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Ew. Nate and Serena made Blair want to gag. Not because Nate was her ex (she couldn't care less about that, Nate was damn boring), but they seemed to be enjoying thrusting their tongues down each others' throats. Disgusting.

Chuck rolled his eyes. This was not his idea of a wild vacation. He was so caught up in the gruesome sight of his best friend and his golden girlfriend he hadn't even had time to overtly hit on Blair yet.

Chuck's eyes trailed to hers and saw a slight smile pull at the corner of her lips. He smirked back at her. They both knew what each other were thinking. How were they supposed to live through this without vomiting?

The four of them had boarded the yacht for an 8 week long vacation after their senior year. Nate and Serena had suddenly found that they couldn't live without each other. Chuck and Blair were…well, Chuck and Blair. They really weren't sure what they were waiting for but it was obvious to everyone (including themselves) that they wanted each other. A lot.

That night they had decided it was a good idea to go down to the pool area after it was closed and get in the hot tub.

"Come on, it will be fun," Serena had whined. Blair groaned inwardly. The last thing she wanted was to break into an intimate setting while Chuck watched idly by. She and Serena used to have so much fun breaking out. That seemed so long ago. Now Serena and Nate were together and Blair felt like the third wheel. Well, fourth wheel. Chuck was always there. He was always there, analyzing her with his dark slanting exotic eyes. Those eyes always seemed to be burning right through her. She wished he didn't have such an effect over her. It would be easier to pretend that she wasn't in love with him.

"Chuck will be there…" Serena hinted suggestively. Blair suppressed the urge to say something biting. Serena would know that was just Blair being defensive because they both knew the truth.

"Exactly," Blair said instead. "And honestly, I don't feel like watching you and Nate grope each other in the hot tub." Serena sort of felt awkward whenever Blair would bring up things like that. She always felt guilty about what had happened at the Sheppard Wedding.

And honestly, that's why Serena originally thought that Blair went for Chuck. She thought Blair was just covering up her pain, or even something more like Blair, getting revenge. That's what surprised Serena when she found that Blair and Chuck had genuine feelings for each other. But when she thought about it, they did seem like the perfect couple. T

hey were completely matched, no matter how dangerous that was. It was fighting fire with fire and the repercussions were hazardous to everyone's health. But it was more dangerous when they weren't together. Blair was always trying to get him jealous and Chuck was always drinking and whoring around. It was exhausting. And they both had very short tempers. And very big ones. Everyone had to watch what they said around those two when they decided that week that they didn't want to be together, even though everyone knew that they did. they were both very prideful souls.

Serena was always the one who had to comfort a crying Blair at 1 in the morning. And Serena heard directly from Nate that he had to nurse Chuck back from the brink of binge drinking. It would just be a lot easier if they just got over themselves and got together.

Serena knew Blair had forgiven Chuck for the problems Bart's death had caused last winter. She knew Blair was just waiting for Chuck to show that he cared about her which he continually failed at. Chuck wasn't that dense. Serena had thought he knew what was going on.

She was also aware that Chuck failed at showing his emotions, as did Blair, but was it really that complicated to tell Blair that he cared about her?

"Look, its going to be awkward if it's Nate and me… and Chuck. Please come."

"What, so I can handle him for you—no thanks." Serena raised her eyebrows.

"Chuck really is taking a toll on your newly surfacing innuendos. Maybe you should get on that." Blair knew Serena didn't mean literally. She didn't care.

"I will never get on Bass. Get over it," she snapped. Serena wanted to laugh out loud. They were so perfect for each other and they didn't even realize it.

"Why is Chuck even going if it's just going to be you and Nate, anyway?" Blair mused.

"Because you'll be there," Serena made it sound like a question. She was lying.

"Nice try," Blair said in her fake sweet voice.

"Please just do this for me," Serena begged. "I really don't want Chuck to just be there watching us. I don't know why he'll be there. Just come."

"You do realize you are completely using me selfishly. He'll be looking at me instead."

"See? You want to come," Serena laughed.

"Ew," Blair said under toned. "Gag me."


