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Jonouchi rode as hard as he possibly could towards the palace, the Prince's words echoing in his mind. The huge structure loomed overhead, and Jonouchi would have loved to sit and gawk at it, since it was the first time in his life he'd ever seen it up close like this, but he had a mission to do. He pulled to a stop at the front gates, a young guard on instant alert. He recognized Mahado's horse and shot Jonouchi a glare.

"Halt! Who goes there!?" The man yelled. Jonouchi hopped off the horse.

"You hafta let me in! I need ta see da King! I have an urgent message from da Prince!" Jonouchi shouted. The guard looked skeptical. Jonouchi banged hard on the front gates, making the young guard jump and take a step back, his eyes wide. "I don't have time ta screw around wit ya! Let me in!" The guard leapt forward and opened the gates. Jonouchi squeezed through and ran hard towards the front door of the palace. He hurried inside, and bent over, panting hard for his breath. He looked up and gasped. This place was huge! How was he supposed to locate the King?! He took off, running blindly down a random hallway. He turned a corner and collided with something hard, both he and whatever it was falling to the ground.

"Watch where you're going!" A voice snapped. Jonouchi shook his head and groaned, getting to his feet.

"S-Sorry. I'm tryin ta find da King." Jonouchi muttered. He looked up and his honey eyes widened. A tall blue eyed man stood in front of him, dusting off his clothes. Jonouchi shook his head again as the man shot him a nasty glare. Man, this guy was good looking, but he radiated so much irritation and anger...

"Who are you and why are you running wildly through the palace?" The man snapped.

"Um... I'm Jonouchi. I'm here ta see da King. I have an urgent message from da Prince." Jonouchi said. The man's eyes widened.

"I'm his cousin Seto. The King is unavailable right now so tell me, what's the message?" Seto asked. Jonouchi's eyes flashed with worry.

"He needs five armed guards ta come wit me down da farm house! Dis guy, Mahado, I guess since dat's what Atem called him when he saw I had his horse after I ran inta him down da road when I was ridin here-"

"THE POINT OF THIS PLEASE!" Seto suddenly roared, startling Jonouchi. Jonouchi shot him a glare after a moment.

"Alright, sheesh. Rude guy... Anyway, Yugi, Mahado, and Atem are in trouble and dey need help!" Jonouchi finished. Seto's eyes widened again.

"What's the danger?" Seto asked.

"Crazy women who managed ta knock dat Mahado guy cold?" Jonouchi said. Seto let out a curse. He turned and motioned for Jonouchi to follow him. Jonouchi trotted along behind him, trying to keep up with Seto's long legged strides.

"What's da plan?" Jonouchi asked.

"We're going to recruit some guards and go save my stupid cousin." Seto said. Jonouchi grinned.

"Like a super dramatic rescue mission!" Jonouchi said excitedly. Seto stopped dead in his tracks and looked down at Jonouchi, one eye twitching. The way he was chatting so excitedly... he reminded Seto of an overactive dog. Jonouchi regarded him with a confused expression. "Why'd ya stop?"

"No reason. Mutt." Seto said with a smirk and continued down the hall. Jonouchi stared after him, blinking. Suddenly an enraged look entered his eyes and he ran after Seto, shaking his fist in the air.



"Mai, don't hurt him. Please." Atem said as calmly as he could. "Call Anzu off." Anzu let out a laugh and the frying pan shook in her pale-skinned hands. Atem grew more worried for Yugi's safety. These women were crazy! How on Earth had Yugi put up with this during the time he lived with them? Atem didn't know, but right now it really didn't matter. Yugi was in trouble and Atem had to figure a way to get him out of it.

"I'll let him go, my Prince. Once you agree to marry Anzu." Mai said. Atem paled. He knew something like this would happen. He'd feared it the moment Mai had appeared with Yugi bound and gagged. Anzu visibly brightened. Yugi was glaring up at Mai with all the hatred he could muster. Atem didn't like seeing the pure hate in Yugi's eyes; it didn't belong there, but he could not deny that the blonde haired woman deserved it.

