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Chapter 6


"Bones why didn't you wear a coat?" asked Booth as they got out of the truck. His eyes stopping at her cleavage that was peaking out of her tank top, enjoying the view he let his eyes linger longer than he would have normally. He knew she caught his stair and wondered if she was going to complain about being objectified but she didn't.

"Because it's 77 degrees" answered Bones rolling her eyes. "Duh"

"Well duh…" Laughed Booth as he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him as they walked across the parking lot still not used to his normally articulate partner's new fondness of using slang a somewhat charming habit she'd picked up from Parker. "It won't be when we come out, it's the last week in September Bones the temperature drops at night."

"I have a calendar Booth I know the date."

"Well don't expect me to give you my coat when we leave." Said Booth both of them knowing it was a lie.

"Fine" said Bones as she looped her arm around his waist enjoying the new privilege still wondering why they were here instead of her bed. "I don't approve of wearing animal hides anyway and leather coats are not warm, they do block the wind but with out a lining there hardly sufficient."

"Well Bones I' not sure if you noticed but we are in the middle of a freaking wind storm!" replied Booth nodding his head toward the bending trees and wondering if she actually practiced being obstinate.

Just as he started pulled open the heavy wooden door leading into the tavern Bones leaned in and kissed him deeply, grabbing him by the back of the head and pulled his mouth down onto hers. Needing no more than a millisecond to respond to her lips on his, Booth quickly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to his body. She felt more the heard the low moan that resonated from deep in his chest. Feeling extremely feminine and sexy to have caused such a primal response she couldn't help but shiver when she pulled back from him.

"Bones" said Booth his voice low and husky still holding her; trying to steady him self he took a deep breath inhaling a sent that was uniquely Bones. It had been a long time since a kiss had made him week in the knees.

"I told you we did not need to go on a date" she said feeling flirtatious.

"Yes you did!" Confirmed Booth before silencing her next statement with another kiss she hooked her arms around him as he kissed her gently. She sighed when his lips left hers and he started to nuzzle her neck, his hot breath tickling her ear. He was so amazed by her reaction to his touch she seemed to almost melt into him it was so welcomed and so unexpected from his normally self reliant and independent partner. "We have to go inside" said Booth reluctantly turning toward the door.

"Hey Booth" said Bones getting his attention once more "I can't wait until our date is over!"

Booth rolled his eyes and chucked at her seemingly odd comments "I know there is some kind of logic in that statement Bones...So lay it on me."

She knew he did not really mean for her to actually lie something on him so he must want her to explain her comment. "Well when our date is over you can take me home." replied Brennan feeling excited just thinking about it.

"I can truly say I've never been told that at the beginning of a date before but by all means… Keep going Bones" laughed Booth shaking his head ever so slightly completely amused still holding her hand "I'll catch up with you eventually."

"What I mean is when our date is over you can take me home with you" replied Bones surprised to hear just a bit of shyness in her tone. When she saw his eyes twinkle she knew she'd made the right decision.

"You want to come home with me Temperance?" asked Booth in a low voice with his charm smile in full display pleasantly surprised, he'd just assumed she'd feel more comfortable at her condo.

"Yes!" she said simply not trusting herself to explain why.

"Bones are you sure?" asked Booth straitening his posture and actually stepping back from her just a bit.

She nodded and whispered "I'm sure."

Both of his hands moved swiftly to her head and he weaved his fingers through her wind blown hair tilting her head back. She expected the kiss to fierce and passionate but it as oh so soft and the gentleness of it completely caught her off guard. "I love you Bones". Said Booth still holding her head forcing her look him right in the eyes.

"I know" replied Bones knowing she'd never felt happier than she did at this very moment. Deciding she'd follow his lead she leaned forward and kissed his lips with the same tenderness he kissed her with. Then she grabbed his hand and turned toward the door smiling and said "Booth lets get this party over!"

