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Mitchie and Caitlyn gasped as they stood outside their house, peering through their window.

What did they see? you might ask.

Well, they were going out to bars to relax and hang out but they didn't have their wallets.

And there in their house...

was Nate and Shane, boxer briefs and hairbrushes in their hands, singing "Living On A Prayer" and dancing like lunatics(Not that they didn't look like ones already).

"Mitchie, we gotta stay and watch this." Caitlyn snickers at Nate's curls bouncing around as he slid around on the wooden floor in his socks.

"I dunno, they look like lunatics." Mitchie hesitated.

"I know, let's go upstairs, change into pajama shorts and white tanktops!" Mitchie nodded at Caitlyn and silently slid through the door.

Caitlyn followed behind and they silently tip-toed up the steps, snickering silently.

"Take my hands, we'll make it I swear! WHOA-OH! Living on a prayer!" Shane sang, shaking his hair.

The song ended and on came Barbie Girl. They went nuts, singing along.

All of sudden, Mitchie and Caitlyn came down, sliding next to their boyfriends, singing along.

"I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world, life's fantastic when you're plastic!" Nate and Shane stopped suddenly and blushed to a blood red.

"Mitchie, Caitlyn, I know what this looks like but.." Shane paused, frowning. Mitchie smiled, stopping the CD player and twirling the brush she had in her hands. "Shane, Shane, Shane. I'm mad.." Shane cringed. "But not because you're dancing in your boxers," She winked at him and he grinned. "But because you didn't invite me and Caitlyn!

Caitlyn nodded. Nate looked suprised. "Really?" Caitlyn smirked. "Nate, I would take any chance to see you in your sexy boxers." He grinned then looked down at his boxers. "I am hot, ain't I?"

Caitlyn giggled. "You're not hot," Nate's smile faded. "You're burning up!" Nate smirked and flexed his muscles. "Only for you baby." Caitlyn frowned at the corniness and kissed him.

Mitchie gasped and turned on the song.

"BURNING UP, BURNING UP, FOR YOU BABY!" They all sang, shaking their heads and dancing around.

The song stopped and everyone turned to see Jason.

"GUYS, WHY DIDN'T YOU INVITE ME?! WAIT HERE, I'LL GO GRAB MY BOXERS!" He run up the stairs, tripping a few times.

"I wonder.." Caitlyn frowned and Nate chuckled. "How Jason got a key?" Caitlyn shook her head. "Do you guys do this everytime we're not here?" Nate and Shane exchanged looks and Caitlyn gasped. "NO WAY!"