"Mai, I can not marry Anzu. I don't love her." Atem said. Anzu went from happy to crushed in less then a second. She glared angrily at him and raised her arm a little higher in preparation for braining Yugi with the pan. Atem held out a hand to her. "STOP ANZU PLEASE!" Atem pleaded with her. She stopped and met his ruby eyes with a very icy look. Mai tsked and shook her head.

"There's nothing else to discuss here, my Prince. You have two options. Marry Anzu, or I'll let her knock him senseless. Maybe the blow will make him forget who you are and then there will really be nothing else to discuss." Mai said. Atem flinched at her words. They hurt as much as had they been physical blows.

"I cannot marry someone I don't love." Atem repeated, trying to remain calm. He was afraid if he showed how angry he was, they would hurt Yugi anyway.

"And you love this miserable excuse for a human being!?" Mai shouted, jerking Yugi forward. Yugi let out a yelp and squeezed his eyes shut as Mai's nails dug into his arm. Atem stood his ground, refusing to let her get to him.

"Yes, I love him. And I'm not leaving here without him." Atem said. Anzu let out a scream of rage and swung the pan down. Atem shot forward and managed to grab her wrist before the pan connected with Yugi's skull, saving his love from a nasty concussion. Anzu screamed and jerked back, yanking her wrist from his grip, dropping the pan in the process. Atem grabbed her again to prevent her from picking it back up, but she snapped at him as if to bite him and he jerked back. Anzu reached down and grabbed the pan, holding it in front of her in defense.

"Atem!" Yugi cried through the gag, though it was a bit muffled. Mai moved the two of them back further behind Anzu, using the brunette for cover. Atem mentally cursed. So close. So close and she had managed to gain back her weapon. Atem had to disarm her to get to Mai. As much as he detested hurting women, he was afraid this might actually call for it, and it wasn't like she didn't deserve it. Atem made up his mind and shot forward, his boots making a screeching sound on the tiled floor as he charged. Anzu swung back the pan, prepared to hit him with it.

"No!" Anzu screamed, swinging the pan down. Atem let out a pained cry as the pan connected with his shoulder, but he ignored it and grabbed her wrist, twisting it as he grabbed the pan with his other hand. They both swung around bodily and Atem released her. Anzu crashed to the floor with a yelp, the frying pan now in Atem's possession. Mai's eyes widened and she shoved Yugi forward, turning and fleeing into another room. Atem threw the pan out the front door and caught Yugi as the little one fell forward into his arms. He ripped the gag off his mouth and Yugi let out a breath of relief, waiting patiently for Atem to undo his hands. When he had, Yugi flung his arms around Atem's neck, lifting himself up onto his tip toes to press a sweet kiss to Atem's lips. Atem wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist, holding him close as he returned the kiss whole-heartedly.

"You came! Oh God, Atem, you came!" Yugi said, kissing Atem chastely for each sentence he uttered. Atem chuckled and gently grasped Yugi's chin with his fingers, staring tenderly into Yugi's violet gems.

"Of course I came. It's the job of the handsome prince to save his love from the wicked evil-doers, isn't it?" Atem teased. Yugi laughed, tears streaming from his eyes now. Yugi was so happy; he couldn't believe Atem was here, but he was, he really was.

"I love you." Yugi said. Atem smiled softly.

"I love you too." Atem whispered. A sudden rustle from behind them made them turn. Mai had returned, and Anzu had risen to her feet, but now both women were wielding frying pans. And Mai's was even bigger then Anzu's. Yugi's eyes widened and he let out a squeak of fright. Atem quickly turned them so he was the one shielding Yugi, his arm out-stretched in front of the other for protection. Yugi glanced fearfully up at Atem; those women wouldn't stop until they'd killed them!

Anzu let out a shriek and ran towards them, Mai following suit. Atem reached back, grabbed Yugi's wrist and turned, dragging Yugi with him as he ran through the house, the two crazy women shouting obscene things at them as they gave chase. Yugi was shouting something, but the only thing Atem could hear was the sound of his heart pounding. He found a back door and managed to get it open and shove Yugi through it, following a second later, before Mai appeared and swung the pan. It shattered the glass on the back door and Yugi screamed, ducking his head out of pure instinct.


