Eve's position was compromised. Instantly the three men sprung into action, pulling various weapons out of their coat (the blonde pulled his weapon off his shoulder and unwrapped it) preparing for battle. The tall man pulled out two sai and sliced through the tank they were hiding behind. A sluggish blue liquid poured out of the tank as it crashed to the ground.

"BE CAREFUL!! You break any more of those tanks and you'll be sorry!" Calypsos warned. From there Train and Eve separated each fighting a different man.

Train moved quickly firing three shots at the blonde before ducking behind a desk that was discarded in a corner. The blonde used his Ji (halberd) to bat the bullets out of his way with speed and accuracy to rival a cheetah and a hawk; he spun his Ji around his shoulder quickly before thrusting it through the top of the desk, making Train abandon his hiding space and fire five more shots at him. Train cursed when he ran out of bullets and quickly reached into his pocket to grab more but the blonde wouldn't give him the opportunity. Spinning on his heel, he pushed his Ji towards Train but Train quickly moved backwards before he was de-handed. The blonde snorted disapprovingly and pulled his halberd out of the wall spun it in his hand once, took an offensive stance, allowed Train to reload and with a Neo-type hand movement by Train, the blonde smirked and resumed his onslaught.

Not far from Train's battle, Eve was in a confrontation with the tall man with the fade. She was having trouble beating this guy. Even though his weapons were smaller than her nano-sword it was obvious that he know how to use his weapon more effectively. Every blow that she gave him was parried, blocked, or redirected completely. Eve tried to slash at him again but was hit in the back of the head with the blunt end of his sai as he dodged her blow. Eve winced and started to see black spots in her vision, she didn't pass out but she felt like she was going to. She jumped away from the man and held the back of her head. Her vision was becoming cloudy but she couldn't lose to him not while Cat was less than ten steps away from her. The tall man sighed and spun his Sais around so that the sharp end was facing forward.

"Sorry little one." The man muttered softly.

"Wha?" Eve didn't have time to ask him to repeat his sentence when the man charged at her, slicing at the places where she stood not even a second ago. He was quick and Eve barely had time to move and because they were between lines of tanks, he would often make one shatter and the contents would spill on the ground making the floor slick and allowed little traction. Eve jumped back again and she lost her balance and fell backwards on the slick floor, instantly the man was above her posed to strike. But Eve manipulated her nanotech to make her arms become shields against the man's blows. He pounded down on her arms, hard, and finding that he could not penetrate through aimed at another part of her body. Eve, realizing that he was no longer hitting her arms, rolled over and a sharp clang was heard as the man's sai hit the concrete and made it crack. Lying on her stomach she looked at the man as he pulled his sai out of the ground, scanned it sharply, and redirected his attention towards Eve. Eve froze it was very rare that she felt fear but looking at that man's face made her afraid for her life. The man stood up and slowly walked towards her, Eve's mind cleared and she got to her feet- she was not going to die like this! Shifting her left arm into a spear she took a defensive stance and faced the man; her resolve reflected in her eyes- I am not going to die here!!!


"HAHAHA!! Very entertaining Mr. Evelyn your men are well trained… they would make excellent test subjects for my bio-weapon project." Dr. Calypsos said excitingly to the man in the dark blue shades. The doctor looked out at the battle that was in front of him and wrung his hands from sheer delight. The man named Evelyn glanced at the doctor and wrinkled his nose as if what he said smelled foul but returned his gaze to his partners.

The young girl was struggling against Lawrence, that was to be expected but Evelyn had to admit that she held her own against him. She was attacking him with everything she had and Lawrence was matching her speed with his own this made avoiding his blows difficult. But the battle that caught his attention was the one between Jacobs and the man with the oddly shaped gun. Evelyn knew Jacobs' philosophy- end the battle as quickly as possible- but this man made the battle seem to stretch on for a lifetime. Even though he couldn't use his gun often it didn't hinder his ability to fight with close combat. Jacobs was having a hard time pining him down although he was better than most people in close hand-to-hand combat, he was still having a hard time keeping up. Evelyn narrowed his eyes and estimated the situation, grunting softly he turned his attention towards Calypsos.


