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Summary: [Nuada/HP] Harry might have helped save the world from Prince Nuada, but now the Wizarding World is in danger from Harry. And it's Harry they've called on to save the day. With help from his Melanin, Nuada, and his family of freaks, Harry has to face his biggest challenge yet – himself. But why exactly are there two Harry Potters? Crossover. AU.

Warnings: Slash. Nuada/HP. Violence. Creature Fic. Language.

Rating: NC-17 for language and sexual situations.


Lucius Malfoy: "Let's hope Harry Potter will always be around to save the day." Harry Potter: "Don't worry. I will be."

Words: 11,319

Chapter 2/2

Melanin II


The ground was uneven, covered in thick grass in some places and scattered with large boulders in others. Harry, who was usually so graceful, found himself tripping over at least twice. With a scowl, he looked over at Prince Nuada who was easily keeping away from the more treacherous paths. Dalton, as well as Princess Nuala, managed not to trip up or stumble once. Harry felt a rush of annoyance, and jealousy, but he pushed it back. He was only human, and humans had an awful habit of falling over sometimes. He let out a snort, eyeing Liz who had fallen over for what must have been the twelfth time since they left the caves. Hellboy rolled his eyes, smirking in Harry's direction before moving to scoop his girlfriend into his arms.

"Put me down, Red!" She hissed at him. Her fingertips began to glow, the fire spreading through her hands and up her arms, but it didn't faze Hellboy. He ignored the heat the flames produced and continued to carry her.

"You can carry me as well if you want," Harry giggled as Liz turned her head to glare daggers at him.

"Take a flying leap, Ainion!" The demon sneered, eyes narrowed. Harry merely stuck his tongue out. "And we have company." The red creature drawled. As Tom Manning came into view, Hellboy dearly wished he had a hand free so he could light a cigar.

The Director of the BPRD ran towards them, panting and wheezing, as a handful of men in black appeared behind him. They all carried guns, and Harry watched with an eyebrow raised as they aimed them at him. "You!" Tom hissed, "This is your fault!"

"Yes," Dalton agreed softly, "he also caused world hunger and aids."

"I'm just evil like that." Harry gave a shrug of his shoulders, his smirk widening a notch when Tom's face flushed dark red. "Oh give over. Even if I weren't here the others would have gone anyway, you know. So why don't you get down off your high horse and admit that this wouldn't have happened if you had agreed to be reasonable about things."

"Put me down," Liz hissed and Hellboy lowered her to the ground. The moment his hands were free, he pulled a cigar from his jacket pocket and lit up. "Now see here, you have no right-"

"Absolutely no right!" Abe butted in.

"-To blame anything on Marcaunon." Liz continued as if she hadn't been interrupted at all. "On that final note, I quit." She pulled her gun out of its holster and threw it at Tom. Manning caught it awkwardly, the butt hitting him on the chin and he gave a grunt of pain before he managed to get the flying weapon under control.

"Me too," Hellboy drawled. He blew a cloud of cigar smoke at Tom's face, and when the smoke cleared he was holding out one of his guns. "Actually," he looked down on the gun as he spoke. He slotted it back into his holster. "I'll keep that one." He held his hand out to Abe, and the amphibian handed his gun to his friend. "Abe's quitting too."

"Positively," the blue man said with a nod of his head. "I'm owed at least three years worth of holidays anyway."

"Oh, Ainion! How about we go see where you live when you're not here?" Liz gave a grin, completely ignoring Manning who was gaping at them.

"Potter!" The Director shouted. "This can't be happening."

"I don't have a gun," the brunette said simply. "And it is happening." The brunette vampire chuckled. He threw an arm around his friend's shoulders and grinned at the dumbstruck human.

"So we are going home then, my Lord?" Dalton smiled warmly at his friend. A growl from Nuada made him think twice about touching Harry while they spoke, and he drew his arm back. Nuada threw an arm around Harry's waist instead, tugging the Wizard against his side.

"Would you, perhaps, like to come see where I once lived first?" Harry smiled up at his Melanin, his fingers running lightly through Nuada's silver-blond hair and he nodded slowly. "Good. Nuala?" He turned to his twin sister, and she smiled warmly back at him.

"We have missed you, brother. It will be good to have you home with us." She reached over towards Abe, and took his hand in hers. "Will you come also?"

"I would be-" He paused; a shy smile flittered across his face before he pushed it back with a deep breath. "Yes, I would be honoured."

"Right so," Harry said, taking charge. "Manning, get bent. You guys go pack or something. Dalton, bring them by the flat when they are ready and I'll Portkey us all over. The four of us are going to see the Elves-" Dalton hummed under his breath, muttering, "the wonderful Elves of Oz!" but Harry ignored him. "We'll be back tomorrow probably?"

"Yes, my Lord," Dalton said, sweeping forward into a perfectly executed bow.

"Where did you find him?" Hellboy asked, watching the vampire flick his waist length ponytail back over his shoulder and straighten his robes. "He's a bit of a nancy, isn't he?"

"If you will," he waved his hand in front of him, and Liz was the first to resume walking. He flashed his fangs at Hellboy, snarling. "Wait till you meet Draco," he chuckled when he was slightly calmer. "He's more of a 'nancy' than I am. And need I remind you, your brother is gay?"

