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Chapter 12


"My name's Edward."



Edward. Classic. Gentleman-like, except he was far from that. He was- the opposite of an Edward, if that were possible. Edward was suppose to be a sophisticated and brooding individual from the aristocratic society during the 1800's, this Edward was nothing like that. Sarcastic, rude, egotistical, and quite frankly- he seemed like the horny type. The kind of guy who was into kinky fuckery and what not. I shunned the thought. I had no intention of finding out, regardless of how charming he may look on the outside. I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn't confused as to why I even bothered passing witty banter back and forth with him; I wasn't the kind of person who backed down, and neither was he apparently. It should be a crime to be that good looking. People like him were suppose to be large and well- thug-like, for lack of a better word; he looked like he belonged next to Charlie on the cover of Forbes magazine. Jesus. I wonder how things would've turned out then.

He walked off into the other room a few minutes ago and I remained sitting on the couch. I slowly shifted so I was sitting sideways with my legs hanging off the arm chair away from the door. How many days were we even going stay in this cabin? Maybe if he'd give me some answers I would know. Even the one time he bothered telling me was after I figured it out for myself. The idea of seducing him came to mind before I realized how wonderful that worked out the last time. I could always try to and force the answers out of him, but now he knew that I wasn't as weak as he initially thought. I already tried running away. My options were running out, and I only had a handful. Maybe I could just be done with it and commit suicide-

My eyes shot open and suddenly an non-existent bulb lit up in my mind. Suicide. That was it. Ingenius Bella. I commended myself inwardly. I would have to wait until we left the cabin though, or else I'd be stuck in the middle of nowhere. But besides that minor issue, the pieces started to come together, and they seemed foolproof. I smiled in the midst of all the confusion and rested my head back. Suddenly pleased with myself, and hopeful that my plan wouldn't fail.


"Edward. My name is Edward," I muttered to myself.

What in the hell made me to say that? Smooth move Edward. She definitely knows where to start now when she heads to the cops, if she even makes it there. I laid back with my back on the bed, facing up at the ceiling. Isabella Swan was an absolute mystery, and I hated not knowing how to read her. I was suppose to know how to read everyone. It was my fucking job. It was why I was good at what I do. I groaned and rolled over, desperately wanting an advil. It was one thing I had forgotten to bring. I couldn't recall whether or not I had put it in Isabella's bag and peaked my eyes open to stare at her bag sitting across the room. Did I really want to go through her things? I considered it for a fraction of a second before walking over to her bag and zipping it open. I shifted through her things, my fingers lingering longer on the delicate pieces of lingerie.

With no luck, I threw her bag back in the corner and splashed my face with cold water, hoping to relieve some of the pain. Walking into the hall, I glanced into the living room to find Isabella fast asleep on the chair. Atleast some thing was working in my favor. I walked over to the kitchen cabinet and unlocked it, pulling out a black case. I wondered if anyone had found out she was missing yet. I debated on calling him to ask, but realized it was best if I could save the frustration of hearing his voice. There were only three needles left with five days still left to go. Did I really want to use it? Yes, yes I did. Isabella was still sleeping when I walked over to her and put her into a state of uncosciousness so I could continue the next few hours of our journey in peace. After unlocking the kitchen cabinet, I carefully slid the needle out of its pouch and tapped it twice before injecting it. Her head rolled to the side and I shook her slightly to double check.

With the long drive ahead of us, I buckled her in after making sure no traces were left behind. There was quite a distance to go before we crossed Idaho and into Montana, and the last thing I needed was an unecessary distraction. I pulled onto I-90, which was almost deserted in the late hours of the night, aside from a handful of cars every few miles. Isabella was in the front seat with her head resting against the door frame to look as though she was fast asleep. I turned on the radio and lowered the volume to make sure I could hear if any law enforcement was blocking exits. After about three hours, Isabella began to stir and the phone suddenly rang.


"Boss," I acknowledged.

"Where are you?"

"Crossed Idaho and heading into Montana," I answered, looking over to Bella.

"And the girl?" He questioned.