Seto and Jonouchi were now on their way down the road, heading towards the farm house as fast as their horses could carry them. Jonouchi was a little pissed off right about now, his honey brown eyes narrowed as he glared hotly at Seto's back. The brunet had ordered for Mahado's horse to be taken back to the stables, leaving Jonouchi without a ride. When the blond had protested this, Seto remarked that it wasn't his horse and that he could hitch a ride back to the farm house himself. Jonouchi ranted and raved so much after that, that Seto had no choice but to take the stubborn blond with him, thus resulting in Jonouchi having to share a horse with Seto.

"Are we dere yet!?" Jonouchi yelled. Seto rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"No! Now shut up before I put a muzzle on you!" Seto yelled back. Jonouchi gripped Seto so hard it made the taller one wince. Mental note, do not piss off your passenger when he has his arms locked around you in a death grip. That hurts.

"Quit callin' me a dog, you rich brat!" Jonouchi snarled.

"Down boy!" Seto said. Jonouchi let out a growl. Seto just smirked. This kid was too much fun to tease.


"Damnit!" Atem cursed as he and Yugi wound up running in different directions. Yugi ran towards the barn with Anzu hot on his heels, and Atem ran into the woods, Mai being the one right behind him. Atem ran hard, searching for a way to run back around. He had to get back to Yugi before Anzu got a hold of him. A shriek broke through the air and Atem barely ducked the pan being swung at his head. He swung around and his boots kicked up leaves on the forest floor as he skidded to a stop before running full force at Mai. She swung and missed and Atem bolted out of the woods. Man, her aim sucks... Atem thought to himself as he headed for the barn. A scream pierced the air and Atem gasped.

"How dare you, you filthy whore!" Anzu swung at Yugi with her own pan. Yugi cried out as the pan hit the ladder he was climbing instead. It shook the ladder and he clung to it, hoping he would not fall.

"You're just jealous, Anzu!" Yugi yelled back down to her.

"Lying whore!"

"Jealous bitch!"


"Yugi, where did you learn that language!?" Atem called as he ran into the barn. Anzu whipped around, snarling in her rage.

"Now is so not the time to be witty, Atem!" Yugi called back.

"Give me that!" Atem yelled, now in a struggle with Anzu over the frying pan in her hand. Anzu was thrown to the barn floor a moment later and Atem was now once more in possession of the pan. Yugi climbed down from the ladder and joined him, taking the pan from him.

"We're not throwing this away again!" Yugi snapped. Atem smiled sheepishly. His eyes widened then and he pointed behind Yugi. Yugi whirled and saw Anzu charging towards him. He squeaked and put the pan in front of him right as Anzu reached him. Her face connected with the bottom of the pan and she made a face as she dropped unconscious to the barn floor. Yugi stared down at her, blinking his violet eyes. Atem blinked for a moment before he burst into loud laughter.

"Well! I didn't see that coming!" Atem said. Yugi smiled sheepishly and hid the pan behind his back. Atem shook his head as he continued to shake with laughter.

"Maybe we should go now while she's out. I have no idea where Mai went, and I'd rather not find out." Yugi said. Atem nodded.

"My horse is out front. Let's go." Atem said. He and Yugi ran out of the barn, heading towards the front of the house. Atem was sure that if he could get to his horse, then he could get the both of them out of here. Right before they reached it however, Mai suddenly made an appearance, darting in front of them. She held her pan out in front of her, her hand shaking as she glared them down.

"You little ingrate!" Mai snarled.

"Let us leave, Step-mother!" Yugi said. Mai laughed a little crazily and shook her head.

"Oh no. You're not going anywhere." Mai said. "You hurt my little girl, you hurt me, and you're going to pay for it. It's my little Anzu who should be marrying the Prince! It's Anzu who should be happy, not you!" Mai yelled. Yugi knew this was how she always had felt, but the words still hurt when she said them.