Never tiring of correcting her faux pas he opened the door guiding her in and said with a smile "It's started Bones…Let's get this party started"

Angela stood up from her seat at the bar cocked her head sideways just a touch and narrowed her eyes at her dear friends as they walked in the bar. To a less intuitive person things would have seemed normal between the bickering partners but Angela Montenegro was hardly a lesser intuitive and she knew instantly that something had changed between them.

"What's going on?" asked Angela bluntly looking right at Booth.

"Why are you looking at me?" asked Booth trying not to look flustered as he felt. "How could something be going on we just walked in the door? Bones is anything wrong?"

"Ah… no nothings wrong" confirmed Bones with a shy smile shaking her head just a little too quickly for Angela to believe.

"I ask again what's going on?" repeated Angela a cautious smile and a no nonsense tone and her hands on her hips this time looking at her best friend. "Bren? I can see your tear tracks and your lips are swollen sweetie, what happened between you two?"

"Angela please!" begged Brennan feeling exposed and slightly embarrassed.

"Spill!" insisted Angela looking between the partners.

"Angela enough!" Said Temperance tying to get her best friend to mind her own business just for a little while. She knew Angela meant well and to be honest she was grateful that she had a friend like her even if she was vexing at times. Temperance wanted and needed to divulge everything to best friend that had happened in the last hour not to mention she wanted her opinion as to why Booth's opted to come to the tavern instead of heading straight to her bedroom. But she would like at least one drink and some ear plugs first. "We'll talk about it later okay? I promise."

"Only you two" said Angela with a huff shaking her head in disbelief.

"Okay… you know what? You are obsessed!" Said Booth annoyed thinking maybe he was wrong and they shouldn't have come after all. "Maybe you can get some medication for that!"

"I'm just saying…Only you two." answered Angela ignoring Booth's rude comment especially because he was right she was somewhat fixated on the two of them. But it was out of mere necessity because there were never to souls that were meant to be together more than the two stubborn people in front of her and she knew something big had happened and she wanted details. All of them!

"Only you two what?" asked Booth tilting his head with a look that could only be described as a scowl realizing he'd just let her bait him for the second time today.

"Only you two what would admit how you feel about each other then fight about it" explained Angela sitting back down at the bar rolling her eyes completely unaffected by Booth's intimidation look.

"How does she do that?" sapped Booth right into Bones ear. "She must psychic or something."

"The existence of precognition is disputed by skeptics who believe that there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the existence of psychic abilities and the same scientists contend that examples of what are commonly thought to be precognition can be explained naturally without evoking supernatural abilities." Said Bones "but I will concur that her ability to read people may even supersede yours Booth."

"Yeah…okay whatever… I have no idea what you just said there Bones." complained Booth with a perplexed look not even wanting to discuss that fact that he believed psychic abilities existed and he was convinced that Angela had some.

"What's with that look?" asked Bones looking directly at him with nervous forced laugh suddenly feeling insecure. "Booth I didn't say anything to her I was with you remember."

"It's highly unlikely that I'll ever forget Bones." Said Booth squeezing her hand.

"She just knows these things Booth."

"That's my point there is no logical reason that she could know what happened between us" replied Booth "it's just weird Bones that's all." 'Oh God... did I just say no logical reason..."

"I concur" Admitted Bones as she turned toward the bar still a little unsure of Booth's reaction and wondered if he wanted to keep their relationship a secret.

"Hey Bones" called Booth as he reached out and caught her arm and pulled her toward him just as she was turning toward the bar.


Although Angela had stepped back to her seat she was still watching the partners trying to figure out what was causing the intense looks on there faces.

"Don't start thinking or worrying alright" insisted Booth with sexy smile holding both her hands in his. "I'm only too happy to yell from the roof tops that Temperance Brennan wants to be my girl. It's just I thought we would talk about it with each other before we were interrogated that's all."

"Booth I'm not a girl!" complained Bones tilting her head in defiance.

