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Ten year old Yugi Mouto waited with his father in front of their small home. He fidgeted nervously and his father smiled down at him, taking his small hand in his big one and giving it an affectionate squeeze. Yugi looked up at him, smiling a little. A couple of his father's manservants waited beside them, ready to welcome their new mistress. His father turned his attention back down the road as the sound of the approaching carriage grew louder. Yugi began to fidget again.

"Yugi, don't be so nervous."

"But Father, what if she doesn't like me?" His father chuckled and squeezed his hand again.

"How could she not Yugi? You are the most adorable little boy in the whole world. She is going to love you." His father assured him. Yugi turned his attention to the carriage as it rolled to a stop in front of them. A footman got off the carriage and hurried to the door. He took a deep breath and opened the carriage door.

"Presenting the Lady Mai and her lovely daughters, Anzu and Serenity!" The footman called. Yugi watched as a tall blonde woman exited the carriage first. She was very lovely, with long flowing golden hair that fell to her waist. Her eyes were a lovely violet color, much like Yugi's own eyes. She was wearing a lovely purple gown that complimented her figure and the color of her eyes.

Next to exit the carriage was a young girl that seemed to be Yugi's age. Her brown hair was cut below her chin and there was a hard expression to her azure eyes. She wore a fancy pink gown, although it was not as pretty as her mother's dress. The other girl came out last, shielding her face with a white gloved hand as the sun was momentarily too bright for her smokey gray eyes. Her hair was reddish and fell to below her shoulder blades. Her gown was white and ruffled with lace. In her one hand was a tiny umbrella that Yugi guessed must help sheild her from the sun.

"Mai, darling. You made it." His father left his side to embrace the blonde and give her a chaste kiss. Mai stared at the house, a small smile playing on her red lips.

"Jason, dear, you never told me your house was this tiny. How... Cute." Mai said. Jason chuckled and motioned to Yugi to step forward. Yugi blushed and looked down at the ground. The blue eyed girl glared at him while the red haired girl gave him a sympathetic look.

"Mai, Anzu, Serenity... This is my son, Yugi." Jason said tenderly, his gaze on his son. Yugi raised his head to look at the women again, the red blush still on his face. Mai's face remained expressionless as she nodded. Anzu just stared and Serenity gave him a small wave. Yugi waved back at her and finally remembered his manners, bowing before the girls.

"W-Welcome to our family." Yugi said. A small smile flashed across Mai's lips.

"Why thank you Yugi. What a charming boy you have Jason." Mai said, whipping a fan out of her matching purple purse and beginning to fan herself. Jason led Mai and the girls into the house while Yugi trailed behind. The servants went in behind them, going back to their regular jobs. Jason showed the girls the rooms he had had specially made just for them. Serenity loved hers and Anzu said nothing as she crossed her arms over her chest. Jason then told all the kids to go out and play while he finished showing their mother around the house. Yugi led the girls outside to the front of the house. He sat under a small tree and Serenity joined him, kneeling gracefully on the ground, her white dress billowed out around her tiny body. Anzu scoffed as she stared at them.

"I want a chair. I refuse to dirty my dress by sitting on the disgusting ground!" Anzu snapped, making Yugi cringe. It was the first thing she had said since she got here. Yugi obediently rose to his feet and went to fetch her something to sit on. Serenity gave her sister a look.

"He's our brother now. You could be nicer to him." Serenity said. Anzu scoffed again.

"Just because our mother went and married a commoner does not mean I have to be nice to one!" Anzu said. Yugi came back with the chair then and set it down in the shade for her. Anzu sat down and laid her hands very ladylike in her lap although she still wore a slight frown.

"Where did you live before you came here?" Yugi asked. Serenity smiled.

"In a lovely town full of people and tons of places to shop!" She said blissfully.

"In an actual house that was ten times bigger then this dump." Anzu spat bitterly. Yugi blinked. Serenity shot Anzu a glare.

"Forgive my sister. She didn't take the move too well and she's not feeling very well." Serenity lied, daring Anzu with her eyes to point that out. Anzu said nothing.

