Chapter Four

I hate liars.

When I woke up, I woke up to the smell of coffee. I opened my eyes. I felt groggy and worn out. My surroundings were familiar. I was in my room. My mother knocked lightly on the door.

"April? Are you awake?"

"Yes." That was all I could squeeze out.

"Oh thank God" she burst into the room and gave me a tight hug


"Yes April?"


She let go of me. I gasped for air. She smiled at me.

"Why didn't you come home straight away yesterday! You could have had concussion! You silly girl!" In actual fact I wished I had come home yesterday, at least I wouldn't of had that humiliating confrontation.

"I was fine mum, just a little dizzy."

"Well, at least your alright now. That fine gentlemen that brought you home yesterday. Does he go to your school?" She'd lost me.

"What fine gentleman?" I lifted myself up and leaned back on my elbows.

"He brought you home. He said his name was Zach He was very do know him dont you?" Zach brought me home? But why?

"Yeah of course, we're friends." I smiled nervously.

"Okay then, well here I brought you breakfast in bed" She pointed to the tray that was resting on the bedside cabinet, it had a plate with two pieces of toast on it and a glass of orange juice. My favourite. I like things simple. Its just who I am. "Thanks" I smiled at her then sat up in bed and put the tray carefully on my lap. I took a bite out of the toast and put the tray back on the bedside cabinet.

"Well Im going to go downstairs, call me if you need anything"

"Sure, thing. Thanks again" I gave her a full works smile. Teeth and everything.

"Its so great to see you back to your old self April. Phoenix would be happy to see you like this too" She smiled and walked out of the room.

I smiled to myself.

"Yeah I think he would" it didn't hurt to think about him anymore.

Which meant I could think about him all the time.

* * *

Right up until I got to school, I had totally forgotten about yesterdays ordeal. It was only when Elle walked past that i remembered, she shot a terrifying look at me. Charlie hurried to my side.

"Oh my God, im so sorry, I heard about what that cow Andrea did"

I gave him a weak smile.

"Its okay. She got what she wanted. Zach."

I grimaced.

"And humiliating me in front of everyone"

"Don't worry, ill get her back!" He spat out.

"No! Please. Leave it. She's not worth anything."

"Okay, if you say so." He smiled at me and put his hand on my shoulder.

We walked into math and sat at our table. Andrea was whispering and snickering. I tried to listen to what she was saying but it was just too quiet.

I could only make out. "A plan…pain…me and Zach…cant say anymore." I gave up and put my hands up to my face. Zach and Logan were absent from school and I felt relieved I didn't have to see the look of disgust on their faces again.

In the hallway, Elle slowed her pace down, until she was walking next to me.

"Look, Andrea was lying I know that now."

"Okay." I kept walking.

"So, do you want to hang out after school, go for a walk in the forest? Please it will make me feel better." I glanced at her and her eyes glistened. I couldn't bring myself to say no.

"Oh. Urm. Okay, sure" I smiled nervously. She smiled her brilliant smile, and skipped away, it looked like she was dancing. Every move she made was graceful and enchanting. I watched her, until she disappeared out of my sight. I felt better already. Andrea's lies were uncovered and now she was the hated one. It made me happy. Bad as it sounds.

After school, I scanned the car park for Elle, I finally found her leaning against the beautiful Range Rover.

"Hop in" she said.

"I thought we were taking a walk through the forest?"

"We are, this will take us to the forest" She climbed into the drivers seat and put the key in the ignition. I scrambled onto the passengers seat and fastened my seatbelt. She turned on the engine, and we were flying. The forest was at least 30 minutes away from my house, even further from school, but we arrived at the mouth of the forest, within 10 minutes. It was a quiet ride, so I was eager to get out of the car. She hopped out of the car after I did, and pushed a button on her set of keys, that locked the car. Beep-click!

"Okay lets go!" she walked way ahead of me.

"Hold up, ill get lost." I swore I heard her whisper "good" but I ignored my instinct. We were walking through tree after tree. It all looked the same to me. But Elle seemed to know where she was going, so I trusted her and that surprised me. We were walking for what felt like hours till my legs gave in.

"Please, Elle. Where are we going? Or can you at least talk! Please!" I pleaded at her.

"Don't worry. We're here." I looked around, like I said it all looked the same to me.

"You know, bringing you here was easier than I thought…April Crawford…So…Gullible" What was she saying?

"What do you mean? I thought you said you knew Andrea was lying? I thought we were coming here because we were...friends now."

"April, April, April. See what I mean? Gullible. But you came right into my hands, I didn't need to put on a show, i didnt need to lie...much, and April honey we could n-ever be friends." She grinned at herself, and patted her shoulder.

"So what do you want? Why bring me here?" My palms started to get sweaty, I rubbed them on the back of my jeans, I knew Elle wanted to inflict pain on me. From the day they started at this school i knew there was something else to Elle,Logan and Zach. They felt dangerous and mysterious. There was something missing, and i felt i was about to find out what that was.

"Oh I had a plan in mind." Then this afternoons lesson came into my mind. Andrea was whispering something she said something about "A plan…Pain…cant say anymore" what was she going to murder me?