"I know that Bones, it just a saying" sighed Booth leaning his forehead against hers fighting a grin "You know... I definitely know that you are a full grown beautiful sexy woman." He fought the urge to refer to her as his woman knowing she'd be less than pleased with the possessive title.

Eyeing him carefully she could't help but to smile she knew how privet he could be so she wasn't surprised or hurt by his comment. "Booth she knows there is nothing I can say that will change that." replied Bones "As a matter of fact she's known longer than either of us."

Booth looked over at Angela and knew Bones was right but felt like he was under one of Hodgins microscopes and hated being analyzed he really hated it. He wasn't to sure how he felt about Bones promising to talk to Angela either, He knew Angela meant well and as trying as she could be he just couldn't stay mad at her for long. However he would really like to talk to Bones about their relationship before she discussed it with Angela but after seeing the look the two woman exchange he knew that was not going to happen. Booth looked at Hodginssilently imploring him to intervene, in hopes they could get at least a small reprieve in the interrogation from the artist.

"Come on Angie give our friends a break" Pleaded Dr. Jack Hodgins seeing the almost predatory look on the face of his girlfriend. "Dr.B will talk to you later but right now we need some beer and wings. okay?"

Booth acknowledged the intervention with a nod and sighed as Jack led them to their seats. Looking around as they walked to their table Booth could see why Angela and Hodgins liked the place. The atmosphere was relaxed and causal yet it did seem dignified or even classy as Angela had described it. There were a fair number of patrons but it did not feel crowed. The walls were exposed brick and floor was dark hardwood as was the long bar that seemed to be extremely well stocked with both top and bottom shelf liquors it had at least thirty five seats and large screen TV's at either end. Directly across from the bar were eight banquettes that were large enough to sit at least six people each. They flanked an archway that lead to a room that Booth surmised held a dance floor.

Hodgins stopped at the second to last banquette smiled a genuine smile and said "Welcome the best seat in the Tap house" with a motion of his arm he indicated for them to be seated.

"Would you mind if we sat on this side?" asked Bones with her own rarely used but pretty impressive charm smile.

"But of course my lady" replied Jack with a grin and his best attempt at a English accent as he stepped away from the left side of the table so that Bones could sit down.

"My lady" said Jack to Angela as he made the same over the top gesture to his girlfriend.

Booth watched both Bones and Angela sit down and scoot over near the center of the rounded bench before sitting down himself. The small request that Bones made to Hodgins may have seemed inconsequential to the entomologist to Booth however, it was a big thing.

He knew he had never told her how much he hated sitting with his back to the door. Of course sometimes he had to so he did, his anxiety didn't keep him from functioning in society but, he just didn't like it. He felt exposed and vulnerable when he did and tried to avoid it when ever possible especially in places he'd never been before. He'd never told anybody except Rebecca and she'd quickly responded by telling him it was paranoia and that he needed to figure out a way to deal with his basic mistrust of all people. "Still working on that one hun Seel?

"Booth…What's your poison my friend?" Asked Hodgins thinking Booth looked like he needed a couple shots.

"A beer sounds good." replied Booth honestly.

"Dr.B? Asked Jack

"I think I'll have a beer too" replied Bones "at least for now."

The at least for now did not go unheard by Booth and he smiled at her desire to have a relaxing and carefree night. He felt a bolt of excitement travel through his body as well as a slight tightening of his jeans when Bones reached over and grabbed his hand under the table he threaded his fingers through hers as he wondered just how the night was going to end.

Angela picked up her glass and said "I'll definitely have another one of these pointing to the mojito she was drinking.

"Okay guys give me just a minute and I'll be back with our drinks" Said Jack as he walked toward the bar to get their first round.

Booth wanted to wait and ask her when they were alone but his curiosity simply got the best of him so when he seen Angela pick up her phone and start to read a text he leaned over and whispered. "Bones why did you ask to sit on this side?"

'Of course he would ask thought Brennan does he have to notice everything?'