"But my name isn't Nancy," Harry said with a chuckle, purposely misunderstanding them. "Come on," he held his hand out, and Abe immediately grabbed hold. Nuada's arm was still around his waist. When Nuala finally took hold of him, he gave a smile and with a 'pop' Marcaunon apparated the four of them back to New York.

They stood in silence, while the two Elves tried to make their heads stop spinning. Abe, who had been apparated before, didn't feel as ill as the other two, but he wasn't feeling great either. Harry was the only one unaffected by the long distance travel and he looked around warily. They were standing beneath a large billboard, advertising the imminent arrival of a shopping mall. He raised an eyebrow. The Elves lived below a future shopping centre?

"Shall we go inside?" Nuada asked as he held out his arm. Harry lay his hand on the inside crook of his mate's elbow and allowed the Elf to lead him inside.

It was strange, how they were greeted. Harry had heard that Nuada had murdered his father and beaten the entire royal guard, stealing the crown piece from his father's corpse. It would be expected that they would be attacked when they walked into the throne room. Instead, everyone moved to the side, creating a wide aisle for them to walk down, straight towards an empty throne. Nuada immediately sat upon the throne, and no one said a word against him. Harry watched with confusion, Abe with curiosity, and Nuala with the knowledge the other two wished they possessed.

It was a coronation, Harry realized, twenty minutes later when a crown had been placed on Nuada's head. No words had been spoken, no noise made, but one Elf had come forth and laid a circle of gold onto the Prince's head before dropping to the ground in a bow. Everyone around them, including Nuala bowed as well.

Abe swallowed heavily and lowered himself to the ground. Harry looked on in awe. How was it they could forgive someone who had murdered their King, without apology or remorse, and accept that person as their new ruler? How could any person, any race, be so forgiving?

"Ainion!" Abe hissed. The sound of his friend, speaking his name with such fear, brought him back to himself. With an embarrassed flush across his cheeks, Harry lowered himself as well, bowing deeply to the new King. A loud gasp echoed through the room, being repeated over and over until there was suddenly only deathly silence. No one dared to breath. Harry swallowed, wondering what he had done wrong. Abe had been worried that if Harry remained standing the Elves would take it as a challenge of some sort.

Though Harry might have known better if he had ever spent any time with Elves, he didn't realize that his bowing to his mate was an insult. King Nuada narrowed his eyes and in a split second found himself crouching on the ground beside his Melanin. "Why do you prostrate yourself before me? Do you fear me?" His fingers gripped Harry's chin and he raised the other man's head so that their eyes met.

"I love you," Harry told him sincerely. There was a crease between his eyebrows, and his green eyes flashed with confusion as Nuada continued to frown at him.

"Mates do not bow to one another, Ainion. Mates are equal, they have equal power and strength and respect for one another. Since you bow before me, you either fear me, or do not respect me. Which is it?" A part of the Elf realized that Harry had just been following everyone else's actions, but the site of his mate cowering caused something ugly to stir within him. He did not want to see Harry in that position. Not only did it hurt his heart, but also he could only imagine what everyone else must think: perhaps they thought he abused his Melanin! Nuada shuddered lightly.

"So I'm not meant to bow, even though you're King now?" He allowed the Elf to pull him to his feet. "I don't get this." Abe let out a snort, turning his face away so that the Elvin King wouldn't see his smile. "I don't usually bow to people, ok, so not a word to Red or I'll never hear the end of this!" He turned to glare at Nuada. "It's ok for me not to bow right?" The King gave a slow nod. "Good, because it won't be happening again."

Nuada led Harry back to the front of the room by the hand. He turned to address the rest of the hall, and as he spoke each of the Elves and Abe rose to their feet. "This is Lord Marcaunon Potter, my Melanin."

The King sat down, leaning arrogantly back against the throne as the entire congregation turned to face Harry before dipping their head in a polite bow. He then tugged Harry down to sit on his lap. Harry contemplated telling Nuada where to shove it, but then decided just to snuggle against his mate and enjoy it. Nuada didn't know him well enough yet to not get offended, so Harry promised himself that he would keep his standoffish behaviour to a minimum.

Harry didn't pay much attention to the Elves from that point on. Most of them spoke to him in fragmented English, biting on their lower lips as they complimented his species with words they didn't mean, half afraid to anger him and half afraid to anger their new King. Harry just grinned, and stayed silent. As he and Nuada left them late that night, he turned to their guests and gave a small bow.

"Mára aurë."1 (hello) He spoke purposely in Elvish and took great pleasure in the shock that crossed the faces of almost everyone listening. "It truly is an honour to meet ones such as yourselves. I hope that I may live up to whatever standards you hold me to." Nuada gave a snort of amusement, and while Abe couldn't understand him, he didn't miss the obvious sarcasm. "Mára mesta." (Goodbye)

They walked in silence, following behind two guards who led the way to the King's bedchambers. The guards entered first, declared the room safe and then left, walking down the corridor backwards with their eyes on the ground. The refused to turn their backs to Nuada until they were about to round the corner of the hallway. "That was weird," Harry said softly.

He didn't get a reply, or a chance to say anything else, before Nuada grabbed him by the shoulders and shoved him against the wall. Nuada's lips cut off any complaint he might have made. Harry's eyes fluttered closed, and a soft moan escaped his mouth, parting his lips just enough for the Elf to force his tongue through. The tongue caressed his mouth and tongue, tasting him and delighting in Harry's unique flavour. When they pulled back Harry was panting heavily and Nuada was flushed a pale pink, staring down at his mate with wide awed eyes.

