Kurotsuchi Mayuri walked down the hallway of his division, sandals clicking angrily on the floor's stone tiles as he looked in past the open doors of the main laboratory, searching for Nemu. He had nearly passed the area reserved for data recording when he stopped suddenly, his attention totally fixed on what he saw seated at the nearest recording station. None of the devices had alerted him of Aizen's return to Soul Society, but somehow he was sitting there, the captain's haori a pale and shapeless form on the back of the chair as he sat, appearing to enter data into the computer, the set of his shoulders, the hair, even the movement to fix the earpiece of his glasses the same as it had been up until he had left Soul Society.

"You!" Mayuri shouted at him, not caring whether it was Aizen or an illusion, as his temper built, incensed by the thought that Aizen's arrogance would let him try to pass unnoticed in the Twelfth Division, right next to the very devices that were meant to detect the slightest hint of him or his reiatsu.

The typing figure jumped, turning quickly and going into a formal bow in one single fluid movement before they straightened to attention. She straightened, Mayuri realized, recognizing the face of Warigari Suiren as she stood, allowing closer inspection of the garment on the chair. Enough so that it was clear that is was a lab coat and not a haori.

"Ai, teicho"

Mayuri searched his mind frantically, trying to think of some reason to give her for the interruption before remembering the new eyepatch he had been meaning to test for Kenpachi after he had found Nemu and given her orders for the division with the captain's meeting this afternoon. Fishing it out, he thrust the package into the girl's hands.

"Here. Take this to the Eleventh Division, and this time make sure that Zaraki-teicho fills out all of the paperwork for it before you leave."

"Ai, teicho," she answered, tucking her glasses into the case tucked in the front of her shihakusho's kosode, bowed once more and left.

Mayuri continue walking, deciding to take his search for Nemu to the office and the filing cabinets of division records that were located there.