Note: I have no idea where I'm going with this. So If I don't finish it and it's suddenly deleted, you'll know why. But this is after the season primere. And that's all I am going to say.

Rating; T-M.

Title; Breathe Honesty.

Things at the Jurgen's home were rough. Between her parents and their pending divorce, and a pregnant and now married(sort of), teenager sister, Ashley Jurgens knew she was stuck. Stuck in a world with absolutely no room in it for little ol' her.

It's not that she minded it much, because a good majority of the time she didn't, but then there were times where all she wanted to do was curl up in her mother's arms, or hear her father spout off a corny joke that really wasn't all that funny. Heck, she didn't even mind if Amy was the one who was around her when need-be, just to know she was around was enough for her. But the thing is, she wasn't. And neither was anyone else.

Sighing, she fell back onto her bed and stared aimlessly at the ceiling. Her lips were chapped and the bruises she'd accumulated from hitting the bathroom wall this morning during first mod, were starting to form, and she had to desperately push back tears. Nothing good was coming out of her life right now. Nothing at all.


Walking down the stairs, she could vaguely hear her parents words ripping through her ears. Wincing, she did her best to block them out as she trudged miserably into the kitchen, reaching up into one of the cabinets to grab a cup. Shifting around, she made her way toward the sink, watching it fill up slowly before she took a small sip.

As the silence fell in, she quickly jammed herself into her thoughts. Anything to keep her from another breakdown. There was no doubt that her heart ached, and her head was spinning, so much that she had to grip the counter to keep from falling backward. Without warning though, she felt a hand at her lower back, helping her. As if the counter couldn't hold her small frame up and she'd just fall right through. She spun around instantly, finding a distressed red head staring down at her.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and said nothing, determined to brush past her. Sucking in a breath, she felt it hitch when the same hand as before, grabbed down at her wrist, keeping her from going any further. She halted quickly, every being in her body freezing.

"Ashley," The woman's words were soft, making her cringe. "Is everything okay?"

She rolled her eyes, wanting so badly to scoff and shout a sarcastic remark at her, but she held back, and mumbled a small 'yes,' before ripping her wrist from the grip of the older woman and heading up to her room once again.

As odd as it sounded, her room was the only place that seemed safe to her anymore. Everywhere else in her eyes, was a danger zone. School, the mall, the church she no longer attended. It all held deep, terrifying and horrible memories. Her room was her safe haven, a place where none of them could enter no matter how hard they tried. She could hold herself up in there for days and it wouldn't faze her.

Pulling out the chair to her desk, she sat down cautiously, and started up her computer. She was never one for doing homework, heck, she wasn't one for school in general, but she didn't have much else to do- so why not?

After about an hour or so of seemless typing, she gave up-erasing it all. It sucked. It all sucked. She was getting no where and that's just how it'd be. Shrugging her shoulders, she glanced back at her clock and realized it was almost ten at night. Groaning unhappily, she remembered that tomorrow was friday, and no mattered how much she despised it, she had to go to the hell hole that people referred to as school.

Oh well, at least she had the weekend, right?