"My Melanin." He breathed, his fingers stroking the smooth skin of Harry's throat.

(Slash Starts Here)

Harry grabbed the shirt, tugging it over his head and throwing it to the ground. "Yours," he whispered, fingers already moving to unzip his trousers. Nuada watched him with a smile, his eyes drinking in every inch of skin that Harry was exposing. Shoes and socks were thrown to the side, and as Harry was pushing his boxers to the ground, Nuada surged into action. He swept his mate into his arms, and carried him over to the bed. Harry was laid gently down, and the Elf climbed up to hover above him.

They smiled at each other, breathing heavily; one completely naked and the other fully dressed. Nuada began to undo the toggles that held his robe closed, his eyes fixed on his mate's face as he bared his body to the green-eyed gaze.

"Beautiful," Harry breathed as Nuada shrugged the robe onto the ground.

The Prince smirked, "as are you, my Melanin."

Their lips met again, softly at first. Hands began roaming each other's bodies, caressing taunt skin and mapping out the shape of their lover. Their kisses grew in intensity as Harry spread his legs wider, allowing Nuada to settle more firmly between them. Half mad with desire, Harry arched his back, panting, and offering himself for the taking.

"Please?" He breathed, his lips travelling up and down Nuada's neck. He bit down harshly, smiling when the Elf cursed in his native tongue.

Fingers pressed against Harry's entrance hesitantly. "Do you have anything?"

Harry looked up with glazed eyes and shook his head. He didn't have lubricant, but he had magic. One whispered spell later, he was stretched and lubed and more than willing to feel Nuada inside of him. When no penetration was forthcoming, he growled angrily and reached between them. Nuada chuckled, allowing his mate to flip them over. Harry's hand on his cock made Nuada groan, the heat of the other man's hand scorched and aroused him in equal shares. Harry lined him up, seated above the Elf with a leg on either side of Nuada's hips, and he slowly lowered himself down. The head of Nuada's penis pressed against his entrance and he moaned.

It had been so long since he had had sex with anyone. It had been almost a year since Luna told him he was the Melanin of an Elf, and he had kept himself to himself ever since.

Nuada gasped, his fingers gripping and bruising Harry's hips as he arched upwards, no longer able to wait for Harry to sink down in his own time. Harry gave a cry, his back arching as Nuada surged up and into him, filling him completely, almost painfully full. "Mine," the Elf hissed, his fingers digging into Harry's waist.

"Yours," the other moaned in return. Harry lifted himself up, groaning at the feel of Nuada slipping out of him. The King raised his hips, and Harry dropped down at the same time, and the younger man screamed as the head of the Elf's cock pressed into his prostate. "Oh, shit, Merlin!" He cried again.

He found himself on his back soon after, Nuada having flipped them without drawing out of Harry's body. They rocked together still, Harry's legs tightly wrapped around Nuada's waist, his fingers tangled into Nuada's hair, as the Elf fucked him delightfully and viciously.

"Le Melon!" (I love you) Harry cried as pleasure surged through his entire being. It started in his groin, a sharp tingling feeling that intensified quickly and rushed down to his toes, making them curl. His legs burned from the pleasure, and his stomach clenched and his heart beat faster, until at last it was too much to bear and he was arching his back, throwing his head back and baring his neck to Nuada's teeth as he cried out. He came across his stomach, his cock remaining untouched. His orgasm was quick and intense, and it left Harry boneless and panting in its aftermath. He lay still, silent, as Nuada continued to rock on top of him, using Harry's body to achieve his own pleasure. Nuada orgasmed a moment later with a soft grunt. He let himself fall to lie on top of his mate.

(Slash Scene Ends)

Nuada rolled to the side, panting softly with a light sheen of sweat coating his pale skin. Harry looked over at him, eyes sparkling as he grinned. He gave a languid stretch, a groan escaping him as his muscles protested to any more movement.

"Time to sleep I think." Harry said with a chuckled.

Nuada didn't reply. He tugged Harry against his side and held the other man tightly until he was asleep. When Harry was sleeping soundly, the Elf ran a hand over Harry's face, memorizing him. "I believe I may love you also, Ainion," he said, but only the walls heard him.


Harry could feel him, but he couldn't see him. Whenever he looked over he could only see a dark blur. But he could feel the evil it was permeated with. He could almost smell the cruelness coming off of the shape. It looked like the outline of a human, probably an adult, but it was completely black all over, except for its eyes. The whites of its eyes were visible, but the irises were as black as the rest of its body. Harry shuddered when it looked towards him.

"My name is Ciaràn," it hissed at him. "It means dark one."2

Two more people appeared from behind Ciaràn. A tall blond man beamed at Harry, running forward to throw himself into the other Wizard's arms. "I've missed you, my love," Draco Malfoy breathed against Harry's neck.

"Did you even notice he was gone?" Dalton Aldridge asked, nodding his head in Ciaràn's direction. "How could you not have known?" The half-vampire accused.

"It's not Harry's fault!" Draco said, his voice the same high-pitched whine it usually became when he was angry on Harry's behalf. "How was he supposed to know?"

