-Living In The Wealthy World-


Isabella Swan. The fortuitous girl who got everything her heart desired.

I'd grown up in a life of luxury. A life that those who could only dream of fell head over heels for. Limos, guards, sports cars, and mansions. All valuable. All worth their price. All worth it, for Charlie that is. Charlie Swan, the man who devoted his entire life to establishing a business that would bring pride to the entire Swan lineage. Unfortunately, there was another part of his life that seemed to miss the mark.

Charlie made up his absence throughout my childhood with expensive and grandiose gifts. For the longest time, they did their job with perfection. But soon I understood that it was Charlie's life. It was Charlie's money. And, at the end of the day, I wasn't Isabella Swan. I was 'Charlie's kid.'

And that is exactly where the discrepancy arose. Those who could not comprehend thought I was ungrateful. Those who could understand also believed I was ungrateful. Granted, the Swan lifestyle was one to envy. Yes, I drove a BMW. Yes, I could bribe my way into any college I desired. Yes, I wore high fashion. But at what price?

Although I appreciated everything Charlie had done for me and given me, by the time I was seventeen years old, I resolved that it wasn't Charlie's life I wanted for my future.

I wanted to ride bikes that I had spent summers working on with my friend Jake. I wanted to earn my way into college through merit, not money. I wanted to be able to leave the house in sweat pants and an over sized T-Shirt without seeing my face plastered on the covers of superficial gossip magazines. I wanted to be Isabella Swan.

My life as Isabella Swan began September 5th, 2005. I was taken from my own home in the dead of night as Charlie Swan's daughter, and somehow, I fell in love as Isabella Swan.

This is my story. Isabella Swan's story. On September 5th, 2005, he captured me, body and soul, and I fell in love,

with my kidnapper...