"Yessss?" The doctor responded wiping away the drool that had gathered at the side of his mouth with the back of his hand. Once again Evelyn felt his facial muscles twitch from disgust but he regained his composer. "I was wondering if you had tested your creation yet."

Calypsos looked at him questionably but responded either way "Yes I have but only against normal civilians and they didn't make a decent challenge for his caliber of strength. It was very disappointing…" The doctor confessed his face dropping low from disappointment.

Evelyn felt the facial muscles on his mouth twitch upwards slightly. "Then tell me… would the intruders my partners are currently fighting make a 'decent' challenge for your creation?"

Doctor Calypsos tilted his head slightly as if he didn't understand then the lightbulb oblivious went off in his head. "Yes! Yes they would! Hahaha!!" The doctor laughed manically and ran towards the back of the room towards the large tank that held the abomination.

Evelyn watched him until he was out of his peripheral vision redirecting his gaze he watched his teammates fight. The little blonde girl was holding her right arm and a steady stream of blood flowed through the fingers of her left hand, drained down her arm, and mixed with the formula that was spilled on the ground. Her forehead was bleeding and she was having trouble standing up. But she didn't give up, reestablishing her stance she morphed her hand into a small knife and prepared for Lawrence's next attack. Lawrence sighed and put his blades into his coat

"Tell me little one, why do you continue to fight? I have no quarrel against you and you have barely begun to realize your potential. So why continue this suicide mission? It is apparent you can't beat me."

Eve didn't drop her guard when she answered her opponent. "It's because people like him… they shouldn't… they shouldn't…" a flicker of weakness was seen briefly in her eyes, it was acknowledged and disappeared, "They shouldn't be allowed to ruin people's livelihood like that!!" She tightened her stance and braced herself for Lawrence's attack.

Sighing Lawrence reached back in his coat and pulled out his sais again. "If this is what you wish…" And charged forward.


Sven was becoming anxious and started to fidget slightly, at least he was out of the tree. But he felt tense all over- Train and Eve were gone for too long. Spen glanced at his watch: two hours and forty-five minutes. He used his binoculars and looked at the guards at the front door; they hadn't moved an inch since they got there. The only guards he was certain that went down were the ones at the back entrance… but they didn't call for backup nor did an alarm blare when Train and Eve slipped past them. Sven felt it in his gut, something was definitely wrong… Spen swallowed spit as he braced himself to jump over the concrete wall. Sven stared at the ground before he took a deep breath and descended to the ground below; landing on his feet he froze for a few minutes hearing no alarm go off he began to speed walk to the back entrance careful not to bring attention to his presence.

Sven froze at the sight of the seven guards still face down in the wet grass. Spen ran to their aide fearing the worst, reaching the first guard he leaned down and felt for a pulse in his neck… no luck. He did the same for the next three guards and came to the conclusion that they were all dead. Ugh… Train… he was about to walk away when a small glint caught his eye. Reaching inside of the pocket of the dead guard that the shine originated from, he pulled out a strange looking syringe with a pale yellow liquid still inside the shaft.

"What the heck?" Sven looked around quickly and picked up a dead guards arm and inserted the syringe into his radial artery. He had some idea of what the liquid was but he had to be sure… after releasing his arm Spen waited for a few seconds and sighed when the guard showed no signs of life. Suddenly the guard's arm twitched and jerked fiercely and started to move, fingers moving and crawling as if it had a mind of its own, it flailed around wildly for five minutes, twitched sharply and was still again. Sven was so shocked that he didn't move for a good three seconds…

"Oh no." Sven took off running into the house praying and hoping that he wasn't too late and they weren't dead…

Chapter 1~ end