"So what, what are you going to do? Kill me?" I laughed.

She laughed with me, so i must be overreacting.

"Oh April…yes actually that's exactly it." She snarled.

It wasn't something a human would do. More like an animal.

"you see theres things you don't know. About me, Logan, Zach and so on…"

"What don't I know?"

"Oh you will find out soon enough" her lips bared over her teeth, I'd never seen her teeth like this before. They were the same pearly white colour, all straight, but now they were sharply cut. I guess id never paid much attention to her teeth. They reminded me of fangs. They must be fake.

"Is this some sort of joke? What's with the fang like teeth?"

She chuckled.

"These?" she pointed to her sharp teeth.

"these are all natural baby."

I gulped. But tried to make a joke out of the situation,

"Ha-ha. So what are you a "vampire"…what are you going to eat me?"

She was dead serious.

"No, no. Im just going to suck your blood and you know maybe kill you in the process. Your scent its so…how should I put it? …mouth-watering." she smiled at me.

"You don't know how hard it is, for me Logan and Zach! Your scent over powers any other. Its so tempting. Your driving Zach insane. It's a good thing we're "vegetarian" and we have good self control."

"I don't understand"I said pushing my brows together.

"Look, to cut a long story short. We are vampires. We live of off animal blood. Not human blood, so i guess we are vegans in that sense. Forget all the myths you've heard. Its nothing like that! We do have special powers and abilities however."

She took a step towards me, and I took a step back.

"For example, All my family, have amazing running abilities, we can run faster than an Olympic gold medallist, in fact they are slow compared to us. Me? I can speak to people through thought. But not everybody. Just people part of our coven. don't get confused." sure now she says that. "Zach can see and hear through walls, which in most cases comes in handy. Logan can see into the future. But he can only see into the future if something bad is going to happen, so for example, if someone wants to kill us he can see it."

She laughed then.

"Shame you don't have that ability huh?"

"I don't believe you!" This wasn't a lie though, and I knew it. This wasn't just some stupid prank. It was real. Zach, Logan and Elle they were immortal, i think i already had that instinct myself, but as it sounded so foolish i had chucked it to the back of my mind. But I couldn't let myself believe it. No! vampires are not real. Didn't they only come out at night? Oh right Myth, wait no it doesn't matter if thats a myth because vampires do not exist, Zach, beautiful Zach did not want to kill me, sure he's not the biggest fan of mine but he's not a bloodsucker. I took two steps back. I stared at Elle who was standing a few feet away from me, next thing I knew she was right behind me. Her lips next to my neck. She snarled. A shiver crept down my spine.

"You scared?" she laughed. I didn't speak. I was frozen. I was hopeless. Even if I tried to run, I would get no-where, we were deep in the forest and Elle was much too fast for me. Wait, no I didn't believe it. Its just a dream. Just a prank. Your being Punk'd April! Ashton? Where are you? The surface of her teeth brushed against my neck.

"Shame really, April. Your such a pretty girl. You just picked the wrong boy to go after."

I decided i would take my chances, i ran in the opposite direction of Elle, just wanting to get away, my legs had never moved so fast in my life, but it was no use. Elle had already pushed me to the ground, i sat up slowly, looking at Elle, she was crouched by my feet, teeth bared. She took a step towards me. This was it, im going to die here!

A blurry sillouhette that was running at the speed of light, pushed her away from me. I gasped and held my throat with both my hands. Elle disappeared instantly, and I was left alone.

"Hello! ELLE!?" I slowly got up onto my feet and turned around slowly, my bottom lip quivering. There he was. Zach. Leaning on the tree opposite me, so casually yet so serious. Frozen. His pale ivory skin, was paler than ever. His eyes were solid black pebbles staring at me, and his lips were pressed together in a hard line, they were purple. I walked towards him, till we were only one feet apart. I lifted up my hand as if to touch him but, afraid, I let it drop again. I was lost for words. "Is it true?" My gaze was locked on something over his shoulder. He looked down at his hands.

"Yes." he whispered, so quiet I almost didn't hear it. "You were never meant to find out, this could ruin my whole family, its in your hands. Can you let me explain? Please..." But I stopped listening. I let out one single chuckle.

"Shut the hell up! Please stop! Now! Just stop!" I shouted, i couldn't take it anymore, i was still trying to digest the current happenings i couldn't handle another load of stories.

"Why don't you?" he said, his velvet voice sounded like a harmony of choirs.

"Make me!" I snapped back.

"Maybe I will." I could see his lips twitching, holding back a smile.

He thought this was a joke, he was enjoying this! "Well go on then!" I yelled

"Fine!" He shouted at me.

Fury boiled up inside me, he had just changed my life forever, well his sister did well both of them, actually all of them, and he expects me to be okay with it?

