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Chapter 1

I Promise

Come on guys it's Friday night what else do you have to do?" Inquired Angela with a sigh not trying to hide the frustration in her voice.

"Well if your good friend Bones would ever finish up we're going to have some dinner" replied Booth rubbing his hands together before looking at his watch and then at his partner Dr. Temperance Brennan knowing if he got her to leave the Jeffersonian anytime before 6:00 it may actually constitute a miracle.

"Booth you are not required to wait or accompany me" responded Temperance is a detached voice not even looking up from the computer screen that seemed to have a hold on her.

"This is ridiculous you two act like an old married couple." Complained Angela looking directly at Booth "you know that right?"

The handsome FBI special agent squirmed in his seat at the suggestion that he and Bones were a couple much less married. Not because he would be opposed to either. Quite the opposite actually, he squirmed under Angela's watchful eye because he had come to realize over the past year that he wanted nothing more than to be one half of a couple with Bones and as much as he tried to hide it he knew the Angela knew it too.

"Where is this place?" asked Booth attempting to break Angela's apparent mind melt attempt.

A big toothy grin formed on Angela Montenegro's face in hopes that she had convinced at least Booth that they all needed to go out have a few drinks laugh a little and have some fun and relax.

"It's called The Tap House and it's on Highland Ave right off Westchester" replied Angela as she continued her gaze directly into Seeley Booth's eyes. "It's a nice place it's not fancy yet it's impressive, kind of like a classy neighborhood bar and grill"

"Classy bar and grill?" questioned Booth with furrowed brow thinking the words classy and bar & grill should not be in the same sentence but he did trust Angela's instincts.

"It does not seem like your preferred venue" said Brennan still not looking up from the images' on her computer screen.

"Your right" admitted Angela "Normally I would have never given the place a second thought, but Jack knows the owners he went to collage with their son. He introduced me to them when we got engaged and I fell in love with them and the place."

"Booth I know you will love this place. We can go a let off a little steam, c'mon it will be fun" pleaded Angela wondering why her friends were being so difficult. "Think about it a few drinks, good food, and little music some laughing a few more drinks"

"It sounds fine Angela…What do you think Bones?" asked Booth while looking at his partner trying to get a feel for her opinion. He couldn't care less where they went as long as he got to spend the evening with her.

Bones glanced up at him but didn't respond."Yes… Booth I'd love to go out have more than a few drinks then take you home and have my way with you…I wonder how many shades of red he would turn if I told him that?"

"Booth… I am so disappointed in you" confirmed Angela.

"What… Why? Why Me?" Questioned Booth.

Disappointed in me why?" asked a surprised Booth again with shocked expression "What did I do?"

"You have allowed Brennan to have a bad influence on you!" scowled Angela tapping her foot.

"What's that supposed to mean" demanded Booth standing up in a defensive posture.

"Calm down their G-Man" answered Angela while she looked at her best friend world renowned anthropologist Temperance Brennan. "Look Booth all I'm saying is that I depended on you to get our Ms. workaholic out of this place at a reasonable hour and have some fun once in awhile. But lately you spend most of you evenings here too."

With a slight tilt of his head Seeley Booth just stared at the feisty artist for a moment. He was shocked that she knew how much time he had been spending at the Jeffersonian although he really shouldn't have been surprised. Placing his hands on his hips he let out the breath.

A low chuckle resonated from Booth as he started to pace "Let me get this straight I'm in trouble because Bones is not a party girl and is dedicated to her job?" Booth was not quite sure how in attempt to defend himself he actually defended his extremely annoying workaholic partner. He would always defend her but that was so not the point.

"Ange" called Brennan loud enough that both Booth and Angela were startled and crooked there heads toward her "I would appreciate if you would refrain from assaulting my partner." Bones herself was a little surprised at the tartness of her tone.

"Hey hold on a minute… I was not assaulted by a squint" interjected Booth emphatically with a sly smile and hands still on his hips amused that Bones was defending him.

Bones rolled her eyes and ignored his comment, wondering why he was always so defensive. He certainly didn't need to prove is alpha-male status to her.

"Angela you know that Booth is always trying to get me to leave and he's often insisted that I do fun and relaxing things he even took me to a movie last weekend." Bones took a breath before continuing "But for the last three or four weeks we have had two cases and I have a deadlines fast approaching on two other obligations. In attempt to care for me Booth has brought dinner to me and kept me company. So as my best friend I think you should be thanking him instead of chastising him."

"You hear that Angela? Thanking me!" said Booth smugly as he adjusted his red striped tie and looked at the artist.

"Angela if I agree to go to this bar and barbecue would you please let me work in peace for the next hour?" Asked Temperance quit sternly.

"Bar & Grill Bones" explained Booth with a grin "It's a Bar & Grill"

"Yeah Bren, I think I could agree to that" answered Angela quietly shifting her eyes between her best friend and the FBI agent.

Seeley Booth was shocked and pleasantly surprised that his Bones had adamantly defended him. To Angela no less and was agreeing to go out for some fun.

Booth looked at Angela and noticed that she appeared in deep thought he hoped that Bones little speech had not hurt her feelings.

Angela caught the look of concern on the face of the agent. Before he could say anything she simply winked at him and darted her eyes back to the anthropologist smiled and left the office.

