Sasuke grinned as he thought of what all he could do to his blonde dobe. Naruto had invited him over for a sleepover, and Sasuke gladly accepted. They now sat on the couch watching a movie, the whole time Sasuke inched his way closer and closer to Naruto. Naruto looked up with a gasp and blushed as he felt Sasuke's hand on his thigh.

"Sasuke, what're yo-" Sasuke cut him off by moving his hand to Naruto's crotch. Applying a bit of pressure, Sasuke heard him moan.

"Naruto," he whispered hotly in his ear. "You're nearly sixteen. Has anyone made you a man yet?"

Naruto gasped, silently cursing himself as his body began to react to Sasuke's touch. Seeing Naruto arch under his ministrations, Sasuke smirked as he removed the blonde's shirt. Going to his right nipple, Sasuke licked and nipped at it, pulling off Naruto's pants and underwear at the same time. Looking down, he saw what he was after… Naruto's erect member.

"Sasuke…" whined Naruto, eyes half-lipped and face flushed. "I.. I need more! Please…!"

The raven licked at the head of Naruto's need before plunging down on it. As Naruto thrust his hips, his length seemed to go deeper every time.

"Ah..! Sas-Sasuke! Get away… I'm s-so close..!"

Sasuke chuckled around his member, the vibrations making Naruto scream in pleasure. Luckily, he lived alone so no one would hear them.

"Ah! I'm.. I'm… gonna EXPLODE!" shrieked Naruto in pure ecstasy, his cum shooting into Sasuke's waiting mouth. After swallowing every drop, he made sure to lick his dobe clean. Standing up, Sasuke smirked at the blushing Naruto.

"Have fun?" Sasuke practically grinned, earning a weak nod from Naruto. "Want more, dobe?"

"H-hai!" whined Naruto. "Ah… T-teme… take me now… please!"

Licking his lips, Sasuke positioned himself at Naruto's entrance and slowly pushed in. At first, Naruto cried out in pain, but Sasuke started to gently rock his hips and grasped Naruto's member and pumped it in time with his thrusts, drowning out the pain.

"H-harder!" moaned Naruto, Sasuke happily obliging.

Before long, Sasuke's thrusts were erratic as he pounded the blonde into the couch. When Sasuke struck Naruto's sweet spot, he cried out a strangled yelp, releasing into Sasuke's hand. Soon Naruto's clenching pushed Sasuke over the edge.

After pulling out of Naruto with a soft plopping noise, Sasuke curled up against his lover, holding his hand and stroking his hair until they both drifted off to sleep.