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禁止されたユリ|금지된 백합|禁止的百合

The Forbidden Lily


Shichi. Il-Gop. Pito. Chi. Siete. Sette. Seven.

Seven Years. Sasuke never knew that such a simple and everyday number, would come in between him and her. He never really paid attention to Seven; after all, it was just a number and nothing more.




It was just another typical day in class for Sasuke Uchiha; doodling away on his supposedely 'notes' while his teacher's back was turned, writing down examples and problems on the white board. Taking in a deep sigh, Sasuke was now working on the background for his latest creation-- A killer snowman stuck in a snowglobe. Snickering at his drawing, Sasuke failed to feel the presence of his teacher infront of him, ruler in hand. Smacking the raven-haired teen on the head with the utensil, Mrs. Yuhi gave him a stare down.

"Mr. Uchiha, would you like to restate what I just said?"

Sasuke, making a face, nodded no and shoved the piece of paper in the back of his folder where all of his other drawings were. "No Mrs. Yuhi."

"And why is that?" Mrs. Yuhi stated in an aggravated tone.

"Because I wasn't paying attention." Having to go through with this everytime he was caught, Sasuke said exactly what she wanted to hear. Yes or no, and why. "Well then Mr. Uchiha, considering that your participation has been this way for the past few days, I suggest you come and see me after class. And that's an order." Smacking the teen again, Kurenai made her way back to her desk.

Already shrinking into his seat, Sasuke looked up at the ceiling with no feeling of surprise in his system. 'I wonder what she's gonna say this time...'


"As you can see Mr. Uchiha, because of your poor participation in this class, your grade has turned from a passing grade to a failing grade." Sasuke nodded annoyingly and started to stare off, thinking of more things he could draw when he gets back home.

Studying his actions and once again being aggravated with him, Mrs. Yuhi finally pulled out a form under a pile of papers beside her computer, giving it to Sasuke.

"Since you are not taking this class seriously nor showing an effort to, I have decided to give you a tutor."

Never hearing this before, Sasuke looked at his teacher with startled eyes. "W-Wait, what?"

"You've heard me correctly Sasuke. You will go to your tutors home every day after school for two hours. They will give you advice, walk you through steps on finishing your work as well as fixing your behavior." Mrs. Yuhi grinned at the reaction of her young student. Finally, she gave this boy something to do rather than drawing.

"What if I don't accept?" Sasuke fired back with a determined tone.

"Then you will fail my class and you will be at fault, not I. So I suggest you sign this form, or you will fail my class and 10th grade all together." While saying this, Kurenai held out a pen to Sasuke, waiting for him to make his choice.

Sighing in defeat, Sasuke finally took the pen and signed his name on the space. "When will I meet them Mrs. Yuhi?"

Gladly taking the signed paper, Kurenai took it to her fax machine and faxed it to a disclosed location. "They will be coming tomorrow before class. They will come in and monitor your behavior and will give me their decision."

Listening to Kurenai's words, Sasuke looked at her curiously. "You mean they have the decision whether they want to work with me or not?"

Mrs. Yuhi nodded and pointed to an empty seat at the back of the room. "They will sit there and they will determine whether they want to work for you or not. So I suggest you better be on your best behavior tomorrow Mr. Uchiha for it's your only hope for passing this class."

Sasuke nodded, finally being serious for a change and bowed down to his teacher. "I will not let you down Mrs. Yuhi!" and with that, Sasuke left his classroom, leaving a smiling teacher behind.


'I wonder who'll be teaching me...'

Walking down the city sidewalk from his school to his house, Sasuke started to ponder on his tutor tomorrow. 'Hopefully it won't be a pedophile or something.' Stopping in his tracks, Sasuke shivered at the thought of having a pedophile as his tutor. Having to go to their house everyday for two hours. 'Dear god, that better not happen. I'd rather fail a class then get raped in the ass by some pedophile'.

Sasuke's mind started to separate him from reality as he didn't sense a gang of boys were coming his way.

"Hey kid, got any money on ya?" Sasuke broke out from his thoughts and finally saw the three boys surrounding him. He wasn't gonna lie, Sasuke was scared shitless now.

"Oh look Ito, he's shaking." The one who was in front of Sasuke shoved him further down an alley behind him. "What a pussy, can't even say anything." All of a sudden all three boys started to hit and kick the helpless Uchiha. 'Oh god, please don't let me die here!!' Sasuke thought in his mind as a boy was attempting to hold him still while the other two took turns taking swings at this torso. "This is what happens to poor little pansys like you who can't even defend themselves!" At this point, blood was pouring out of the Uchiha's mouth while he could feel nothing after his collarbone. "You piece of shit!" Finally with one blow, one of the boys punched Sasuke at the side of the face, instantly knocking him out.

The one holding him back dropped him and now all three of them still started to kick him while he was down. Sasuke couldn't open his eyes; he didn't want to open his eyes. Feeling the pain is worse enough than seeing it.

But, then the kicking stopped and was later replaced by the hearing of punches and slams against the wall of the alley. "Who the hell are you bitch?!" Sasuke heard one of the boys say. With no response, what seemed to be the lifeless Uchiha then heard a loud scream coming from one of the boys and followed by the sound of fallen bodies on the ground.

'W-What happened just n-now..?' before thinking any further, Sasuke felt something on his kneck, which turned out to be two fingers with rubber gloves on them checking for his pulse. Then by surprise, he was carried to what seemed to be a sports bike. Shortly after he was placed on, a helmet was placed on him and another body sat on in front of him, bringing his hands around them for a tight lock. The body was slim and fit. 'Was it a woman who saved me..?'

"I see your still alive judging how your hands are holding on to themselves on their own." a husky voice told him. Sasuke listened and he tried his best to nod his head on the woman's back. "Well, I suggest you hold on tight then." and with that, he could feel the force of the motorcycle pushing against them as the wind whistled against his school uniform.

Slowly, Sasuke tried to open his eyes, and as he did so, he could see all the city lights going by very fast. The motions started to soothe Sasuke and then, his eyes went shut.

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