"Well that's too bad. I love Yugi, and that's not going to change. I'm going to have you arrested for this, Mai." Atem said, his ruby eyes narrowing. Mai laughed crazily again.

"Arrested, huh? Well, you can't arrest me if you're unconscious, dear Prince." Mai said. She raised the pan and made as if to charge. Suddenly a loud commotion behind them startled her and she whipped around, the pan falling to the ground with a thud, her eyes widening in horror. Atem smiled brilliantly when he saw that it was his cousin, the blond from before, and ten of his father's guards riding hard up the walkway. They stopped near Atem's horse, Seto's blue eyes blaring through Mai. She let out a shriek and turned, running towards the barn for Anzu.

"After that woman! Arrest her!" Seto ordered, snapping his fingers. All ten men dismounted and hurried towards the barn. Atem ran forward and stopped in front of his cousin, his smile wide and his eyes shining with gratitude. The blond jumped down from the horse and ran to Yugi, picking him up and swinging him around and around, yelling happily.

"Thanks so much for getting here when you did, Seto." Atem said. Seto snorted.

"If I'd gotten here any later, it looks like she would have brained you." Seto remarked. Atem let out a nervous laugh. Yugi suddenly appeared by his side, looking up at him with those luminous eyes of his, a smile on his lips.

"Thank you so much." Yugi said, bowing at little as he turned to Seto. Seto waved him off.

"No need to thank me." Seto said. The guard returned a short minute later, two struggling women with them now. Yugi stepped back behind Atem, clutching the sleeve of his shirt. Seto and Atem glared angrily down at the two women. Anzu had a bloody nose from her encounter with the frying pan, and she was crying softly as she looked up at them with pleading eyes.

"What do you wish to do with them, my Prince?" One of the guards asked. While Atem was contemplating what fate should befall these two, Yugi looked around, noticing that Jonouchi was missing now. Where on Earth had the blond servant gone? The answer to Yugi's question came in the form of a person, or rather three, as they exited the house, heading down towards them. Jonouchi was trailing alongside Honda, who were both following Shizuka. Yugi squeaked and ran to her, enveloping her in a hug, which the red head gladly returned. She approached Atem, bowing when she came to a stop in front of him, ignoring the betrayed look in her mother and sister's eyes.

"My Prince, if I may so bold as to speak." Shizuka said politely. Atem nodded.

"You may." Atem responded. Shizuka shot her mother a look.

"I think that an eye for an eye is the most suitable punishment for these two. I believe you should bestow upon them the exact same courtesy that they have shown

Yugi for all the years we've known him." Shizuka said with another bow, also ignoring the surprised gasp that Yugi emitted. Atem's eyes widened.

"You are...?" Atem asked.

"My name is Shizuka, and I am Mai's youngest daughter." Shizuka said. "I have always detested how my mother treated Yugi and often times wished to make things different for him, although that was not in my power. This is my only request." Shizuka added. Atem smiled at her.

"An eye for an eye, eh? Of course. That sounds fair to me. Seto, have these two taken to the dungeons, where they will remain until we can deport them out of the country. They will be given to another country in need of slaves, where they will live out the remainder of their lives forced to do exactly what it is that they have made my precious one suffer all these years." Atem said. Seto nodded, a wicked smile crossing his features. He nodded to the guards who forced Mai and Anzu to their feet, dragging them to the horses.

"You'll pay for this, Yugi!" Mai screeched. "You'll pay!" Atem casually walked up to Anzu and reached into one of her pockets as she passed by, re-claiming Yugi's bracelet once more. He gave her a mocking smile and a nod, which made her burst into tears as he re-joined Yugi, taking him into his arms. Atem held Yugi tightly until the guards had taken Mai and Anzu away. Jonouchi lightly hit Honda on the arm.

"So you were busy freeing Shizuka while all this action was going on, huh Honda?" Jonouchi said. Honda flushed and turned to Yugi.

"Sorry I didn't help sooner. I-" Yugi held up a hand, cutting him off and leaning into Atem.