"I'm an anthropologist Booth you know I'm very interested in observing people in different settings and if we were sitting with our back to the door I would have a limited view of the patrons." Replied Bones not sure if he believed her. She had observed his habit or the alpha-male need to always have his eyes trained on entrance when ever they were in public. She knew it was his uncontrollable desire to protect whom ever he was with and especially her and although she sometimes still felt stifled by his protection she also accepted it for what it was. One of the many ways he showed his love for her.

"That's your story…Hun?" Asked Booth with a raised brow silently telling her he did not quit believe her. He watched as she bit her bottom lip and he instantly knew there was more to the story. Unbeknownst to her she had many tells and biting her lip when she was nervous or unsure was her biggest.

"And I'm sticking to it!" she said with a prideful smile knowing she gotten the pop culture reference right.

Booth squeezed her hand and chuckled at her retort.

Jack returned carrying there drinks on a small tray and passed them out to his friends. Observing that both Booth and Dr. B downed half of their beers almost immediately and were making goo goo eyes at each other he decided that Angela's love radar was right on target, something was going on with these two, and he was happy for them maybe not as happy as his girlfriend who seemed as if she was going to burst of excitement but happy nonetheless for the long overdue change in there relationship.

"I would like to make a toast." Admitted Jack picking up his bottle and smiling at his friends and collages "When someone allows you to bear his burdens and share your joys, you've found a real friend, and I feel honored to consider all of you real friends.

"To friends" said Booth feeling blessed that these people accepted him into their little family smiling he raising his bottle letting it clank against it's duplicate in Jack's hand and then to Angela's glass who had just raised her glass against Brennan's and finally to the bottle that Bones was holding.

Brennan heard the familiar sound of her phone as she groped for the phone in the bottom of her over sized bag. She wondered who would be calling her at this time on a Friday night considering she was with the most likely suspects.

As Booth watched Bones search for her phone he immediately pulled his own phone from his jacket hoping that his was not going to ring alerting him to the fact they had a new case. First because they'd just got there, not to mention he and Bones were not on call and they had a lot to talk about this weekend and none of it involved murder or unidentified remains. But second and most importantly he didn't want Bones to be notified about a case before him. And if it was happening again he was going to choke someone maybe with his bare hands. He'd warned dispatch and he'd meant it. Bones had been advised of a new case directly more than a few times lately, the last time it happened the good Doctor decided to go to the crime scene without waiting for him and almost got her self killed.

"Ah Ha" declared Bones as she found the phone and retrieved it from the bottom of the bag.

"It's Parker" said Temperance smiling after seeing the picture of the cute little boy that appeared on small screen of her phone.

"Dr. B speaking" said Bones into her phone identifying herself by the nick name that Parker called her.

Booth returned his phone to his jacket pocket and turned his eyes on his partner. He watched the how her free hand instantly fingered the charm that was dangling from the thin chain around her neck while she spoke to his son. She did it every time she talked to or referred to Parker when she was wearing the small skeleton charm he'd picked out for her. He knew she didn't realize she was doing it, and he never intended to point it out to her in fear that she would stop the loving gesture that warmed his heart.

As he continued to watch her Booth remembered in precise detail the day that Parker seen the charm in the jewelry case at the mall and insisted they buy it for "Dr.B".

Booth had taken Parker to the electronics store at the mall so that he could get a birthday gift for his best friend. After their purchase and a quick stop in the food court the Booth boys were feeling pretty good as they were leaving the mall. Before they reached the exit Booth received a phone call from one of his agents which required him to stop and take down some notes.

While Booth was on the phone Parker amused himself by looking in the showcases of the jewelry store that was located like an island in the center of the mall. While on the phone Booth could see his son waiting patiently looking at the merchandise with no particular interest. Just as he ended the call Booth saw the expression on his son face change.

