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I laugh at your misery.

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Shadow looked at the scene at shock. She thought it was going to be any normal day; wake up, take a shower, get dressed, do hair, eat breakfast, brush teeth, put on shoes and socks, get cell phone, IPod, house keys, and skateboard to the warehouse.

What she wasn't expecting was a truckload of pink items being loaded into the warehouse. She saw Angel standing a ways back, talking to somebody. 'Can't I just have a normal morning? Is that too much to ask for God?' "Yo, Angel!" He looked over. "What's with all the pink?"

He smiled evilly. "You'll see. You'll see," he chuckled, looking over progress. Shadow's eyes twitched.

"What ever makes you happy." She walked into the building. What she didn't notice was Angel's frown as he looked down at the list. In front of all the items he ordered, was a note. It was a death threat. At first he thought it was joke. But when he woke up this morning, he found a rattlesnake on his chest. Whoever sent this was dead serious on killing him. He didn't know what was going to happen to Shadow since she seemed fine, but then again, she's good at hiding emotion.

Shadow sighed. This was a bad morning. First she fell of her bed, she stubbed her toe, and a cockroach jumped on her, make the neighbors call the cops, thinking that something else was happening in the apartment.

Sighing again, she took a chocolate muffin out of thin air and began to eat it. Then, a pink bunny came out. Shadow stared at the bunny.

The bunny stared back.

It was the staring contest of the ages. Only one would win. WHO WOULD COME OUT ON TOP?!

A cockroach came out of nowhere and jumped on Shadow. She screamed, threw her muffin at the pink bunny, which got mad and started hop towards her, and she ran screaming, making the cockroach fall towards the bunny, who hopped on it, killing it, and the bunny continued to chase Shadow, who was still running and screaming.

Angel looked up from the clipboard to see Shadow running from a pink bunny. He looked up at the dark, cloudy sky and asked, "Why do you surround me with idiots God?" A rumbled went through the sky. Angel glared. "Laugh. Laugh all you want."

Shadow, not paying attention, ran into a big tree.

Wait, how could she miss a tree long as a car?

…You don't know either?

You're no help.


You say that we're idiots? You're a poopie head!

Ha. How did that feel?

Wait, a car just ran into your house?

Is he drunk?

He isn't? How the hell did he miss a house?

Guess it's one of those mysteries of life.

Going back to the story now…

The bunny, looked at Shadow, and kicked her in the nose. Shadow groaned in pain and held her nose, rolling over…

…to hit it on the tree trunk.

Angel sighed. "This is cruel punishment. I think I died a long time ago and she is my internal punishment." He pinched his nose as the bunny started to kick Shadow's head and she just laid there, looking brain dead.


Shadow looked at the desk. There was something wrong. She could feel it.

But what?

'Did someone move a pen? No, those are still in place. THEN WHATS WRONG!' She glared at the desk. Then, something shiny caught her eye. 'SHINY THING!' She crouched on the ground, looking underneath her desk.

That's when she saw it. It was a thin wire. The light would have to hit it at just the right angle for it to be seen. 'Odd, it looks almost like…ninja wire.' She carefully threw a rock at it.

What happened next will be forever implanted in her mind.

A giant mountain of pocky appeared. Just when she was about to reach it, a giant spider crawled over the top.

She stared.

It stared back with its many creepy black eyes.

She started to back up.

The spider came closer.

She did what any sane person would hopefully do.

She screamed and ran away.

The spider followed.

Out in the interview room, setting up for the next person, Angel heard screaming. Female screaming to be precise. 'Cruel and unusual punishment I say,' thought Angel, watching Shadow run in. "What is it this ti-" The spider ran in, making Angel stare.

"DIE YOU MOFO!" Shadow appeared, 'Where did she go to anyway?', with bug spray and a lighter. "I HOPE YOU LIKE THE HEAT, BECAUSE YOU'RE GOIN' TO HELL!" Then she pressed down on the nozzle and lit the lighter, causing a giant fire and burned the spider to a crisp. While laughing evilly, she never noticed the look Angel gave her. He slowly started to back away.

"How the hell did she find the lighter?"


She was in her room, looking at a picture. She sighed softly.

"Why can't he see that I'm the one for him?"

She took out a kunai and started to twirl it. Then, she felt a tugging sensation. It started at her stomach and she started to spread. She disappeared from her room with a 'poof'.


She appeared in a warehouse, sitting on a couch. "What the hell?" She looked around, wondering where she's at. She saw multiple doors. 'If I can open one, I can figure out where I'm out.' She got up and walked to one of the doors. She ignored the sigh that said, Proceed with extreme caution. She opened a door.


Needless to say, she shut the door pretty darn fast.

Right now Angel and I are in school.

Leave me be, I have to work because YOU WON'T HELP ME!!!

Why should I care?

Because I'm your bestest friend~.

I hate you.

*gasp* You bitch.

And your point…


Just work on your poems you man-whore.


Do it.

*Wide eyed look* Y-y-yes ma'am. *works*




*slaps outside the head and continues to type*

"That…was the scariest thing I've ever seen. So many of them…so many…" She shakily made her way to the couch.

"Know your ninja…know your ninja…know your ninja…" (After five pages, WE GET TO THE FAMOUS LINE!)

"What the heck?"

"Tenten…breaks her weapons for a sick pleasure..."

"I don't break my weapons!!!"

"Tenten…is a terrible weapons mistress..."

"I'm the best one in the Leaf Village!"

"Tenten…we have your diary…"

"Oh no…"

"Tenten…it say's you like Neji…"


"You're an idiot."

"Why did you bring down my groove?"

"I DON'T LIKE NEJI!!!!!!!!!"

"I forgot about her. Well, it's not that hard to forget about someone who was no character devolpement in the whole show or series."

GAHHHHHHHH! I'M SO SORRY!!! It has been a month since I touched this, so I decided to get my ass back to work. Angel…I haven't talked to him in a few days since I lost my phone and my main computer is in the shop…still, and right now, I'm at my Nana's working on this, a RPG, and my new story. I'm also on a forum and watching "Bum Reviews" and "Nostalgia Critic". That's some funny shit. BACK TO WORK!!!

"Tenten…breaks her weapons for a sick pleasure, is a bad weapons mistress, and likes Neji."


"And now you know Tenten…"

"YOU-" Whatever she was going to say next was cut off, because she fell in a hole in the floor.

"Know your ninja…know your ninja…know your ninja…"


"You changed your name?" Angel looked at Shadow weirdly.

"Yep, I'm not officially "Shadow_strike".

"What's with the underscore?"


"The line in-between "Shadow" and "strike".

"Oh, you mean the _.

"No, I mean the underscore."

"No, it's the _.





Five hours later…

"Do you doubt it isn't _ now?" Angel groaned in pain as more pressure was applied to his broken ribs.


"Good." Shadow nodded and got her foot of his ribs, and walked away.

"Where are you going? You need to call a hospital!"

"Going home and no I don't." She turned her head back. "Ta-ta for now."

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