"It's fine Honda, really. We're all okay, and Step-mother and Anzu are gone. Everything's all right now." Yugi said. Atem leaned down and pressed a kiss to his hair.

"Everything will truly be alright once I take you home with me. You do have to meet my father still, Little One." Atem teased. Yugi blushed. He gave a start then, turning wide eyes to Shizuka and the other two, his eyes glowing with excitement.

"Shizuka, I can do what you asked me to now. I can take you, Jonouchi, and Honda with me! I can, can't I Atem?" Yugi asked, turning a pleading look to Atem.

"Of course they can, Yugi." Atem said. Shizuka smiled and shook her head.

"Thanks Yugi, but I think I'll stay here." Shizuka said. Yugi blinked, a confused look crossing his cute face.

"Why?" Yugi asked.

"Well, now that Mother and Anzu are gone, and you're going to go live with the Prince, someone needs to stay here to keep the farm running. Oh, I know this place

looks horrible and we only have two horses, but I think I can get it up and running again. I'll finally be able to work in my own vegetable garden as well, and do most of the things that Mother never let me do. And if Jonouchi and Honda would stay to help me, I'm sure we'll have it looking lovely again in no time." Shizuka said. Yugi's eyes filled with happy tears as he stepped forward and gave her a hug.

"Oh Shizuka... That's a grand idea. I'm going to come and visit you as much as I can." Yugi said. Shizuka hugged him back and giggled a little.

"You'd better." She turned to the men behind her. "What do you say boys? Will you stay and help me repair the farm?" Shizuka asked.

"Hell yeah!" Jonouchi said, fist pumping into the air. Honda nodded, a soft smile gracing his lips.

"Of course." He said. Atem smiled.

"Well, now that we have all of that taken care of..." He grabbed Yugi's hand and turned him around to face him. Slowly Atem sank down to one knee and kept a firm hold on Yugi's hand, his ruby eyes shimmering with love and adoration as he looked at the beautiful violet-eyed boy above him.

"Yugi, Keeper of My Heart, will you marry me?" Atem asked. Yugi began to cry, one hand covering his mouth as he tried to stifle his sobs.

"Yes, yes of course I will!" Yugi cried. Atem grinned and stood, pulling out Yugi's bracelet. For the third time since he'd met him, Atem clamped the bracelet around Yugi's wrist, watching the clasp lock automatically. Atem chuckled as Yugi admired it, holding his wrist out and watching the sunlight catch it and make it shine.

"Much better then a ring, right Little One?" Atem teased. Yugi blushed. Shizuka stepped forward and hugged him, then stepped back and let Jonouchi and Honda hug him as well.

"We get to come to your wedding, right Yugi?" Honda said with a grin. Yugi nodded.

"Of course you do!" Yugi said. Atem grabbed his hand and pulled him back to him, flashing everyone a brilliant smile.

"Don't worry; you'll get an invitation very soon." Atem said, winking at them. "Now, if you'll excuse us..." Atem picked Yugi up bridal style, enticing a squeak from the violet-eyed boy, and carried him back to his horse. Atem helped Yugi onto it, then climbed on himself. Yugi waved to the three of them, smiling widely.

"Goodbye everyone! I'll come see you soon!" Yugi called. Atem snapped the reins and the two of them were off, Yugi waving until he could no longer see them.


Atem helped Yugi down from the horse, and hand in hand, the two of them hurried into the palace. The first thing Atem wanted to do was hunt down his father and introduce him to the man he was going to marry. Yugi giggled as Atem continued to tug him down hallway after hallway. They located King Aknamkanon in the library. He was speaking with Seto in hushed voices. They broke apart when the two boys rushed into the library. Aknamkanon's eyes lit up and he rushed to his son, hugging him tightly. The worried look that had been on his face dissipated somewhat.

"Oh Atem, you're alright." Aknamkanon said. Atem grinned up at him.

"Of course Father. Thanks to Seto." Atem said, giving his cousin a grateful nod. Seto looked away, his face tinged a little pink. He wasn't used to his cousin praising him so. Aknamkanon chuckled, then caught sight of Yugi. He took the boy's other hand, pulling him away from Atem and giving him a once over.