"I know it's small, but it's nice here. There are plenty of places to play and there's a creek to swim in." Yugi offered, hoping that would make them feel better. Serenity's eyes began to shine.

"Oh how nice!" Serenity exclaimed.

"I am not swimming in a filthy creek!" Anzu cried, lifting her hands to her face in horror. Yugi flushed.

"I-I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize Yugi. Anzu, stop it! You're making him feel awful!" Serenity hissed at her sister. Anzu gave a hmphf and rose, stalking off to do something else by herself. Yugi looked stricken.

"She doesn't like me, does she?" Yugi asked sadly.

"She's just bitter because she didn't want to move. Don't worry yourself over her." Serenity told him. Yugi gave her a strained smile.

"Thanks Serenity." Hearing his father suddenly calling their names, Yugi rose and followed Serenity back to the house. Anzu stalked angrily behind them. Jason greeted them at the door, smiling, Mai standing beside them.

"How do you like the place?" Jason asked.

"It's simply lovely!" Serenity gushed.

"It's quite the beautiful place to live." Anzu said sweetly from behind them. Yugi turned to look at her, stunned. She was acting totally different then she had when they were all outside. What had brought on this change?

"Good, good! Now, come with me! There's so much more to show you!" Jason led them away. Yugi stared after them, feeling happy about the new additions to his family, but he knew living with Anzu was going to be difficult. He followed them back through the house.


The next morning was a little quieter then the first. Yugi woke up and stretched, working the kinks out of his body. He rose from the bed and got dressed, slipping into a black shirt with overalls and putting on a pair of old shoes. He usually got up early to help the servants with the chores. His father had always told him there was no reason to do such a thing, that was what the servants were for, but Yugi liked to help. It gave him something to do and talking to the servants had always helped ease his lonliness when his father worked.

He walked out of his room and saw the doors to his sister's rooms closed. He smiled. He figured the girls would be late sleepers. Mai must still be sleeping too. He walked down the hallway and down the stairs, heading for his father's study. He smiled when he saw his father sitting in his favorite chair. His father loved to be up early in the morning as well and he usually read in his study until it was time for him to go to work.

"Father? Father, I'm going out to help the servants now." Yugi called to him. He recieved no reply. Yugi thought that was strange. His father was sitting up in the chair. His head was slightly tilted back, but he was also slouched slightly in the chair. He had thought by his posture he wasn't sleeping, but he could be wrong. A chill went up Yugi's spine as he approached his father's chair.

"Father?" Yugi tried again. He grabbed the arm of the chair and turned it.

His father stared up at the ceiling with glassy eyes, not moving, his mouth open in a slight o. Yugi let out a scream that could wake the whole household as he stepped backwards, away from the man in the chair. He fell, landing on his butt, covering his mouth with his hand. Mai suddenly ran into the room, looking furious for the rude awakening.

"Yugi, what on Earth did you scream like a banshee for?" Mai snapped. Yugi could not speak. He pointed a finger to the chair. Mai took in his pale complexion and looked at the chair, seeing her husband sitting there. She sighed and shook her head.

"Yugi--" It hit her like a tidal wave then. Her husband simply did not look right... She rushed to his side and stared down at him, releasing a earth shattering scream of her own. "JASON! OH NO!! JASON! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!" Mai screamed. Yugi began crying, rising up off the floor and standing in front of his father, now trying to wake him by shaking him. Mai kept screaming and crying until one of the servants ran into the room. Mai flung herself onto the man and sobbed into his chest for all she was worth. Another servant ran in a moment later.

"Father! Father please, wake up! FATHER!" Yugi sobbed. The servant picked him up and they escorted the grieving ones out of the room. They quickly whispered something to two more servants who had shown up to see what the commotion was about. The one, a young woman, placed a hand over her mouth as her eyes filled with tears. The other man just shook his head, his eyes full of sorrow. Yugi watched them vanish into the study from over the shoulder of the servant who had him. Tears still cascaded down his cheeks. His father was dead, his mind told him. And his heart was torn in two.


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