"Why do I have to go and watch you and my sis swapping saliva, again?" Chuck had asked. He and Nate stood in the room they were sharing on the yacht. Chuck had already downed two glasses of scotch. If he were going to have to watch Blair waltz around half naked, he would have to be numb. He didn't trust his self control at the moment.

"Because it's not only Serena and me. Blair will be there, too." Chuck already knew this. That was why he was being reluctant. "And it will be weird."

"Ah, fornicating with the girl you cheated with while the girl you cheated on is in the same proximity. I see the potential for disaster. But I really don't think she likes me any better than you at the moment."

"That's not what I was talking about, but thanks for bringing up my finest hour," Nate said sarcastically. "And you know how Blair feels about you. She's just waiting for you to make a move."

"No, I think she'll make a move first. The move where she moves to slap me," Chuck said spitefully. No one, no matter how much they thought they did, had any idea how much he was completely in love with Blair. But things that had transpired between them last winter were still a little painful.

He had heard from Nate that Serena told him that Blair had completely forgiven him, but Chuck was always deathly afraid of rejection from Blair. He wished he had the courage to tell her that he loved her desperately. However, Chuck just wasn't the spout out your emotions type. He knew Blair wasn't either. No matter how much she was perceived to be the perfect image and used to have the perfect boyfriend and perfect relationship, Blair was as much afraid of feelings as he was.

"You seemed to like that last night," Nate mused. Chuck sighed. That night was a mistake. The incompetent waiter had just spilled vodka all over his purple silk shirt. He was looking down, trying to clean it off, while walking (not a great idea in retrospect), when the same incompetent waiter had knocked into him while trying to serve someone else.

Blair had just gotten up from the bar when Chuck was knocked into her. His hands flew out instinctively to catch himself. However, they grasped her waist instead. He hadn't seen her face at first but felt her hands against his chest. He looked up as she shoved him away from her. He couldn't help but smirking. It was the first contact they had made the whole trip.

But now Chuck wasn't so sure. He would never admit it, but he was insanely nervous. The last time he had seen Blair in a swim suit was last summer when she had come back on the Jitney. She was wearing a green one piece. Normally, he would vouch for as much bare skin as possible, but she made everything work. She looked extremely sexy… while successfully making him jealous. That bitch.

Chuck looked up to see that Nate was grinning at Chuck's silence. He glared at Nate, silently.

"Thanks, man," Nate accepted the silent gesture. Chuck cursed himself for his weakness.

Chuck didn't understand why they had to be in such an enclosed space. He had assumed that they would be in the pool, or something. He actually hadn't intended on even going in. Well… his hormones had become too much for him to handle. Damn bitch. She looked good in anything and everything.

Chuck really didn't see style or color when it came to Blair. He saw how it hugged at her curves and the skin it exposed. Damn bitch. She knew his weakness.

Blair refused to look at Chuck at first. She felt more than mildly awkward exposed like this. She wasn't if she was trying to get him to see what he was missing. Blair wasn't even sure what game they were playing anymore.

She had to bring the most revealing bikini that she owned. She really hadn't planned on parading in front of Chuck with it on. She never really thought about it at all, when she should have. When she thought of this trip she just thought of him in the background. That's all she could muster. Thinking about him wasn't painful. Thinking about the future with him not in it was painful.

She knew that he wasn't going to propose or anything. She had given up on her dreams on her dream wedding as early as last summer, when she thought they would actually be together. She never expected Chuck to be the kind to commit. But she did think—she did know-- that he was it for her.

She didn't care if they never got married or had children. She just wanted him, wedding or no wedding. Family or just the two of them. So when she looked into the future and feared he wasn't the predominate player, she got scared. It physically pained her to think about it. So she didn't.

It was easier for Blair just to look at Chuck as he was now. And damn him, did he look good. She knew he never played any sports in high school. But there were other… curricular activities that kept him in shape. Chuck Bass had the most amazing core she had seen in her life. That might not be saying much, with only being with two guys, but she was confident Chuck would keep the top of the list.

Blair turned her away from the sickening smacking of the two best friends. She could feel her stomahc literally churning. She didn't care if she was being melodramatic.

