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Bella and I spend the whole day in that hotel room, making love for a large chunk of that time. I love that girl, I really do.

When the sun sets again, we get up and get dressed. We both thank whatever higher power that is looking out for us that our clothes are still intact, if somewhat wrinkled.

We pay and check out, and then get into Carlisle's Mercedes and head home. I wonder if he needed his car today. Whoops.

We drive in relative, comfortable silence, with our hands clutched together. We make it home in decent time.

I pull the Mercedes into the garage. Bella flashes me a beautiful grin that makes my knees quake a bit. "Rose is going to absolutely interrogate us," she says, "And Emmett's never going to let up on the teasing."

I shrug, willing to pay the price for last night and today.

We walk inside, still hand in hand, to find the family pouring over maps in the front room.

"Scotland could be nice," Esme wheedles.

"But Alaska has bears," Emmett complains.

"I say Alaska," I butt in. "It does have the best hunting options."

Carlisle sighs. "Alaska it is, then."

Bella is feeling confused.

"When, Carlisle?" I ask.

"The day after tomorrow," he says, "I have to sort out some things at the hospital."

I nod. "C'mon, Bella, let's take a walk," I say. "We'll be back later," I tell the others. Esme nods.

We jump the river, landing in the woods.

We walk quietly through the forest.

"Bella," I say, breaking the silence, "We're moving to Alaska the day after tomorrow."

It all makes sense to her now. I can feel the overwhelming sadness.

"What?" I ask her, gently tilting her chin up so she's looking in my eyes.

"Charlie," she whispers.

"Oh," I say, mentally smacking myself for not realizing it sooner.

"I wish I said goodbye," she tells me. "I just… went to the Mansion and never came home."

"Would you like to say goodbye?" I ask her.

And, without waiting for an answer, I pull her onto my back and run her to her old home.

I skid to a stop, and jump up to Charlie's window. I know this house like clockwork. How many nights had Edward had us patrolling outside?

I gently pry open the window, and silently swing inside, Bella still on my back. Don't think I don't notice her legs wrapped around me like that. I do. Oh, you can bet your ass I do.

She slides off.

"Go tell him," I say, "I'm going to stand in the hall."

"I can't!" she hisses. "I can't scare him; I'm dead!"

"People see the dead in their sleep all the time, Isabella," I remind her. "He'll think it was just a dream. But you should tell him goodbye, either way." With that, I unobtrusively walk out into the hallway.

Bella's POV (Briefly, for a heart-wrenching moment)

I lean over and gently shake Charlie awake. The smell is intoxicating and I want to eat him so bad. But I refrain, thinking of Jasper, once again. He killed people he didn't even know, and look how it has hurt him. How would I feel if I killed Charlie?

"Charlie," I whisper as his eyes blink open.

"Bells?" he mumbles.

I smile a little. It's so good to hear his voice. "Yeah, Dad, it's me."

"I thought…" he says, trailing off, his eyes watering.

"I thought you were dead," he says quietly.

"I am, Dad," I say softly.

"I miss you, Bella," he says.

My throat tightens, and not from thirst. "I miss you, too, Dad."

He's crying a bit now. "What am I going to do without you, Bells?"

I smile a bit. "God, don't try to cook," I say, and I even manage to get him to smile a little bit. "Dad, go talk to Sue. She'll make you happy," I tell him.

He smiles at me.

"Can you stay?" he asks.

I shake my head. "No, Dad. I'm sorry."

"Will you come back?"

"I… I don't know," I say. "Maybe someday."

He looks sad again. "I'm sure going to miss you, kid."

"Me too, Dad. Always," I tell him.

He stands up and hugs me. I hold my breath, but hug him back.

"Bye, Bella," he whispers.

"Bye, Daddy," I say. I haven't called him Daddy since I was six, but his eyes tear up again at hearing it.

He sits back down in the bed, and he leans back and falls asleep. Just as his eyes close, the door opens and Jasper enters.

"Was that you?" I ask, gesturing to the sleeping Charlie.

He nods. He walks over and pulls me into a hug.

"Ready to leave, Darlin'?" he asks.

I take a deep breath and nod. "I'm ready."

Jasper's POV

"That one," Rosalie says, pointing at a very large, very glittery diamond ring.

I chuckle. "Rose, I don't know if you know this, but I'm proposing to Bella, not to you."

She sticks her tongue out at me.

It's the day after Bella and Charlie said goodbye. Emmett took Bella on a hunting trip in Canada to teach her the virtues of hunting bears. Esme is surveying the damage Bella and I did to the wall of our Canadian house, and then heading over to finish our new house in Alaska. Carlisle is finishing his last day at the hospital.

Rose and I remained very discreet in regards to our plans. Right now, we're at a jewelry store on Olympia, looking for a perfect engagement ring.

Rose has pointed out ten or so by now, but I've rejected every one of them. Too Rose-ish. Too modern. Too flashy. Too much like the one I gave Alice. Too much like the one Edward gave her.

Suddenly, I see it. Wordlessly, I tap Rose on the shoulder and point. Her eyes bug out a bit.

"That one," she says breathlessly.

I can't agree more.

We're all loading the U-Haul van, which would normally be sweaty, gross work for humans, is easy, simple work for us.

Once everything is loaded, Carlisle and Esme jump into the cab, having drawn the short straw and therefore being stuck with the old, slow truck. Emmett and Rose jump into Rose's convertible, and Emmett will run back later to get his jeep. Bella and I offer to bring up Carlisle's Mercedes, with the idea being that I'll come back for my Motorcycle another time.

Everyone pulls out of the Cullen driveway, softly whispering goodbye to our home of three years. Those three short years seem like forever ago.

As we drive north, I can't help but grin.

So much has happened in those three years.

A miracle entered our lives, going by the name of Bella Swan.

My wife cheated on me with my brother, who left poor Bella broken.

Bella and I fell in love.

And, now, I have a beautiful engagement ring in my pocket, which I hope to put on the hand of an even more beautiful, stunning, mesmerizing, enthralling girl.

I hope with all by being that she will say yes, but I will understand if she does not. It wasn't so long ago that she was human, and time and forever meant something entirely different to her. I'll understand if all this still confuses her a bit.

She loves me, and I love her. I'm willing to wait forever for her to be ready to marry me.

After all, we have eternity.

As she turns to me and smiles, I can feel it, deep inside.

The explosion of emotions. The explosion of love.