"Im wait!-" he didn't let me finish, he crashed his lips against mine. Our lips were interlocked. Moving in motion to each other. His lips were just right, just as I'd imagine. I could feel him smiling under the kiss. I knew it was wrong, I knew I should stop but I couldn't. It was like he was a magnet pulling me towards him. I wanted to trust him but I couldn't. I pushed at his shoulders, trying to get him off me, but he wouldn't budge. I was too weak. I gave in and dropped my arms by my side. He slipped his hands into my back pockets and pulled me close into his cold, perfect torso, even through my hooded jumper I could feel the contours of his chest. I shivered, and with all his force he pushed me away from him. This was good, he stopped before i had to get serious and get ANGRY APRIL! on his ass...yes i heard it, and yes i realise how stupid it sounded. Suddenly the floor wasn't underneath me anymore, i was flying and i was falling face first onto the forest floor, i could see all the sharp twigs sticking upwards ready to dig into me. But he saved me, he slipped himself underneath me and held me upwards. His eyes locked onto mine. I scrambled to my feet but he caught my wrist holding it tight.

"No, please. Don't go." He pleaded at me. What was he doing?

"Let go of me" I tugged at my wrist. Surprisingly he let go and I faced my back to him and started to take a step away from him.

Then he caught me by my waist, and pulled me close into him. We fit like two pieces of a puzzle. I tried to pull away but i was frozen, i didnt know what to do. Memories of Elle came back into my head, her by my neck...what the hell was he doing?! Was he trying to persuade me into believing his story? No! there were no such thing as vampires! I must have idiot written across my forehead. But I was split.
Half of me wanted to believe him, trust him. But the other half was tugging at me pulling me away from him, telling me not to believe him.

Eventually, I pulled away and this time he caught both my wrists.

"Let go of me!" I screamed, he was going to kill me, this must of been their plans! Evil vampire people!

"Please don't go. Please, this is what I need?" I bet this is what you need, i bet i have food written all over me.I gazed into his golden eyes, and I could see into the depths of his soul. But my other half won.

"Let go of me you vampire freak! I dont taste good ALRIGHT?!" Oh no. That was the wrong thing to say, but I couldn't take it back now. He released my wrists and let me go. What? He let me go? Hmm. Take this oppurtunity. Run!

Sorrow filled his gorgeous eyes, and I saw the pain my words had caused, i obviously taste delicious to him. What the hell! Get out of there APRIL!

"Okay. Im sorry. that's fine. Leave..."He whispered. The sun appeared in the sky, and shone down on us. His skin was, glimmering. He looked like a statue although still beautiful as ever. I was mesmerized again, he had that effect on people. He continued.

"I know what you've been through alot the past year, with Pheonix and all, but listen the only reason we moved here was because of you! Only Logan knows that though, Elle doesn't and thats why she nearly killed you..." He rambled on and he wasn't making any sense but one word caught me off guard.

"Pheonix...How did you know about Pheonix?" I whispered cutting in, the aching began once more. He looked down, not answering me. Right, angry april was definitely ready to appear.

"If you just moved here...How do you know about Pheonix!?"I yelled.

A look of anguish covered his face, suddenly flashbacks of Pheonix's death entered my mind.

The police finding him in the forest, unusual scars on him, his body was severed, couldn't find the murderer, all the newspaper headlines, and then suddenly it hit me. I had an epiphany, and i looked over to Zach, his eyes looking into mine. Our pain being exchanged into each other. A single tear dropped onto my cheek and slithered off of my chin.

"You." Was all i said. I was feeling mixed emotions. I was so angry and i was going crazy, but all the pain that had gone for the past week because of Zach, rushed back into me also because of him, i felt the agony of losing Pheonix once more. As if it had just happened. I wanted to shout, cry and punch things. But i couldn't. Zach was right infront of me, but i couldnt even look at him, let alone shout, or punch him. I turned myself around as tears rolled down my face so my back was to Zach and i walked away. I could hear his footsteps behind me, he touched my arm. I yanked my arm away.

"You!..."I shouted, tears were now streaming down my face.

I ran as fast as I could running anyway, anywhere, just away from him, He didn't come after me, and part of me wished he did. I wanted him to fight for me, for some strange reason, but i could never look at him in the same way ever again.

I don't know how I got home but I was glad to be there. It was late when I got home. The sky was dark and starless. It was cold and chilly, my fingers were numb, and I could imagine my face red as a tomato. The living room light, was off. But the little red lamp, was turned on. I slowly walked over to the porch. My mother burst through the front door, flinging her arms around me. "Where have you been!? Thank God your alright." Her hug was very tight and I could hardly breathe, but I didn't complain. "Im sorry, I went to Urm…Hang out with a few girlfriends" I winced at the memory of what had really happened from behind mums shoulder. She let go of me.

"Well, next time call me. Or find some way to notify me, Come on April we are living in the 21st century" she huffed and walked inside. I followed behind her. The warmth from the house, felt so good against my ice, cold face. I cupped my hands, put them over my mouth, and breathed deeply into my hands. I let my bag drop to the floor, and I rushed up the stairs. I plodded to my door, and opened the door slowly. It creaked, I really need a new door. When I walked in, i just stared into thin air, i shut the door and slammed myself back on the door, i started to cry as i slid down slowly, to sit on the floor. I cried myself to sleep that night, exept i didnt sleep, i just cried.

Poor A. Can things get any worse? What does this mean now, for Zach and April? Lets just wait and see, XOXO.