"Know what?" Harry asked, pushing Draco away from him.

Ciaràn merely smirked at him. He clicked his fingers and Draco walked over to him obediently, a small smile on his face. "Who do you love?"

"Harry," he answered calmly. His grey eyes remained fixed on Ciaràn's black face. When the dark shape nodded, Draco leant up and gave him a kiss.

Screaming drew Harry's attention away and when he looked towards the noise his eyes widened. Dalton was on fire, and despite the fact that he was rolling around on the ground, the fire would not go out. Harry waved his wand, trying to cast a spell to help, but instead he cried, "Avada Kedavra!" Draco dropped to the ground in a flash of green light. Ciaràn laughed, coldly, and Harry was shocked at how much the shape sounded like Lord Voldemort.

"I am the darker half of you, Ainion." Harry saw a flash of white, presumably teeth, as the shape gave a grin. "My name is Ciaràn, but you may call me Harry Potter."

Harry woke with a scream. He jolted forward in the bed, pushing Nuada away from him, as his eyes darted wildly around the room. There were three men in the doorway, and Nuada had been talking to them before Harry woke up. Two were strangers, but he immediately recognized the third. Dalton.

Completely naked, but unconcerned, Harry ran from the bed and launched himself at the vampire. Dalton caught him instantly, his arms winding around Harry's waist and tugging the smaller, but younger, man against his own body. "Shush," he whispered, "everything is fine."

"You're not dead." Harry breathed out in relief.

"Well," the vampire said with a smile, "I sort of am, you know."

"Yeah, but you aren't on fire, so I'm happy." Harry pulled away, rubbing a hand over his face. "Nightmare, sorry."

"I thought you were over those." Dalton frowned, his eyes narrowed in thought as he looked the other man over. "Was it bad?" He sounded worried, and Harry couldn't blame him. Every other time Harry had had a nightmare that was bad enough to wake him up, screaming or otherwise, it was usually prophetic.

"Yeah. There was this shadow called Ciaràn, who killed you, and I killed Draco, and Ciaràn said he was the other half of me. I've had worse but this one was just bad, you know? It felt evil." Harry sighed. "You remember I told you how angry Hellboy got that time Liz died? Well, it was like that. This person, it felt Hellboy angry, and hell evil."

"That's not good." Dalton agreed.

"Why are you here?" Harry asked suddenly, taking two steps away from his friend.

"Gringotts wrote to you. The owl came by the flat. I forced the note from it and sent it off again. I, uh, read your mail for you. It's a good thing we're going home."

"Why? What do Gringotts want?"

"The Goblins need to tell you something. Most of it was outlined in the letter, but I think it would be best if we were in a magic dampened building before you had a tantrum." Dalton reached out to grip Harry's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. Nuada stepped from the bed, eyes narrowed, and he dressed silently as they spoke.

"What to they want to tell me?"

"You are naked." Nuada hissed, handing Harry's trousers over.

"The Goblins want to tell me I'm naked? Oh, I'm naked! Right." He took the trousers, fighting back an embarrassed blush and pulled the pants on. He ignored the two guards completely, keeping his eyes on the ground by Nuada's feet as he continued dressing. "When are we leaving?"

"The Goblins sent a Portkey. The three of us can go now, and the others can follow. Griphook promised to send a Portkey to the flat for them, as soon as the Department of International Magical Travel sign the paperwork." Dalton smirked softly, his eyes raking over Harry's legs. "Your trousers are on inside out," he said with a chuckle.

"Up and shut, Aldridge." With a click of his fingers, Harry magically fixed his clothing. He ran his hands down each pant leg, smoothing out the creases before he nodded. He turned to Nuada and smiled. "Good morning. I apologize for all the weird stuff that happens around me."

"It is forgiven." Nuada said stiffly.

Harry hummed, "so long as I don't parade naked in front of more people? Sure thing." He gave a small smile, and Nuada allowed the corners of his lips to twitch upwards as well.

"You may leave," he said abruptly, when he remembered the guards where still there.

The moment they were both out of sight, Dalton held his hand out. In the palm of his hand sat a small round locket. It was open, and both sides held a picture. On the right, it was a picture of Lily and James Potter holding baby Harry, and all three of them were smiling. And on the left side, it was a photo of Professor Trevor Bruttenholm sitting down with a five-year-old Harry on his lap and Hellboy standing sullenly in the background, smoking a cigar. Harry smiled widely at the pictures. "Where did you get this?"

"According to Griphook, Luna appeared with it in her hand and told them it would come in useful soon. Next thing they knew, they needed to contact you and quick."

"Told you," Harry grinned at the vampire, "Luna hasn't been wrong yet."

All three of them reached forward, one finger touching the edge of the locket, or gripping the chain. "Portus," Harry and Dalton said at once. Nuada's free arm tightened around Harry's waist as he felt a hook catch his abdomen. With a groan, the hook yanked at him, and he felt himself flying backwards, through time and space (mostly space, though) and landing with a groan beneath his mate.

When Nuada looked up, Dalton was smiling down at him, and at the vampire's side was a strange looking creature that he recognized as a Goblin. The Goblin gave a small bow before holding his hand out. Harry took it immediately and allowed Griphook to pull him to his feet.

"It has been some time Lord Ainion."