"And who do we have here?" Aknamkanon asked. Atem beamed proudly while Yugi blushed at the attention being paid him.

"Father, this is Yugi. Yugi, this is my father. Father, Yugi is the one I'm in love with, and I've asked him to marry me." Atem said. Aknamkanon raised his gaze from

Yugi to his son, surprise in his crimson eyes.

"Marry? You asked him to marry you before you introduced him to me? Naughty naughty, my boy." Aknamkanon said. Atem flushed and Yugi giggled.

"I'm very pleased to meet you, my King." Yugi said, bowing as best he could with his hand still trapped in the king's hand. Aknamkanon laughed and released him.

"Pleased to meet you, my boy. He's very cute, Atem." Aknamkanon said. Atem grinned and Yugi ducked his head, blushing yet again. He really had to quit doing that. Atem stepped forward and turned Yugi to face him.

"I agree, Father. VERY cute." Atem said softly. Yugi stared up at him, a smile gracing his lips.

"So you're happy with this one, Atem?" Aknamkanon asked. Atem raised his gaze to meet his father's.

"Yes, very much so. I want to marry him as soon as possible. Is that alright with you, Little One?" Atem asked. Yugi nodded.

"Yes. I want my happily ever after with you, Atem." Yugi murmured. Seto loudly cleared his throat. This was getting too mushy for him to handle. Aknamkanon merely laughed at Seto and spread his arms wide, a happy grin lighting his face.

"Well then, what are we waiting for!? Let's plan a wedding!"


Atem gently placed his hands on Yugi's waist, drawing the smaller against his body before leaning down and sealing their vows with a sweet kiss. Yugi's hands came up to wrap around Atem's neck as the kiss deepened. The crowd attending this wedding went wild, cheers resounding loudly all around them as rice and other assorted items went flying through the air. Atem pulled away a moment later, hugging Yugi to his side as the Preacher announced them wedded. He then took Yugi's hand and ran down the aisle with them, past their family and friends.

Shizuka waved happily to Yugi, Honda devotedly by her side, Jonouchi almost climbing over the two of them in his own excitement as he waved as well. Yugi waved back to her, happiness bubbling up inside of him. They continued to run until they had reached the end of the aisle, where a horse drawn carriage awaited them. The driver tipped their hat to them and the footman hopped down from the back, opening the door for them. Atem helped Yugi inside, and then climbed in himself. The door shut and Yugi leaned out the window, now waving to the huge crowd that had followed them and were throwing streamers and rice at them.

"Goodbye everyone! Goodbye!" Yugi called. Atem even took the chance to wave.

"See you when we get back from the honeymoon!" The crimson-eyed Prince yelled. Yugi blushed and smacked him playfully. Atem merely grinned wickedly and licked his lips. Yugi giggled and went back to waving out the window. As the carriage began to drive off, the crowd dissipated until only two figures remained. Yugi's eyes widened as he realized it was Bakura who was standing there. There was a smaller person standing next to him, his big brown eyes twinkling merrily as he waved. Yugi waved hard, and the smaller person elbowed Bakura, who rolled his eyes and finally gave Yugi a quick wave.

"Thank you!" Yugi called out before Bakura and the smaller vanished in a flash of light orbs.

"Who were you thanking, Yugi?" Atem asked curiously. Yugi smiled and settled down, leaning against Atem and resting his head on his shoulder.

"Oh, only the person responsible for getting me to the ball that night." Yugi answered. Atem smiled and shifted, turning Yugi to face him.

"Oh, is that so? Well, good on them then." Atem said. He leaned down until their lips were mere inches apart. "So, are you happy now Yugi? Did you get the happily ever after you wanted?" Yugi grinned and scooted closer, wrapping his arms around Atem's neck and bringing him down for a hot kiss, melting against the other with a happy moan. Atem returned the gesture with a moan of his own, pulling Yugi tight against him, one hand coming to wind in the boy's dark locks.

That was all the answer that Atem needed.


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