A/N: For all of you who have been kind enough to review I must speak now or for ever hold my peace. Though I appreciate the large amount of reviews on my works and I am entirely glad that you took the time to read my stories and that of course you enjoyed them I am really getting annoyed with receiving comments in the review sections of a certain story that have nothing to do with the current story I am writing! If you wish to leave a comment on the review second of a story please do so but please make sure the comment is about the story in which you are leaving the review!

As for Hoping for Bender and why I have currently removed this story, I have removed it because it was going nowhere and the current plot of it was ten times more farfetched then the original story Hope for Bender. As for Rain or Shine I never intended to do a sequel on that short story but I did leave it open for a possible follow up. I usually try to leave my stories opened ended so if I decided to write a equal I can. I make no promises on rain or shine since this was one story I did not intend to try and make a sequel for.

I plan to finish Empty Pockets, The Old Back Yard and The Phantom and the Angel first before I try to do a sequel on anything else.

So I apologize for the blunt crudity of this post and hope I have not offended any of my kinds reviewers or comment leavers. But for future reference I would appreciate it if you did not leave random comments in the reviews of stories that they have nothing to do with.


The Bitchy Author!