Chapter 2

Bella POV

When I first entered the mall it was pitch black and with my human eyes I couldn't see a god damn thing. I stumbled around for a light switch and tripped over the air AGAIN only to not land on the fall but to fall through a pair of swinging doors into a pile of soft fabric. I got up again and started stumbling around like a drunken lunatic but then again I guess I was a drunken lunatic. I burst into giggles, I wasn't looking where I was going and banged straight into the wall onto the floor. Ow that was going to hurt in the morning.

Emmett POV

I was wondering round the dark mall. This was going to be fun. Suddenly I heard a loud thud. I wondered towards the movement to find Bella lying on the ground. Giggling like no tomorrow. Wow this girl was drunk. I picked her up and placed her on her feet. She swayed and I held her up. The door opened behind me and I spun around letting go of Bella's shoulders causing her to collapse on the floor in another fit of giggles. I burst out laughing in whispers. Alice was beside me now. We each lifted Bella by her arms and stood her up. Alice giggled next to me.

Alice POV

I was wondering around the mall trying to decide what shop to go in first when I heard a thud like a body falling to the floor. I decided to go see who the night time robbers were. The noise came from inside Digby's dress up my favourite shop as of now. Hehe. I finally found the source of the noise, Bella in a heap laughing her head off and Emmett trying to help her up but when I walked in Emmett jumped and twirled around dropping Bella in the process. I walked up to them and helped Emmett pick Bella off the floor while we were all laughing. When we finally got Bella up still giggling I looked around OMC I think I JUST FOUND MY DRESS UP HEAVEN. YAY we can play Emmett Kenny and Bella Barbie.


Alice was determined to play dress up with me. I was stumbling around in the dark to find a changing room when the lights suddenly flickered on. Magiicccc. Ohhhh scary. Ghosts must've done it. Ohhhhhhhhh. I wonder if it is anyone who I know or my guardian angel. But of course it can't be an angel because he is somewhere looking for me. After 4 different costumes Alice finally decided on a ballerina tutu and leotard. She shoved Emmett in the room after me. He only had to try one. A princess dress. Pink of course and frilly with lace. Emmett was ecstatic. He loved it.

"Look at me! Look at me! I'm Princess Emmett all must bow to me."

"Except for me." Alice appeared at that moment in a devil angel costume. Devil horns with angel wings.

"But that doesn't make sense Alice. Why are you both an angel and a devil. Why not one?" I was thourghly confused.

"Because I'm an angel on the outside and a perfect devil on the inside." She giggled and ran out towards the glass elevators. She started them and we ran to join her.