"Im gelir ceni ad lín."3 (I am happy to see you again) Harry gave a smile, the only warning Griphook received before he was crushed against the Wizard's chest in a hug. "How have you been?"

"Very well. You?"

"Happy." The green-eyed Wizard answered with another smile.

"To business then," the Goblin said. He waved his hand towards the cluster of chairs that surrounded the small desk. He took the chair at its head, and allowed the other three to sink into the chairs opposite him. "My name is Griphook Ironfist and I have been the overseer of the Potter and Black properties for the past fourteen years, whence I first met Marcaunon. When he is in the country, I help him look after his money, and when he is not in the country I look after his money on his behalf. Since he returned to America I have, as always, made it my business to keep an eye on his finances and investments. Last week Marcaunon Potter withdrew eight hundred Galleons. When asked why he wished to withdraw so much money, he was incredibly rude, but we managed to find out that you planned on seducing Lord Malfoy."

Harry sputtered. "I'm sorry, what? Draco!" Nuada's eyes narrowed in jealousy.

"Show me your eyes Ainion." Harry leant forward, staring straight at the Goblin. "As I thought. Your eyes were almost black the last time I saw you. Lord Malfoy is outside; I'll have him shown in, shall I?"

"Ainion!" A voice cried just before two arms wrapped around his neck from behind. "I've missed you!" Harry turned, and the movement had the undesired effect of making Draco stumble. To steady his ex-lover, Harry grabbed hold of the blond's waist and Draco practically fell into his lap, quite literally.

"Hello to you too." The brunette chuckled.

"You know," the blond drawled, "if you wanted me to get divorced, all you had to do was ask."

"You got divorced, and never told me?" Harry nearly shouted.

The Pureblood frowned. He moved off of Harry's lap and happily sat down in the chair Dalton vacated. "Harry," Draco asked slowly, worry making his eyebrows draw close together, "do you love me?"

"Of course I love you, but what has that got to do with anything?"

"But you don't love me, do you?" His voice was almost a whisper, but Harry could still hear the pain in it.

Harry sighed. "I'm with Nuada now. Remember I told you, about being his Melanin."

Draco let out a humourless chuckle. "So they're right? It really wasn't you who proposed to me?" Harry's eyes immediately zoned in on the diamond engagement ring on Draco's left hand. "It really wasn't you?"

"What is going on?" Harry breathed, even as he reached out to stroke the ring his own mother had once wore. "Where did you get this?"

"You gave it to him," Griphook said, clearing his throat loudly. "Or at least a part of you did."

"Sen tîr?"4 (Is this true) Nuada asked, his voice wavering slightly. His Melanin had mated with him only the night before, and yet it appeared he had planned to bind his life to someone else all along. "You wish to marry this human?"

"No. I left Draco so I could be with you. I don't understand, Draco?"

Draco swallowed heavily, and blinked several times. He appeared to be fighting back tears. Harry knew Draco loved him and had only married because his father had begged it of him. It was his father's dying wish and Draco didn't have it in him to say no when his mother chose Celeste Lacrosse, Pureblood from a French family. He had continued to love Harry though, and while Celeste never caught them together she knew that there were actually three people in Draco's relationship. And that she would always be the least important one. If it wasn't for Nuada, or if Nuada had died before Harry learnt of him, or if Harry had never gone back to America to meet Nuada, or perhaps if he had never been adopted, Harry would have been happy to love and live with Draco. They might have even gotten married before Lucius Malfoy got sick enough to demand a grandchild.

"Celeste is dead. They found her a week ago, stabbed to death in Knockturn Alley. A day later, you took some money from Gringotts and told me you had booked a holiday for the two of us. You asked me to marry you, and gave me your mother's ring and I said yes. I asked you who was going to mind Scorpius and you told me you would take care of it, and then you told me you had killed Celeste so we could be together." He took a deep breath. "I should have known it wasn't you when you said Scorpius had to stay behind."

"Draco, I didn't, it wasn't me, I-"

"I know that now. I suppose I knew all along, but I wanted to pretend. Your eyes were the wrong colour." The blond said softly.

"We think we know what happened. We've contacted the Aurors and the Unspeakables, and we believed what happened occurred during the final battle." Griphook began after clearing his throat again.

Harry moved to sit in Nuada's lap. The Elf held him tightly; unsure whether it would be the last time he would be allowed. His Melanin said it wasn't him, and so were the others now, but to begin with they had claimed that Harry and the blond man were together. The blond was still wearing Harry's ring!

"When I died?" Harry asked softly. Nuada tensed, his grip tightening even further.

"Yes. When the Killing Curse rebounded off of you, it not only destroyed the Horcrux within your scar, but it ripped away a part of your own soul, the part most closely linked with the Horcrux."

"The darker half of me," Harry said, repeating the words from his dream.

"Yes Ainion." Dalton whispered, moving to stand behind his friend and the Elf.

Griphook continued to explain. "As it was only a fragment of your soul, its magic was overpowered by Voldemort's Horcrux and the two of them were sucked into hell. The soul fragment has been in hell for the past eight years and it seems it has managed to form a body and personality of its own. It found its way to earth recently and has since been obsessed with the last thing it remembers – loving Lord Malfoy."

"The last thing I remember when I died was that if I was dead I wouldn't be able to tell Draco I loved him anymore." Harry said slowly, rubbing at his eyes with the back of his hand, brushing the tears away.