"She's fine. I put her out, but she's fine."

"Alright, I've secured a motel for the two of you. Get there by five or else-"

I didn't hear the rest of the statment because up ahead were flashing lights. "Fuck."

I threw the phone to the side and quickly pulled over onto the shoulder, debating what to do. In the back of my mind, I expected Swan to bulk up on security, but I still hoped he wouldn't. Obviously he wouldn't limit law enforcement to Washington boundaries. How was I suppose to cross over onto Montana? I reached over Isabella and pulled out the map stuffed in the dashboard. There had to be another way around. I looked over the map several times before having to admit that there was no possible way to get out of driving by. How the hell was I going to get through? I groaned and dropped my head against the steering wheel, debating my options endlessly. Every option led to a dead end or serious risk. Losing her would be my dead end, and I couldn't risk anything. It was then I opened my eyes and stared at the little lever at the bottom left corner of my seat. The trunk. I looked over to Isabella's stirring form. Could I?

I slowly set her down inside while keeping a look out for passing cars. The last thing I needed was anyone seeing what I was upto. My desperation had let me to this. It seemed like the only foolproof way to get through without any complications. I would take her, eventually. After passing by. What if she wakes up? My conscience interrupted my stream of thoughts. I paused for a moment, pondering the thought. What if she did wake up? She seemed smart enough to figure out where she would be. Not to say she wouldn't panic. I took a few seconds to form a quick prayer that she would keep quiet up until I passed security. Otherwise, it was game over. I pulled a waterbottle out of the bag in the backseat and set it next to her. Granted, it wasn't exactly a form of entertainment, at all, but nonetheless, if she got thirsty, she would have something. She mumbled something in her sleep and rolled her head to the side. Was I really going to do this? Yes, yes I was. I slided her to the back a bit farther before gently closing the trunk shut.

"Hello officer," I greeted. "What's going on?"

"ID," she held out her hand ignoring my question.

I pulled out whatever fake identification I was given and handed it to her. She glanced at it and back up at me, a scrutinizing look on her face. My fingers clenched the wheel and I could start to feel the tension set in. There was no way she could call the bluff. "One moment," she said walking up to the booth.

My eyes widened and I took a deep breath, telling myself it was just standard check. "Where are you going, boy?" She asked walking back to me.

"Family emergency in Montana," I lied smoothly.

She nodded her head in understanding and handed my ID back to me. "We're going to have to check your car, so if you could open the tru-"

My heart rate must have shot over the roof and I placed my foot directly above the accelerator, ready to make a run for it. "Mary, we need backup here! We think we have something!" the second officer suddenly called.

She turned to go over and I quickly stepped in before she walk away. "Excuse me ma'm, this really is an emergency. I have to get going," I reminded.

She looked between me and the flashing headlights on the opposite side of the highway. "Mary, what's going on here?"

A third officer walked up to the window. "Well hey there, honey," she greeted, flashing her pearly white smile. "Is there a problem?"

"No," I answered before Mary could open her mouth. "I just needed to get going, that's all. But she wants to search the car."

The blonde officer rose her brow in question. "I'm sure you're fine, sweetie," she winked jokingly. "You can go on ahead."

The breath I had been holding for God knows how long finally released and I smiled at her. "Thanks," I said, turning back to the windshield.

I pulled out and quickly accelerated the moment I was out of sight. "Almost had a fucking heart attack," I mumbled to myself.

About five miles down, I pulled over to the shoulder once again. Time to pull her highness out. I started walking to the back of the car and jingled the keys in my hand. I held down the button for the trunk and threw it open. It was at that point, things took a turn for the worst. A handful of ater splashed me in the face, temporarily cutting off my vision and I was suddenly pushed to the ground. My back hit the road before I could process anything and I saw a blurred figure fly over me, running the opposite way. "Help! Someone help!"

I shook my head and quickly jumped back up onto my feet, trying to gain a sense of what in the world just happened. It took a fraction of a second before I swirled around only to see Isabella's shrinking figure running the other way. Fuck.

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