She could tell Chuck wasn't enjoying it as much as she was. Maybe that's why she could see Chuck staring at her out of the corner of her eye. No matter how much she tried to convince herself that it was flattering, it was weird how his eyes just seemed to absorb the knowledge of her every move. She wished he would stop. But she knew is he did, she would feel dejected. She hated these emotions. They were so confusing.

Chuck smirked. He hadn't smiled the entire vacation besides the first time she had touched him for months, even if it was pushing him away. It was amazing how Blair could always bring out the best in him. She could always bring out the joy that he thought was dormant inside his body. He thought he was pure indifference. He was wrong.

Chuck watched Blair try to casually avert her eyes from the show that Nate and Serena were putting on. He knew it wasn't because it might remind her of a certain wedding sophomore year. It was just poor taste. Chuck only put on shows like that when he was trying to make Blair jealous. He didn't do that anymore. He was just biding his time. He wasn't going to coerce or manipulate her into being with him. If she was going to be with him, she was going to choose it. And she would damn well like it.

But that didn't mean he wasn't going to use his unfair tricks against her. He knew that she liked it when he got close to her, whispering in a low gravelly velvet seductive voice. He knew she liked it when he pressed close to her in the middle of a crowded room in the most inappropriate way.

He appealed to the darkness in her, something that no one else could access. There were parts of her that no one else could touch (and not meaning the innuendo, either.)

Chuck stretched out seductively, letting his bare legs trail towards Blair. She wasn't paying attention, but he saw her own legs subconsciously drift away. She was always on guard. She was always on guard except when she was with him. She would be with him soon enough.

Blair shifted uncomfortably. The last thing she wanted was to be in such an intimate environment with Chuck. She tried to ignore the water glistening down his chest as he breathed in and out. He looked bored. She could relate. And add disgusted to that list as well.

Nate and Serena whispered intimately to each other. Chuck wanted to bust out laughing when he saw Blair's eyes practically roll to the back of her head. And not in the good way.

"What time is it?" Blair asked impatiently. Chuck trained his eyes to hers. He hadn't thought it would be possible that someone didn't want to be here as much, if not more, than he did.

Blair saw Chuck had taken off his Rolex when they got in…. not that she was watching him. It was right behind him. He just kept looking at her. She hated how he made her feel so insecure every chance that he got.

Nate and Serena just kept whispering heatedly to each other. Chuck leaned back. She thought he was going to check the time but he just grabbed the scotch that he had laid next to his watch.

Chuck smirked at Blair's expectant eyes. He took a swig and swallowed as the liquid burned down his throat. Blair rolled her eyes at him this time.

"Oh, my god—what time is it?" Serena suddenly asked. Chuck smirked. He didn't have to look at Blair to see her reaction. Chuck picked up his Rolex and showed it to her.

Blair pursed her lips. Serena and Nate hurriedly grabbed a towel and left. Ew. She was not going to be going to Serena and her room that night. She was definitely not going to walk into that.

Blair hated that smile that Chuck was always sporting. She thrust her heel quickly into his shin. His eyes flashed amusedly to hers.

"Ow," he said pointedly.

"You are such a jerk," Blair snapped back.

"What?" Chuck asked innocently, placing his expensive watch out of the harm of the water. "Nothing can be as bad as…" Chuck nodded towards the leaving couple. Blair made an unmistakable sound of disgust in the back of her throat.

Chuck secretly didn't want to leave right now. Nate had always been the rule follower of the group. Now that Serena was with him, her antics had toned down somewhat. Maybe Chuck had the same effect on Blair. Maybe she liked breaking the rules since she had been with him. She wasn't making a move to leave, and he wanted to stay with her. But he wasn't about to relay that information to her.

Blair watched Chuck as he took another drink. He wasn't making a move to leave. Now that Serena and Nate were gone, she could actually enjoy herself… even if Chuck was there with her. Before she had ever been with Chuck, she never would have thought of breaking into the pool area after hours. Maybe he was having a bad influence over her. But she liked it.

"Ugh, I know," Blair agreed. "Damn disgusting."

"At least in public," Chuck hinted suggestively. Blair didn't have to ask. She knew he was thinking of the several occasions that they participated in the back of a limo. His limo.

