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Serena and Nate walked contentedly hand in hand. It was times like these that she really pitied Chuck and Blair. Not like she would ever relay that to them. There was something about pity that just set them both off.

She wished that they could just be with each other. It seemed so simple yet they seemed to make things so straightforward so incredibly complicated.

Serena looked up at the ship that loomed in front of them, approaching the dock with Nate.

"Where did Chuck say he was going?" Serena asked. When she last talked to Blair she had to admit, something was definitely off. She wasn't very adept at noticing those kinds of things, but Blair was the least high maintenance then she had ever been.

"I'm not sure," Nate said. "He just said he had to go do something."

"I really hope he wasn't being literal," Serena rolled her eyes. She had also noticed how her aptitude for innuendos had increased the longer she lived with Chuck.

"Didn't Blair say that she would meet us back at the dock?" Nate smiled. Serena looked around.

"She said she probably would but not to wait around if she didn't." Serena was getting worried. The more time passed, the more she starting thinking that Chuck and Blair were having something to do with it more than shopping.

Serena and Nate wandered through the halls of the yacht. It had been hours since they boarded and yet there was still no sign of the Devil and the Queen of the Upper East Side. Something was definitely noticeably wrong when the ship was set in motion.

"Maybe they just snuck on without anyone noticing," Nate suggested apprehensively. Serena wasn't about to buy it. Blair and Chuck were the most noticeable people she had ever met.

They stopped in front of the cabin that Chuck shared with Blair. The door was closed. Either they were indulging in some extra curricular activities or something was definitely up. Which it usually was. One of the workers passed them before Serena stopped him.

"Excuse me, sir," Serena reached out. "I don't know if we should be moving yet. The people in that cabin haven't boarded yet." The worker stopped and turned.

"You mean the occupants of the Bass cabin?" Nate rolled his eyes. Chuck always insisted on advertizing how well off he was. That meant paying for everything in his own name. "Mr. Bass called several hours ago to bring all their belongings off of the ship."

"What?" Serena asked in shock.

"Yes. A couple of hours after we docked we got a call to have everything moved to land." Everything. That meant Blair's as well. She was sure that this was Chuck's idea, considering that Blair didn't seem to be hiding anything. However, Blair was always well apt in deception.

"So they're gone?" Nate asked as they laid down on the bed in their cabin. Serena knew what was probably going on, but with Chuck and Blair, you never really knew. Her phone vibrated.

Serena flipped it open to her surprise, a text from Blair. No picture. Just a few words.

change of plans. c u back in the states

Serena flashed the text for Nate.

"So where are they?"

Blair pressed her hand against the warm glass overlooking the town. It was as beautiful as she imagined. She had been in Italy before, but not like this. Not like with his promises that she wished she had experienced before. Better late than never. She should be angry at him. But she couldn't. Not anymore. Not ever.

She hugged the sheet wrapped around her that probably left nothing to the imagination to the certain presence behind her. The heat that she could already feel radiating from his body.

She had done it again. With him. And this time, it was actually okay. She could actually see this going somewhere. She could actually see herself being with him. Because in so many words or less, she knew he loved her.

Especially since a certain crushed velvet box lay on the table, she knew what was happening. It should be frightening. She should want to run. But she didn't. Because she knew this wouldn't be happening today, tomorrow, or even 10 years from now. But someday, she knew she could really be one with this person. And not just in the physical sense. They had that down already.

His breath crashed into her ear as he stood behind her, equally as naked. This feels eerily familiar.

"I told you I wouldn't abandon you this time," he said confidently.

"Considering there wasn't a helipad for you to abandon me on, it's a lot easier this time," she retorted. She felt his hands skim down her back to her waist, turning her from the window to meet his eyes. She loved those eyes. She didn't want to go another day without seeing those eyes ever again. Somehow, that seemed like she wouldn't have to.

"Do you like it?" he smirked. Always the smug one.

"It's alright," she said nonchalantly.

"I'm sure you could get a better view of Tuscany from the bed," he hinted suggestively. She just rolled her eyes.

However, she was glad that she was finally here with him. She hadn't even chanced ever coming near this country after what happened last summer. Not that she had ever been giving the opportunity to, but she was still hurting and having some serious abandonment issues. Not anymore. Not when he was always by her side.

"You're not running this time?" she asked quietly. His brows furrowed at the serious turn this conversation had taken but his answer surprises her.

"Where would I go?" he asks almost sweetly. "All I've ever wanted is right here."

"Very smooth, Bass," Blair said in an attempt to protect her heart from anymore real damage.

"And for once it wasn't a line," Chuck said as he followed her to the bed. "The real question is are you?"

"I've been chasing you for so long, I wouldn't know how to," she teased. Her eyes lay on the box again. "Why do you carry that around with you?" Chuck followed her gaze. He looked down in his vulnerability. It was almost cute.

"It's the only thing I have of her," he confessed. "My father gave it to her and left it to me in his will. It's all I have."

"That's not true," Blair disagreed.

"Oh really?" he smirked. "So maybe you'll wear it someday."

"Your ego's showing, Bass," Blair said instead.

"Why?" he asked. "Was the Vanderbilt ring more impressive?"

Blair suppressed a shudder. It was nice at the time, but thinking back, that ring was ostentatious and tacky. Not to mention who grotesquely close she came to marrying a boring and dull witted Archibald (no offense, Serena) who she had absolutely no passion for.

"I just don't want you to get too full of yourself," Blair matched his smug look. "Things won't be as interesting anymore."

"Like we could ever be boring," he rolled his eyes.

"You're just too cocky," Blair replied.

"Oh?" he asked. "So when is that plan to just run off with a Tuscan local?"

"I didn't say that."

"You'll see," he said confidently. "You can't get enough of me. Soon, you'll be begging me to marry you."

"We're 18, Chuck," Blair said steadily.

"I never said you were rational."

"No, you're just too smug."

"It works for me," he shrugged unrepentantly.

He was right. It realy did. Apparently, so did his egotism. That was why she couldn't tell him she would be counting the years until he would let her be bound to him forever.