"Dad you have to see this! We have to buy this necklace for "Dr.B" we have to Dad we have to." insisted Parker as he physically pulled his father toward the counter. "Look Dad isn't it perfect? It's a little skeleton, she is going to love it Dad"

Booth keeled down and looked in to the case at the small charm that had his son so excited. He had to admit the skeleton was pretty cool looking. He didn't know if Bones would wear it and didn't understand why Parker was so excited. "I don't know buddy I'm not sure it's a good idea" said Booth looking almost eye to his son.

"Dad we have to buy it for her I know she will love it. Please" begged Parker

"Parker I don't know if she would even wear this it's very different from the kind of necklaces she usually wears." Replied Booth

"I know Dad but lots of her necklaces are ugly. She'll wear this one, I know she will." answered Parker with the Booth look of determination and honesty.

Booth laughed out loud at the truth and bluntness of his Son's statement thinking he that he sounded like his partner and wondered if Parker was picking up his new habit of straightforwardness from her. "Parker that was not a nice thing to say"

"But Dad its true!" answered Parker with the slightest whine as if it were a matter of fact.

"Parker!" replied Booth a little sternly; hating the fact he needed to act as a disciplinarian considering he agreed with the kid's assessment of his partner taste in jewelry.

Booth stood up and looked down at his own charm smile on the face of his Son and said with a slight smile. "Your right Parker some of them are pretty ugly, but that's between you and me okay Buddy? Don't tell her our opinion because she likes them and you might hurt her feelings."

"Dad I know that…" said Parker smiling with a slight shake to his head "I would never hurt someone's feeling on purpose."

Booth looked at his son and felt a sense of pride wash over him at hearing his sons reply. Maybe he was doing something right after all, maybe just maybe with all his faults he was a good father. Just maybe.

Booth looked back down at the case and then to his son and asked. "What makes you so sure that she going to like it Parker?"

"Dad" replied an exasperated Parker with a heavy sigh and a hint of a pout.

"What Bud? I want to know" questioned Booth amused at his son's annoyance and catching a glimpse of his son's mother in Parker's features.

"Dad… Dr.B works with bones and she likes skeletons that look real right? Asked Parker

"Right" confirmed Booth.

"Well this one looks real" replied Parker "and she going to love it because it's from us." Replied Parker

"What does it have to do with it coming from us Park?" Questioned Booth truly not understanding his son's reasoning.

Parker rolled his eyes and said "Duh…Dad she loves us that's why!

Booth was brought back from that memory when Bones who wanted to reassure Booth that everything was okay with Parker reached over and grasped his hand. She moved the phone slightly away from her mouth and whispered "homework question."

Booth just nodded his head he had figured as much when Bones said it was Parker.

Angela noticed that Booth slowly rubbed his thumb over the back of Brenan's hand and made no attempt to let go or hide the display of affection while he listened to her side of the conversation with his son. She saw the gesture as Booth's way of reassuring her best friend that she was doing fine with Parker. She knew how much Bren had grown to love the miniature Booth over the last few years, but sometimes she still questioned her abilities to connect with him. Angela still didn't know exactly what was going on between these two yet. But she decided to keep her mouth shut until she could talk to Bren privately.

"She is slowing turning my kid into a squint" claimed Booth with a chuckle looking at Hodgins nodding his head toward the conversation he'd tuned out of that Bones was having with his son about deer and fox pelts, bow and arrows, and medicine pouches.

"Hey man there is a lot worst things he could be." answered Jack with a grin as he dug into the appetizers that were just delivered to there table.

"Yeah you're right" admitted Booth easily thinking how much respect he had gained for his squints over the last four years. Ha My squints… that's funny.

"He could be an artist" chimed Angela as she watched Booth dish up several items from the platter avoiding the chicken and shrimp then place the dish in front of Brennan as she continued to speak to Parker on the phone.

"Now let's not go that far" Joked Booth enjoying the easy banter with his friends the as he served himself and watched Bones.

Booth loved the fact that his son and Bones were so close but she needed to end the call and eat. "C'mon Bones you've got to eat this when it hot" insisted Booth giving her the sign to wrap up her call, knowing that Parker would keep her on the phone all night if he could. Booth caught Angela's eyes on him and was grateful she remained silent about her observations.