Blair rolled her eyes but a small smile played across her lips. Chuck appraised her with his eyes. It was the first non volatile action she had made towards him all week.

The ends of her long dark hair swirled in the undulating waters. Damnit. Oh, what the hell, her hair was already wet. Blair sank her hair back in the water.

Chuck didn't know what game she was playing. She had sufficiently wounded his shin and he was sure he was going to have a bruise in the morning. But here she was, making him want her even more than he vowed himself that he wouldn't. Damn that bitch. The water ran down her sleek dark hair as she raised her head again.

"Blair Waldorf, getting her hair wet," Chuck smarmed. "I never thought I'd live to see the day."

"Shut up," Blair lashed as she leaned over towards him. Chuck had the sudden fight of flight response. What the hell was she doing? It would have been an act of aggression, but he wasn't sure.

She reached behind him where her martini lay raising her eyebrows at his sudden tenseness. Chuck relaxed. She just wanted her drink. She wasn't doing anything. But then why wasn't she going back to her side?

Blair brought her glass to her lips, still sitting next to Chuck. She was glad he didn't make a move when she reached over, she secretly feared about it. It's not like she didn't want it. That was the problem. If he made a move, she would not be able to control herself. Damn Basshole.

But she still didn't want to leave his side. She looked away from his smoldering eyes. If she ignored her obvious position, maybe he wouldn't address it. They were both playing the same game.

So they both just sat there, in close proximity, the same thing they both had been dreading when they came down there that night.

The last time both of them had been in anything that resembled this type of setting was the pool party when 2/3 of the junior class broke into the swim pool at school. Chuck threatened that he would tell Nate about them. Honestly, she secretly hoped that he would have. She wouldn't have to keep hiding everything, watch whatever she said all the time. And it was a slim shot that Chuck would ever have her after that incident, but she still hoped. Little did she know the events to follow that would lead her and Chuck to be thrown into the same situations frequently.

Blair sighed. This was boring, and there was nothing to talk about… or do. But she wasn't about to think about that… even if it was a very intriguing idea.

Chuck felt her breath against his neck. They were very close… closer than he thought they had been before. He didn't take that as a hint for anything, though. He was still going with his plan of biding his time… even if having her right here and now was a very intriguing idea.

Blair didn't know what had possessed her, but she leaned forward again. This time Chuck didn't stiffen. He took in her wide deep eyes. Her arm felt behind him. She was putting her drink back. It did occur to him that she didn't have to lay right where she found it. She chose to get closer to him. She chose him

Blair's heart began hammering in her chest. She was sure he could hear it. She couldn't break away from his captivating gaze. Her arm still lay behind him on the deck.

It was common knowledge to both Chuck and Blair that whatever they did could not be controlled. They could not be responsible for their own actions because when they were close like this, something chemical happened. Events in the past could support that.

That was why what happened next wasn't there fault. It wasn't planned. It was something chemical. They went in the exact same moment. They weren't sure who made the first move.

Lips crashed. Teeth gnashed. Nails broke through skin. Hands roamed. Their wet bodies collided together. Blair felt to her dismay and utter shock that she was practically in his lap. She did not plan this. She convinced herself that she did not want this.

Chuck's hands pressed to the small of her back, pushing her even closer to him. The already hot water suddenly turned searing. Blair shuddered from the sudden temperature increase inside of her own body.

Chuck felt her body tremor on top of his. He heard his own voice moan into her mouth. That was what killed it. If he could have just controlled himself, he would have still been with her. If he didn't show where this was leading, if he hadn't showed that he would do anything to be with her, it wouldn't have been a problem.

Blair pushed away on his slippery chest. His harsh breath coming through it, his eyes burning into hers. She wished her body hadn't responded without her consent. Now he knew how much she desired him. He held all the power. She had to leave.

She realized awkwardly that she was on top of him. They were both wearing so little it wouldn't take much for all of her self control to be lost.

Blair quickly leapt from her position to the deck to Chuck's dismay. He had driven her away again. He watched the water pour off of her body. He clenched his jaw. She spared him one backward glance and with towel in hand, she was gone.

Chuck leaned his head backwards against the deck and let a breath of anger out of his body. He drained what was left of his scotch. Damnit.