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Chapter 20: Family for Dinner pt2

All week Bella had been really nervous, I wasn't sure if she was nervous of my family or hers though. She seemed to think that something terrible or embarrassing (or terribly embarrassing) would occur. I wasn't really nervous at all, my parents already liked Bella, a fact which she seemed to be unaware of since she'd felt the need to ask me one day, "Edward…do your parents think I'm a…floozy?"

Obviously she was still highly ashamed of the way we had been discovered by my mother on their first meeting.

Of course I was extremely shocked that she had come to such a conclusion and told her the truth. That my parents were almost just as charmed by her as I was and that they could under no circumstances ever think something like that of my Bella. After all, I'd never met a girl who was as lady like as Bella. That's not to say she wasn't passionate…because she was…damn straight she was…really, really, really passionate…

And I certainly liked that side of her too.

But back to the point! While she had been worrying the week away, I had thoroughly enjoyed it. Bella had managed to charm the office administrators into letting her swap some of her subjects so that she was now in most of my classes. Also, every day after school she would come over to my house to hang out with me, sometimes my mom was there but oftentimes it would just be the two of us. And during the time that we had alone she would shower me with so much love and affection that I couldn't doubt her feelings for me, though I was still dubious as to how someone as beautiful and amazing could love an average guy like me.

Bella would always find some way to excuse herself from dinner when my parents got home, though she would sit and talk to them for a while. Then she would make a show of leaving, kissing me tenderly goodnight on the doorstep, but a few hours later I would find her waiting in my room for me. I loved that time of the day best because Bella would stay with me all night, and though at some point I would fall asleep, I could still feel her there with me. Feel the pure power of her love enveloping me and I would sleep like I'd never slept before.

During the week I'd also discovered a lot about the careful boundaries Bella had drawn up, rather reluctantly, around our physical relationship. I was personally quite happy to simply hold her in my arms and kiss her for as long as she would let me, but Bella…Bella was insatiable, it seemed that while she had gotten over her blood lust, she was finding it even more difficult to fight this other kind. She would start off kissing me softly, gently, almost painfully careful with her every movement but as soon as I began to respond with any kind of feeling, she seemed to become almost frenzied.

Not that I minded.

But Bella was extremely concerned about that, her lack of self control. So she told me, since I apparently had more self control, that I was supposed to stop her if I noticed things getting out of hand. I took 'getting out of hand' to mean 'if she was hurting me'. Which, thus far, she hadn't, so I didn't see the problem with letting things…carry on a bit. The way I saw it Bella deserved to let go a little, after all, she'd spent so many years alone with a family that was all coupled off apart from her. I hated that she had to constantly be worried about if her hands were pulling my hair too hard or if her teeth had grazed my lips.

I didn't like to be weaker, I didn't like to be softer and I especially didn't want her to protect me. It was more than a little emasculating. Bella tried to understand, she really did, but she was adamant about being careful with me.

Nothing, she said, especially not her own pleasure, would she allow to harm me.

See what I meant?


I wanted to be the one that protected her!

But no, I was stuck being weak, soft and human. I didn't want that anymore, I wanted to be like her, but I didn't dare mention anything of the sort. I got the feeling Bella wouldn't take that kind of pronouncement lightly.


On Friday morning I woke early, my dream still clear in my mind. The dream wasn't visual really; it was the music, the complex, layered, beautiful lullaby that still echoed clear in my head. I knew I needed to get it out, to play it before it vanished.

I went downstairs, striding quickly and purposefully to my piano. Tentatively I touched one of the keys; almost reverently I touched another, then another, until the soft melody filled the air around me. The lullaby was bitter sweet, filled with joy and happiness but in it was a hint of melancholy. The lullaby made me think of love and of loneliness; I seemed to be drawing the melody from somewhere deep inside me. It made my heart ache and tears prick in my eyes. I was drowning in the music, I was baring my soul with this music, and it meant more for me to play this lullaby than anything I had ever done before. The lullaby was my Love.