"It was not pleased to realize that Draco was married, with a child." Dalton whispered.

"Where is Scorpius?" Harry asked suddenly afraid.

When Harry had first entered the Wizarding World he had learnt that in 1993 his godfather escaped from Azkaban Prison, but was recaptured and sentenced to the Dementors Kiss. It was the year Voldemort rose to power again, the year Harry returned, that everyone found out that Sirius Black was actually innocent. Harry inherited Black's fortune. But he also inherited his godfather's sometimes lover, Remus Lupin. Remus went on to fall in love with Nymphandora Tonks, Sirius' niece and Draco's cousin, and they had a child. Both of the adults died in the final battle, but Tonks' mother, Andromeda, took care of her grandchild Teddy Lupin.

"He's with Teddy and Andy." Draco said. "He's safe."

"So, what is happening, is that I have a doppelganger, who has spent the past eight years in hell, on the loose, having murdered Draco's wife and is probably planning to kill Draco's son too so they can both ride off into the sunset together. Right. And on top of that, I've been robbed, by myself, who happens to be on the loose, looking just like me!" His voice grew louder as he spoke. Harry was shouting by the end of it.

"That is it in a nutshell, Lord Potter. And I'm afraid we're going to need your help to sort out this mess." Griphook laced his fingers and laid them on the desk in front of him. "You yourself know how much you are capable of, and the Aurors fear that there will not be much they can do to subdue your alter ego."

"We'll help, of course Ainion." Dalton said at once, his hand moving to rest on Harry's shoulder. It gave a squeeze and the vampire offered a soft smile.

"Of course we will," Draco said. He smiled brightly, even though Harry knew him well enough to know that the blond would have preferred to scowl instead.

"The Portkey for the others has been sent. It will bring them to DA-RV-094/M(5). You'd best be there when they arrive." Griphook waved his hand at the door in a clear dismissal, and Harry stood up at once, knowing better than to try and get answers out of a Goblin that didn't want to talk.

"While we are here," Harry groaned, "I need to buy a headache potion. I'll need a host of them, I'm sure, by the time this is sorted out." Dalton gave a chuckle. The two blonds remained silent, but for different reasons.

The moment they set foot outside of Gringotts they were descended upon by all manner of rabid fans. Young women begging Harry to marry them; old women begging Harry to marry their daughters; men pleading with Harry to save them; children wanting to know if he was 'the' Harry Potter; reporters demanding an interview with the famous recluse, etc.

The green-eyed man rolled his eyes and grinned at his Melanin. "You'll get used to it, it happens around me sometimes." He told the Elf calmly.

They stopped in front of the Menagerie, right beside a tall metal post (like a lamppost without the light). There was a small sign hanging from the post, reading 'RV point 094/M'. Beneath the writing was a round button that was flashing red and amber.

"It means someone is coming through. Like when a toilet says 'vacant'." Dalton tried to explain to the confused Elf, completely forgetting that the Elf had probably never used one of those strange portable toilets Muggles were so fond of.

"I'm going over there, ok?" Harry told Nuada, pointing across the pathway to the Apothecary. "Stay with the others, and I'll be back in a few minutes." He raised himself up onto the balls of his feet so he was tall enough to press a chaste kiss to the Elf's lips. "I love you," he breathed, making sure to say it quiet enough so that Draco would not hear.

A shrill alarm sounded twice then went silent. Nuada, the only one who had not grown up in the Wizarding World, jumped about a foot in the air. He faced the post with his dagger out, already elongated into a spear. Hellboy appeared out of thin air, a centimetre away from the tip of the spear.

"Whoa! It's ok; it's just the Portkey warning. It makes noise so everyone moves out of the way." The others from the BPRD, and Princess Nuala, appeared behind the demon, each looking as ill and disorientated as the other. "You're all here, then?" Dalton asked.

"Yes. Where is Ainion?" Liz asked, her hand pressed against her stomach as she fought not to be sick.

"There he is!" Abe shouted, waving happily in the direction of the Menagerie. The amphibian ran forward, reaching out to hug his adopted brother.

And indeed, Harry Potter stared back at them coldly. He was of average height, with black hair and pale skin, and he had the same lightening bolt scar as their Harry did, but his eyes were black and angry. He was dressed in an identical shirt and trousers to what Ainion was wearing when he entered the Apothecary, but this Harry had a large Cobra wrapped around his neck and upper torso.

"Give me one reason why I should not kill you?" 'Harry' snarled. His wand was pressed against Abe's throat.

"Hello Ciaràn," Harry said from behind Abe. Ciaràn lowered his wand, which Harry noticed was the wand Lord Voldemort had once possessed – yew with a Phoenix tail feather core.

"Hello Ainion." The doppelganger said, with a sugary sweet smile. "I so looked forward to meeting you."

"Why? I am you." Harry grinned. "Well, except I'm better. I don't need to kill people to get a date." The brunette shrugged unconcerned when the creature hissed angrily at him.

"Draco is mine!" Ciaràn snarled. "Come here!" His black eyes turned to Draco, lightening and becoming green as they settled on the pale face. Grey eyes widened in return, noticing the change in colour. When Draco didn't move, the eyes darkened again, turning coal black and narrowing in anger.