"Eat!" demanded Booth pointing at the plate sitting in front of Bones. "You too Angela"

Angela laughed as she helped herself to some food thinking Booth was like somebody's grandmother he thought everything could be fixed with some fried food or a piece of pie.

"Anthropologist" said Bones as took a drink of her beer and tried to grab a deep fried cheese stick off Booth's plate.

"Anthropologist what Bones?" questioned Booth with wide eyes a slight shake of his head and a curious smile, smacking her hand away from his plate. "You have your own, Jeez!"

Parker is turning into an anthropologist not a squint" replied Bones.

"This makes me feel better how?" snorted Booth surprised she'd heard his comment.

"His question was regarding social studies, he is studying the PiscatawayIndian Nation, they are native to this area." explained Bones as if it was the most important thing to her.

"Yeah Bones… cause that's really important information for an eight year old to know." added Booth sarcastically with a roll of his eyes.

Getting a nod and an agreeable laugh from Hodgins, Booth helped himself to more of the fried food be before him.

"Well I'm glad you feel that way because we're taking him to PiscatawayIndian museum on Sunday" replied Bones with an apprehensive smile as she felt a light kick to her shin from Angela who loved to tease her about doing the family thing with the Booth boys.

She seen a small wave of sadness pass over his face he was so good at concealing his hurt regarding the limited time he got to spend with is son that neither Jack nor Angela seen it. "Bones I don't have Parker this Sunday" admitted Booth softly.

"Well it would seem that the history of the Piscataway Indian Nation supersedes visitation schedules" replied Bones delighted with her accomplishment of getting Parker's mother to sanction the outing. "Rebecca said you can pick him up tomorrow night, that way you'll be able to take him to early mass, and we'll leave right after church."

"You talked to Rebecca?"

"Yes Booth just now, I asked Parker to put her on the phone. Weren't you listening?"

"Not really I was talking to Hodgins" admitted Booth honestly but concealing the fact she lost him at the first talk of the medicine wheels.

"I told Parker about the Museum when I talked to him yesterday. He asked Rebecca if she could take him, but for some reason she said it was a Dad kind of outing." Said Bones not really sure what that meant.

Brenan's explanation produced yet another kick under the table from the ecstatic artist. As Angela realized that her best friend had indeed caught up to her own reality and that reality included Booth and his son as an essential part of her life. Angela knew that once Brennan figured something out there was no stopping her, she'd put everything she had into making it a success.

"Yeah I can't imagine why she wouldn't want spend the afternoon in a tee-pee" replied Booth sarcastically as he finished his beer knowing Rebecca just didn't have any interest in the Piscataway Indian Nation not that he could really blame her.

"You mean Beck is going to switch weekends with me so we can go to an Indian museum?" questioned a surprised Booth not so sure how felt about that remembering he had tickets to a game next Saturday that both he and Parker were looking forward to attending.

"No! You and Parker have plans for next weekend right?" answered Bones as she successfully stole the cheese stick from his plate this time.

"Yeah" responded Booth pleased she'd remembered. "Will you eat your own food please?"

She winked at him as she bit into the mozzarella stick she knew he secretly loved the fact she ate from his plate. "I told you Booth the Piscataway Indian Nation supersedes visitation schedules this is simply an outing that will enrich Parker's academics. The visit to the museum has to be this weekend because his assignment is due next Wednesday. I assure you this will in no way infringe on your scheduled visit."

Booth let out a breath he did not know he was holding and stared at the woman in front of him. He knew with all certainly that other than that birth of his son, she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. "Well Temperance aren't you just full of surprises today?"

She smiled at the only man she would ever love leaned forward and Said "You ain't seen nothing yet!"


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THe PiscatawayIndian museum is a real place as are the Piscaraway Indians and is really about 20 minutes out of DC.