As it ended, the last longing note humming in the silence, I felt gentle hands on my shoulders. I hastily attempted to blink the tears from my eyes.

"Edward," my mother's voice was soft, I wondered if she felt, like I did, afraid to break the spell that hung over us.

I turned the face her.

"I just…" I started but then stopped to clear my throat, my voice was thick with emotion, "I needed to play it."

"It was beautiful."

"Thank you," I said but her praise was not mine, it belonged to my inspiration.

"It sounded like a Lullaby," my mother mused, her knowing eyes trained on mine, "have you thought of a name for it?"

I shrugged looking away.

"It was so very beautiful darling," her hands pulled my face back up, "were you composing it for a while?"

"No, it just…came to me."

"I'm sure it came from some sort of inspiration though?"

I nodded noncommittally. She smiled at me knowingly.

"I'd better go get started on breakfast." She said patting my unruly hair before walking out of the room.

Once, long ago, I had lied to my mother. She didn't believe it for a second. I couldn't remember now what it was that I had lied about but I remember staring up at my mother wide eyed and confused.

"How did you know?" I had asked in awe.

She smirked at me before turning back to the mixing bowl on the kitchen counter.

"I'm your mother, I know everything."

I knew this now with certainty. My mother knew everything about me, even the things I didn't reveal to her. We both knew what my inspiration was and would always be.

We both knew my inspiration was Bella.


A school day had never gone so slowly and I had never wished for one to end as fervently as I wished it that Friday. Mike and Tyler were slowly grating on my nerves. The first time they had congratulated me on getting the sought after Isabella Swan to like me enough to give me the time of day, I had been amused. But every day since then they had felt the need to comment on and ask questions about what exactly Bella and I do.

I'm sure that it is quite understandable why I feel that it is absolutely none of their business but Mike and Tyler didn't agree. I suppose, to be fair, they did share with me and all of their other male friends everything they did with Jessica and Lauren but to be honest, I didn't ask and certainly didn't want to know everything they did with their girlfriends. The difference was that I loved Bella, loved her and respected her, concepts that the ungentle manly minds of Mike and Tyler did not understand.

Finally school ended and I had to refrain myself from pumping my fist in the air in victory. I drove speedily as I could back home. My mom was there already, she pushed a sandwich towards me as I entered the kitchen.

"You won't be eating again till six, so that should hold you till dinner," she said before returning to typing something on her laptop.

My mom was a part time secretary for my Dad's law firm. That meant that a lot of the time she worked from home. She actually only started working when I started high school, before that she was a full time stay at home mom. She always said that that was really all she'd ever wanted to be.

My stomach was already grumbling so I devoured the sandwich in record time. My mother peered at me over the wire rims of her glasses.

"I wish I could eat like that," she said dryly closing her laptop and pulling the glasses off, "any homework today?"

"Just English, and Trig and a little Biology but that's not due till next week so…"

"You'll get started on it all tomorrow?"

"Yes Mom."

"Good, I expect that even though you've got a girlfriend now you won't get distracted from your studies," she said in stern voice but she was smiling, "I set out something for you to wear tonight on your bed."

"I could've chosen something myself you know," I pointed out a little indignant.

"But, alas, first impressions are lasting and I want the Cullens' first impression of you to be golden," my mother chuckled, "I don't know what you would've worn but I'd rather not hazard a guess, you do have a tendency to mix and match odd things."

"Need I remind you that I'm not six anymore mom?"

"I know, I just forget sometimes, you grew up so fast," My mom sighed reminiscently, "It seems only yesterday that Sally Marks dared you to run up and down the street naked."

Sally Marks was a girl that was my next door neighbour in Chicago when I was about five. I had not thought about that particular incident for a while. People, after all, have a tendency to repress bad memories. That why I was extremely disappointed that my mother brought it up. I was about express this disappointment when a horrifying thought struck me.

"Mom?" I asked cautiously.

"Yes Dear?"

"You're not going to…you know…talks about stuff like that at the dinner tonight…are you?"