"You belong to me! I love you!" He shouted. Ciaràn dived forward, snatching at Draco's arm and he tried to run. Hellboy was suddenly in front of him, blocking his path. When he turned around, Nuada had the lance pointed in his direction. He dropped Draco's arm with a sneer.

"He will be mine." Ciaràn promised. He grabbed hold of Draco's shoulder and shoved the blond man into the Elf. Nuada had to drop his spear, for fear of stabbing the human with it and angering Ainion. He caught Draco clumsily, but Ciaràn managed to rush passed him, escaping into the throng of people in Diagon Alley.

Nuada pushed Draco away almost immediately after catching him. With a grimace, the Elf watched as his Melanin rushed to the human's side, checking the blond man over for injuries. How was it that such a pathetic creature could have secured his perfect Ainion's attentions so completely? Harry was beside him again, a hand lacing with his own as he tucked away his dagger. "Man mathach?"6 (How do you feel) Harry asked quietly.

"Jealous." The King admitted in an uncharacteristic show of insecurity.

"Le Melon," was all Harry said, because there wasn't really anything else he could say. Really, he should be the one feeling vulnerable, considering his mate hadn't told him how he felt yet. For all Harry knew, Nuada was just biding his time until a better mate came along in three-hundred-years or so.

"Oh my, oh Merlin!" A voice cried. Harry actually cringed at the sound of it. "Harry! Harry, over here!"

"More past lovers?" Hellboy asked with a grin, lighting a cigar and bringing it to his lips. Nuada tensed again, before relaxing as he saw the horrified expression on his mate's face. "Or not?"

"Aníron gwanna!"7 (I wish I could leave) Harry sighed, turning his face against Nuada's chest. "I'm going to pretend I can't see her."

A pretty enough redheaded woman ran towards them, followed by another three redheads and a bushy haired brunette woman. There were three redheaded children with them, and the brunette woman was pregnant again. "All yours, Granger?" Harry asked, referring to the children. It had been some time since he was forced to speak to the members of the Weasley family and it wasn't his habit to keep up with the private lives of people he disliked.

"Oh yes!" The Muggleborn woman, who was the same age as him, but had been in Draco's year at Hogwarts, nodded happily.

"You Weasleys," Draco drawled in disgust, "still breeding like rabbits, I see. When will it be your turn, Weaselette?"

The woman who had called to Harry blushed in anger, but she turned to look at the green-eyed man anyway; fluttering her eyelashes in what she hoped was a charming manner. "Soon, I hope." She gave Harry a coy smile, but he didn't notice.

Nuada noticed and with a growl he decided enough was enough. Ainion was his mate, and no one else's. Harry was not permitted to have offspring with this red-haired bitch! Ginny Weasley gave a scream as the Elf launched himself at her, grabbing her around the throat and slamming her up against the nearest wall. He hissed at her, in a language she couldn't understand and when she looked at Harry, her eyes pleading for help, he was laughing.

"Listen well to me you filthy troll-child! Ainion is mine! He is MINE! Mine to mate with, and mine to have children with, but most certainly not mine to share with you. If you value your pathetic human life you will stay as far away from MY Melanin as physically possible. Or I promise you, I will not be as lenient next time!" He spat at her feet, and pulled away. He hadn't even noticed that Ron (Hermione's husband) and his brothers, Percy and George had been trying to pull him off of Ginny. "Nai Valaraukar tye-mátar!"8 (May Balrogs eat you)

"That's our queue to leave." Dalton said suddenly, trying to smoother his snickers. Ginny had been in Luna's year at school, and when she realized that Luna would accept nothing less than being Harry's friend, Ginny had decided that she was also friends with Luna whom she had never spoken to for three years before hand. The vampire had always hated the annoying little girl. And it seemed she was still as stupid as ever. Having convinced herself as a child that Harry Potter was hopelessly in love with her, she turned down every date and marriage proposal she received and was still living in endless hope that Harry would one day tie the knot with her.

"We'll be staying at my Manor. I had Godric's Hollow rebuilt after I graduated, but it is a little small for all of us. Come on, we'll floo to Hertfordshire through the Leaky Cauldron."

Harry's family didn't really know what he was talking about, but they trusted him infinitely. In silence, looking around them in awe, they followed the twenty-eight-year-old Wizard into the only pub in Diagon Alley. And then they followed him into, strangely enough, a fireplace.


"Pass the potatoes, please?" Harry asked. He held his hand out and waited.

They were all sat around the dining table, which was made of solid gold and in the centre of a large room painted crimson red. Gryffindor to the core, which was understandable considering every Potter before Harry had been a Gryffindor.

Dalton reached for the bowl, but Draco snatched it away first. The blond held it out to Harry, a slow smirk stretching across his face as the brunette took the bowl from him. Their fingers brushed, and it would have been innocent enough, except Draco's hand moved after Harry's when Harry pulled away. Fingers trailed along Harry's wrist and arm, and all the while Draco gave his friend a teasing smile. "Would you like me to pass you anything else, Ainion?" He asked with a leer.

"Uh, no thanks," Harry said. He held his arm against his chest and used the other arm to spoon some potatoes onto his plate. He didn't hand the bowl back, instead he left it sitting next to him even though it meant that he didn't have enough room to eat comfortably. It was either that or risk being molested by Draco again.

