Her was nervous, terrified, and as his hands delved into his pocket for the eight millionth time to check that the little square box was there.

His relationship with Emily was nothing like his relationship with Haley. Unlike Haley, Emily made him want to come home to her, so much so that he probably ended up spending more time at her condo than at his apartment. So it had been an offhand comment about how he might as well move the rest of his stuff into her place and split her rent that had them moving in together. That had been eight months ago.

He'd found the ring on a case in Houston, Texas, and there had all of a sudden been no question. Aaron Hotchner was going to marry Emily Prentiss. Assuming she said 'yes' to his proposal that night.

Emily was much simpler than Haley had been, not caring about how fancy their dinners were or whether or not they were at the best restaurants in the DC area. Emily didn't expect to be lavished with gifts or attention and yet he called her constantly while away on cases, shooting her pictures of little things he though would amuse her. Like the one he'd sent her last week of Reid drooling against the seat of the plane. He was more in love with her than he'd ever been before.

Aaron had planned this night to perfect in all of its simple glory. The July weather was warm, balmy enough to forgo a sweater for an evening outside. And he'd actually used Dave's considerable power to pull some of this off.

"Everything okay?"

Aaron looked up to where the woman he loved was carefully and gracefully descending the stairs, the same way he could still remember on the day he'd met her. Black heels came first, then those legs, then the rest of her body and finally, the curls that made her look almost fragile and definitely feminine. "You're beautiful."

She blushed and smiled prettily. He'd discovered early that Emily actually didn't take praise and compliments well and even after two years, couldn't seem to absorb how often he lavished her with them. They were better than any tangible gift he could give her. "You look rather handsome yourself. Big plans tonight?"

"Just with you," he promised, liking her arm with his. He'd turned off his cell phone and was planning on leaving it in the condo and had snuck hers out of her purse while she was getting ready. Tonight, he was taking no chances.


"As I'll ever be." She knit his fingers with hers as he led the way, allowing her the thirty seconds it took to lock up. Then he was leading her downstairs, bypassing both of their cars and crossing the street to the little park that was there. The picnic blanket and basket were exactly where he'd instructed it to be and he grinned when Emily gasped.

"We didn't have to get all dressed up for this," she said, even as her eyes sparkled.

"It's more fun this way," he replied. "Wine?"

"I cannot eat another bite," Emily exclaimed almost an hour later. "Who made this?"

"Mama Rossi, or so the rumour goes."

She smiled indulgently. "You called in your team! This really is special."

It was about to get better as she stretched out beside him on the blanket, cuddling into his side after they'd eaten. He breathed her in slowly, revelling in the feeling of her against him. Almost three years ago, he'd made a terrible mistake that almost cost him the fun, dynamic woman beside him, the one person that continued to keep him guessing from one day to the next, the one woman he wanted to marry. And it was with that conviction that he reached into his pocket for the ring box.


Her eyes were closed, her ear pressed against his heart. It was her favourite way to relax, letting his heartbeat lull her to sleep. "Mmhmm?"

"I have a question for you."

Her eyes blinked open sleepily as she looked up at him. "What is it?"

"Marry me."

She was up like a shot, looking down at him with her mouth open. "Say it again."

"Emily Prentiss," he began, a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. "Will you marry me?"

She let out a sound akin to a squeal before launching herself at him. It took him a few minutes to make out her squeals of 'yes' among her excitement, but when he did, he managed to get her up and pull the ring from it's case. The white-gold band fit perfectly and he actually admired his ring on her finger for a moment, before pulling her down to kiss him.

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