Booth stared at her with is mouth slightly agape before he actually laughed out loud. Although he would not be able to swear it in a court of law he was pretty sure that he and Bones were just played by Angela.

"Damn… she is good" whispered Booth with a grin despite himself.

"What's so funny?" Asked Bones

"Oh nothing." answered Booth quickly turning around to face his partner "So do you want me to wait for you here or come back and pick you up?"

"I could drive myself" replied Bones knowing full well she would be riding with Booth to the tavern. "My car is here" "Sometimes he makes it to easy…she was actually awaiting his reply."

"Where it should stay." replied Booth "it doesn't make since for us to take two cars besides that place is not in the best neighborhood and I don't want you getting out of your car over there by yourself."

Booth knew what the next words out of her mouth would be. He knew only to well the agitated tone she was going to have in her voice so he just looked at her and waited. It wasn't going to change anything they were going together and he was driving, but he would listen to her remind him that she could take care of herself.

"Okay. I'll ride with you" replied Temperance completely aware he was expecting her to challenge him. Too easy.

"Look it only makes sinc…Okay? You're agreeing with me without an argument? Replied the shocked agent "I mean okay…okay right you will…Great"

"Do you have any objection to me driving myself home from the Jeffersonian and you picking me up at my apartment?" questioned Bones with a sigh and just a touch of sarcasm.

Not one day goes by when this woman does not do something to surprise him. Albeit most of those things pissed him off. Nevertheless everyday she surprised him and this afternoon is no different. First she defended him to her best friend, and then she agreed to go out and have a few drinks, now she was acquiescing to his alpha-male need to protect her. "Now I'm referring to my self as alpha-male…What going on here?

"No Bones I don't mind picking you up at your place" Answered Booth with a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "After all it's a date" "Damn… I should have never said that thought Booth trying to gage her reaction to his declaration."

"Good. What time should I expect you?" asked Bones as she looked up at him from the computer screen trying desperately not to sound excited. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. I would love to take that "line" and choke him with it"

Her body language did not reveal anything to the highly intuitive agent. However, instinctively he knew she was deep in thought and there was a myriad of emotions going on behind those beautiful eyes. "Don't think about her beautiful eyes. That's not going to help right now Seeley."

"7:30" Supplied Booth cautiously walking toward the door before turning and asking "Bones is everything alright?"

"Why do you ask?" responded the anthropologist wondering as she had a lot lately if he could actually read her mind. "Why would you even think that, you know that is impossible…See what he does to you he makes you question your own beliefs…Wait isn't that a good thing?? But mind reading…really Temperance?"

"It's just… well… you seem" stuttered Booth feeling strangely nervous "Well... You are...You know what, let's just forget it."

"I'm what?" interrupted Bones with a killer smile.

"Being very nice and agreeable" Booth finely blurted as he walked behind her desk and sat down of the edge the modern piece of office furniture and looked her right in the eye.

Bones rolled her chair back just enough that she could turn toward him her shin gently touching his leg.

"You say that like its bad thing Booth" laughed Bones biting her bottom lip not backing down from his gaze "I thought that was your perfect fantasy about me."

There eyes locked into a magnetic stare as they had so many times before, neither wanting to be the one that looked away. Brennan saw something in his eyes yet she just would not trust herself to identify it. She followed Booth's eyes as they slowly traveled the length of her body and rested back on her face.

She knew she had him Booth just couldn't talk about anything as personal as fantasies with her.

"Do you fantasize about me Temperance?" asked Booth in a husky voice that surprised him and caused Bones to shiver; her reaction did not go unnoticed by his brown eyes.

Amazed by the directness of his question Bones opened her mouth to deny ever having fantasized about her incredibility sexy partner but, as she continued to stare into his eyes she knew he already knew the answer. So she did what she always did when tried to get the focus off of herself she turned to Anthropology.

"Anthropology teaches us" started Bones "most people use fantasies as a way to…"

"Shush" said Booth interrupting her answer to a question he did not ask by placing his finger lightly to her lips. He felt her suck in a quick breath when he touched her.

Booth leaned forward he was so close she could feel his breath and whispered "I'll tell you my fantasy one day soon Temperance I promise!"

Booth stood up and quickly walked toward the door before is body or his mouth could betray him more that it already had. What the hell is the matter with you man…? Have you lost you fucking mind? Are you trying to drive her away to outer banks of some God forsaken country?

"7:30 Bones" stated Booth as he quickly walked out of her office without turning around to look at her. He had not taken three steps when he heard her.

"Seeley" called Bones not moving one inch from her chair. In reality she couldn't move hell she could barely breathe.

Hearing her call him by his first name almost paralyzed him. He could count on one hand the number of times she'd addressed him by his given name. He on the other hand had heard her call out is name countless times in his own fantasies.

"Yes Bones" answered Booth as he slowly turned to look at her scared as to what he was going to see in her eyes and wondering why on God's green earth did she always had to have the last word.

"Do you know what I love most about you?" asked Temperance in clear and concise voice with an easy smile on her face.

"Bones…" asked Booth with wide eyes, afraid to say anything else. Did she just say that she loved me?? Bones does not believe in love… What is she saying?? Booth just stood there holding his breath looking at her.

"I love the fact that you don't break your promises" she said simply once again not breaking the gaze he had on her.

After what seemed like eternity. Booth gave her his best charm smile ever and said. "7:30 Bones, I won't be late."