Title: Broken

Rating: T (So far… It might climb to an M… I don't know. I wanna see if you guys like it first! Anyway… it kinda sucks when I put it at M. Then, technically, I am not allowed to read it myself .)

Summary: Something is up with Ziva and Tony makes it his mission to find out what and who…

Characters: Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, McGee, Natzchan Shalev

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Ziva walked out into the bullpen. She was the first there. She sat down at her desk and rested her forehead in her hands. She heard the lift's familiar 'ding.' She didn't look up. It was probably only Gibbs, and Gibbs might not notice her.

"Ziva?" A questioning voice asked. She looked up into the worried face of Tony DiNozzo.

"Yes?" She asked irritated.

"Ziva… Are you alright?" Tony asked, worriedly.

"I am fine." Ziva said coldly, and Tony eyed the slash across her forehead and the blood streak down her face."

"Ziva, what happened?" He asked, looking at her, slightly scared of her anger and feeling slightly sorry for her.

"Nothing happened, Tony. Why are you such a control geek?" Ziva asked and Tony rolled his eyes.

"Freak." He corrected.

"Whatever. Why do you need to know everything that happens in my life?" Tony sighed. Why did she have to be like this? They would have a much more stable 'dating life' if she actually told him what was going on occasionally.

"Ziva, honey. You have a long slash across your forehead. You have blood streaks down your face. Your clothes are dirty and –" Tony sniffed her. "You smell."

"Why thank you." Ziva said, sarcastically. "I feel like a donkey's butt."

"You do?" Tony smirked.

"Stupid American idioms." Ziva growled and Tony put his hands up in mock defeat.

"Ziva, sweet pea, I am not going to back down. What the HELL happened to you?"

"I am not a vegetable." Ziva informed Tony, and she was totally serious.

"Ziva, tell me what happened to you." Tony didn't know what to say. Flattery wasn't working, and neither was the irritated tactic. "Look, I'm worried. You're a mess. Please tell me, Ziva."

"It's nothing." Ziva closed her eyes and winced as a tear slid down her cheek and touched over some of the cuts on her face. Tony pulled her up from her seat, and for once Ziva did not protest. He took her arm and linked it through his, and supported her to a disabled bathroom. He damped a paper towel and dabbed gently at the blood streaks on her cheeks. Ziva tried not to wince; her father would not approve of weakness.

"You do not need to do this, Tony. I am fine." Ziva protested weakly, but made no move to make him stop.

"If you sit there with blood streaks down your face, I really think Gibbs might possibly notice. He isn't always a heartless git you know." Ziva chuckled and Tony smiled to see her smiling again.

"Thank you." Ziva murmured and Tony threw the blood stained towel in the bin. He pulled her to his chest and Ziva closed her eyes, feeling the pressure of Tony's head above hers.

"I'll do anything for you, honey." Tony joked and Ziva smiled into his shirt. She unfolded herself and stood straight.

"We should better get back." She told Tony, and began to make her way to the door, but Tony halted her by grabbing her wrist.

"Ziva." Was all he said, and he gently pulled her back. She turned and looked up into his eyes. Her mind flashed back to the case where they had to pretend to be a married couple. He mind ran over the details, remembering the 'seduction,' the intrigue and the end result. She smiled at the memories. She tilted her head back and Tony stared into her face. So pretty… He leant down and their lips met. Ziva closed her eyes and Tony did the same. Ziva's arms snaked around Tony's waist, pulling him closer. She felt his tongue enter her mouth and she sighed. After a while, when her mind had gone blank, Tony gently pulled away.

"The others should be getting here soon." He whispered to her, and she sighed.

"You are always good at spoiling the moment, are you not?" Tony chuckled and kissed her quickly on the lips before taking her hand and pulling her out of the bathroom. The made their way back to the bullpen. Ziva glanced at the clock on the wall. Everyone else would probably arrive in five or ten minutes. She informed Tony of this, and he agreed. He still had one question he wanted to answer to. He sat down on Ziva's chair and she glared at him. He snickered and pulled her down onto his knee.

"Ziva… Please tell me what happened. Who hurt you?" Ziva frowned. Tony could always ruin the moment.

"Tony –" She protested but he silenced her with a finger on her lips.

"Please?" He begged, gazing into her dark brown eyes. He didn't understand. Normally he would have been teasing Ziva for someone getting her, but today seemed different… Ziva seemed broken. Hurt, and broken. He didn't like to see her like this. She seemed vulnerable. Ziva sighed and bit her lip. Could she trust him?

"I can handle the truth." Tony said, and Ziva glanced down at the floor then back at his face. His eyes reflected honesty, but she could never be sure with him.

"Natzchan." Ziva murmured. Tony blinked, confusedly.

"Natzchan?" He asked. "Who is Natzchan? Ex-boyfriend? Ex-work mate?"

"I cannot say. He kills." Ziva said, lifting her chin in defiance.

"So do you." Tony pointed out and Ziva frowned.

"Natzchan Shalev. I knew him in Israel."

"No way." Tony said, sarcastically. "The name didn't give me any hints."

"Be quiet." Ziva told him.

"OW!" Tony cried and he felt a very Gibbs-like head slap come his way. He turned round to face Gibbs.

"Stop irritating Ziva." Gibbs told him, and Tony blinked. Ziva smirked and Tony walked numbly back to his seat. Throughout the day Tony stole glances at Ziva. Ziva had no idea that Tony get checking on her every few minutes, and Tony had no idea that Ziva was glancing at him every so often too. It was only when McGee pointed this out that they realized.

"I was not looking at Tony!" Ziva protested.

"I was not looking at Ziva!" Tony protested simultaneously. McGee laughed.

"Whatever, lovebirds." Tony and Ziva both glared at him and McGee quickly backed down. "Whatever, whatever. Say what you want, I know what I saw."

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