"Knock, knock!"

"Come in..."

And so 21 did, holding the get well card behind his back. It had been almost two weeks since 24 had been shanked by the murderous moppets. And while that scrap hadn't killed him and he was healing, 21 was becoming something of a nervous nelly in regards to 24's health. He was constantly checking up on him and bringing him anything he needed or wanted. As if he was afraid that if he didn't, 24 would die...and that was more or less the truth.

"Hey, man! What's up?"

21 smiled weakly at the crippled, pitiful mass of henchman that used to be his 24.

"Nothin', I uh...just wanted to bring you a little somethin'..." He trailed off as he walked over to 24's cot and placed the 8 x 11 in his friend's hand. "It's not much, but-"

"Aw, that's sweet." 24 opened and read it, but didn't know where to start since the entire inside was littered with signitures. "Damn! You got just about everyone to sign this thing, huh?"

"Yup...excluding the migitlers, of coarse."

"Of coarse..."

There was a moment of heavy silence. But only a moment. After all, this was the chatty Cathys known as 21 and 24 we're talking about here...

"So, you feeling any better?" 21 broke the silence as he plopped down on the foot of the cot.

"Yeah..." 24 answered absently, while toying with the card. He set it on the night stand before looking up at 21 again, with a new found smirk. "Thanks to my doting wife, no doubt..."

"Dude! Keep little quips like that up and everyone's gonna think we're gay!" 21 giggled, then promptly snorted. 24 smiled his widest in days. That dorky snort thing 21 did was just too... well, adorkable! So even though he had to struggle a bit to do so, 24 sat up and pecked at his boyfriend's cheek.

"Now what would give them that impression, I wonder?" 24 tried to sneak another kiss, but 21 grabbed his shoulders, holding him in place.

"Twe-24 don't! If the boss catches us-!"

"Lock the door."

"But what if someone hears-!"

"The walls are sound proof."

"You can barely sit up!"

"I'll let you do all the work. C'mon, 21...please? We haven't done it since...shit, the Monarch's bachelor party! And I think I might have just dreamt that part!" 24 stopped to rest his hands on his partner's thighs. "Please, 21? I'm really...'antsy in the pantsy' over here...if you get what I'm sayin'..." 21 sighed, buckling under his gimped-out boyfriend's charm. He gently pushed 24 back on the bed then crawled ontop of him.

"I'm back on duty in 15 minutes. Is that enough time for you, stud?" He chuckled.

"Go lock the door." 21 didn't need to be told thrice!

15 minutes later on the nose...

24 was snuggled in the sheets, looking more tired, and yet happier, than he did minutes before. He watched 21 clumbsily dress himself with a lopsided grin. 21 peered over his shoulder while hiking up his shorts..and he was almost certain he saw tiny, pink hearts floating about the big lug's head. He snorted, zipped up his fly, then bent over to place a sloppy kiss on said big lug's temple.

"So...it was good, then?" He asked needlessly. 24 nodded, lost in thought. His smile deflated ever so slightly before he spoke.

"You know I love you, right?"

"You've mentioned it once or twice before..." 21 replied while pulling his mask over his head and tucking strands of hair behind his ears. "Have I told you that I'm some what fond of you as well?"

"Yes, but you don't really have to."

21 raised an eyebrow, but one wouldn't know that on account of the mask. "What the hell does that mean?"

"It's like...'your eyes say the words your lips dare not speak' or...something..." He stopped, realizing that what sounded suave in his head just came out totally retarded. "I'm trying to be romantic here, you asshat!"

"You fail." 21 teased.

"Your mom!" 24 teased right back. Just then, 21's butterfly shaped pager went off. They didn't have to look at it to know who it was and why he was calling...

"Shit...24, I have to go. Monarch's gonna be pissed..."

"Aw...I wish you could stay and cuddle..."

21 gave him an apologetic pat on the cheek. Truth be told, he'd rather stay and cuddle too...in comparison to spending hours hunched over the computer reading Rusty Venture's medical files or cleaning out the piranha tank, cuddling sounded really nice...

"I know...But I'll check up on you again later and then we can cuddle to your heart's content! I'll bring you some soup too. In the meantime, take a nap or something." And with that said, 21 bolted for the door.

"I luff yew..." 24 muffled into the bed sheets as 21 went racing down the magenta hallway.

15 seconds later...


"...Sorry I'm late, Boss?"

"No! This isn't some high school elective where you can just show up late, give me a half assed apology and get off scott free! This is your job on the line here! No, wait...these are the sorry little sacs that you call your TESTICLES on the line! Now tell me where you were!"

"I was just checking up on 24, Sir! Honest! I- Hey! They're not that little!"

"TMI, 21...!" The Mighty Monarch threw his hands up in the air and turned heal for effect. The gesture was so overdramatic, it almost made 21 wonder if it was compulsive or if he practiced it in front of a mirror everyday. Just then, he dropped his hands and peered over his shoulder at 21, with the shittiest of grins."Hmm? Checking up on your incapacitated friend, eh? How convinient...no matter! A quick trip to the surveillance room will prove you innocent or-"

The Monarch was cut short by a somewhat girlish, panic striken yelp. Said girlish, panic striken yelp had come from the throat of his chubby henchman; who was as white as the doomed pray of the ruthless monarch butterfly.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

The Monarch waited impatiently while 21 struggled to form words. Then finally...

"We- uhh...heheh...We have surveillance cameras?"

"Yeah, it was the Mrs' idea. After your little mishap with her moppets, she wants to keep a better eye on you or something." Monarch was beginning to wind down while 21 was getting more and more worked up.

"S-s-ooo how long have you-?"
"Eh, we installed them last Wednesday. And if you must know yes, every nook and cranny in the Cocoon is being recorded twenty-four hours a day. So since the butterfly is out of the bag, you might as well tell everyone so they can do me the courtesy of covering up whenever they have the urge to whack off or whatever. Now if you're quite done asking me a barrage of stupid questions, get your fat ass in the control room and do your god damn job!"

"Y-yes sir!" 21 saluted as his boss marched off elsewhere. Hopefully not the new surveillance room...

This was bad. This was really bad! 21 had no idea if the Monarch had a "don't ask don't tell" policy or what! Surveillance cameras...dammit! No one tells him anything!

21 attempted maybe three minutes of actual work before he decided that he had to tell 24. He figured he was in deep enough shit that it wouldn't matter if he abandoned his post or not. So he logged off and made a run for it across the hall. But not before asking some poor, masked choad to "cover for him."