"I wouldn't dream of it dear."

"Oh…good," I sighed in relief.

"Don't worry though, I've found an old album with all your childhood pictures in it, there're some real conversation starters in there!"



I came downstairs at five thirty, dressed in the clothes my mother had picked out. She'd chosen an emerald green button down shirt (because it matched my eyes…she said) and a black pants. I didn't look terrible so it was okay. I even tried to brush my hair, although I had little success, it just grew upwards like that, so I gave up.

Mom was wearing a light purple dress when I got downstairs, her hair was up, she looked nice. My dad was there too in a similar outfit to mine but his shirt was blue (to match his eyes…she said).

"Edward!" my mother screeched when she saw me, Dad winced, "did your hair even touch a comb today?"

"Yes," I said defensively, "it didn't work." Then I added too softly for her to hear, "Not my fault my parents gave me massy hair genes."

"Oh, come here!" she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen. For a scary moment I thought she was going to use the kitchen shears to cut my hair all off but she merely pulled a comb out of her bag and wet it under the sink. Then she proceeded to attack me with said wet comb.


"Oh stop being dramatic!"

I was being dramatic. It was a rather funny situation when you thought about it and I was milking it.

"Good," my mother sighed pulling the evil comb away from my hair, "I'm done, it'll have to do….I'll say this though, in regards to that hair…nothing but the colour of it came from my side of the family."

I snickered as I followed her out to the hall. I caught a glimpse of myself in the hall mirror; my hair actually was considerably flatter. Maybe evil wet combs were the answer after all…

"Okay, is everyone ready?" Dad asked seriously.

"Yes," mom and I chorused.

"You haven't forgotten your shawl Elizabeth?"


"You don't have to go Edward?"


"Alright then, let's go-"

"Wait!" mom cried, "I left the bottle of wine in the kitchen."

She raced off to get it.

Five minutes later we were sitting in the car finally on our way to Bella's house. I wondered what it looked like. My mother, like me, was staring out of the window at the dark foliage racing by. My Dad was tapping a merry rhythm on the steering wheel.

"They certainly live well out of town," Mom said after a long silence, "make sure you don't miss the turning Ed."

"I won't."

"Bella said her sister would make sure we saw the turning from well off." I said.


"She didn't say."

"Well, I hope…oh my!"

I immediately knew the reason for my mother's exclamation. Brilliant white lights hung off the trees ahead of us. The effect was quite beautiful and of course we now knew exactly where the turning was.

A little while later we were pulling up outside a large, white, beautiful house. It looked like something from the movies. The three of us stepped out of the car and stood staring at it for a moment.

"Wow," my dad said breaking the silence.

"My thoughts exactly," I muttered.

"Well then…" my mother said collecting herself, "let's go meet them, shall we?"


My dad pressed the door bell and a few seconds later it opened onto Dr Carlisle Cullen. I heard my mother's tiny gasp and grinned. Dr Cullen had had that very same affect on every single nurse he encountered in the hospital the day of the accident.

"It's wonderful to meet you," Dr Cullen said smiling warmly and opening the door wider, stepping back, he gestured for us to enter.

Immediately my eyes found Bella. My breath caught in my throat, my heart stopped and started again double time, I felt my palms tingle…in fact my whole body was tingling. I was stricken by my attraction for the beautiful girl before me.

She was wearing a blue dress of a sort of…'floaty' material. It clung to her form from her hips up in a way that made me think of her in a way I had never really…

And the colour was so beautiful on her pale creamy skin.

And her hair, her beautiful thick, shiny, long hair was pulled up, away from her delicate neck. As my eyes took her in, she looked at me and smiled shyly biting her lip and looking away innocently. I wanted to kiss her full red lips, I wanted to kiss her neck, I wanted her like I had never wanted her before. And that was saying something because I always wanted her. But something about how beautiful she looked made something inside of me snap and finally I understood Bella's frenzies.

I was now the one that needed her.

Tonight was going to be interesting…

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