Nuada watched with narrowed eyes. It was the fifth time that the blond had attempted to flirt with his Melanin. He was trying desperately not to kill the pest, mainly because he didn't want to upset Harry, but also because Draco wasn't to know of Elvin customs anymore than Harry had known not to bow before him. If they had been surrounded by Elves, no one would have dared to approach his mate in such a way. Making advances on a mated Elf was tantamount to suicide: Nuada was well within his rights to execute the blond Wizard, as well as that irritating red-haired woman.

But, no, he would not do anything to upset his mate. Was it only a day ago that he had held a dagger to his mate's throat? He could not allow himself to treat his mate as badly as that again, nor did he want his mate's emotional injuries on his own conscience. Malfoy would live, for now.

"Would you like some kiwi-juice, Harry?" Draco held the jug out to him. The brunette shook his head and Draco put the jug back on the table with a grin. "I should have remembered. You haven't been able to abide the stuff since we were in Barcelona. How long ago was that?" He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Five years ago, maybe? Well, I don't remember how long ago it was, but I certainly remember the night we shagged on the beach and you begged for my cock up-" Nuada shoved his chair away from the table, and stormed out of the room. Draco watched him go with a raised eyebrow and a smirk, "what's his problem?"

"Draco can't help himself." Harry said, trying to excuse his friend. His family looked on in shock as Harry made to follow the Elf from the room. "Please excuse me."

"Was it something I said?" The blond asked, mock innocently.

Harry found the Elf in his own bedroom. Harry had offered everyone their own room, but those in couples had chosen to sleep with one another. Harry hadn't complained when Nuada informed him that they would be sharing a bed. The Elf was shirtless, his blond hair loose. He spun in a circle, jabbing his lance at imaginary foes, kicking out and flipping over backwards as he evaded invisible attacks. Harry watched him work off his anger, his wide with awe and his groin tightened in lust at the sight of Nuada's bare chest slick with sweat and heaving.

The King noticed him as Harry let out an involuntary groan. "You are mine," he hissed. Harry found himself shoved back against the wall, his shoulders tingling where Nuada's hands gripped them, squeezing rhythmically.

"I am yours?" Harry asked with a soft smile. He knew he probably shouldn't wind Nuada up, but the blond was going to have to get used to the fact that people would always want to be with Harry, because he was rich, famous and attractive.

"You are!" The Elf surged forward, the entire length of his body pressed tightly to Harry's. The brunette could feel every coiled muscle and the telltale hardness of Nuada's length.

"Prove it, then," Harry whispered, leaning forward to brush his lips against the King's. He began to draw away, but one of Nuada's hands fisted into his hair at the back of his head, jerking him forward again. Their lips met roughly, teeth clashing and Harry gave another moan as Nuada lifted him of the ground and carried him over to the bed, his tongue still tracing against Harry's lips.

( Slash Starts Here )

They shed their clothing hurriedly, racing against one another silently to be the first one undressed. Nuada, who only wore a one-piece robe, was naked first and Harry stopped, fingers on his trouser buttons, as he drank in the sight of his mate. Harry licked his lips, unzipped himself and shimmed out of his pants. His eyes strayed down to Nuada's cock, which was full and long, and it bobbed slightly as the Elf moved closer to his mate.

A softer kiss was bestowed on Harry's mouth as Nuada took it upon himself to undress the Wizard.

"Accio," Harry called, and held his hand out. A small jar of lubricant sailed out of the nearest drawer and landed in Harry's palm. He opened the jar, well aware of Nuada's gaze on him, and dipped his fingers inside. When his fingers were covered sufficiently, he dropped the jar onto the bed beside him, and lay back against the pillows. His legs were spread and bent at the knees, baring himself to Nuada's gaze. A finger circled his entrance, and the pucker winked at the Elf as Harry pushed a finger inside of himself. The brunette threw his head back with a moan. He was still loose enough from the night before, but he was mostly preparing himself for Nuada's benefit, not his own.

"Lle naa vanima," (You are beautiful) Nuada breathed.

He reached towards his mate, but Harry shoved him away. A second finger pressed into him, and the brunette arched his back with a moan, his eyes fixed on Nuada's face. "I want to," Harry told him softly, "let me."

With two fingers inside of himself, Harry pulled his hips up and then pushed down, fucking himself slowly as the Elf watched, entranced. Nuada reached over for the jar. Having watched Harry earlier, he copied the boy, swirling his fingers around in the lotion before rubbing it over his length. He crawled up along the bed, stopping above his mate. Nuada pulled at Harry's hand, drawing the fingers out and freeing Harry's body for something else to fill it instead.

"I cannot wait any longer," the Elf whispered. In invitation, Harry spread his legs wider.

Nuada pressed forward; his length nudging at Harry's hole, penetrating his body as the man raised his hips to meet it. Harry's legs locked around Nuada's waist, tugging the Elf down on top of him fully. Nuada's hands clutched at Harry's hips, running down his thighs and back up again. They kissed, tongues and lips rubbing against each other's, eyes closed as breath came in shallow pants. They rocked together, straining desperately towards release but at the same time never wanting the moment to end.

His cock brushed against Harry's prostate, and the man screamed. He threw his head back as he cried out, seeing stars explode behind his closed eyelids. On top of him, Nuada chuckled, but it cut off into a strangled gasp as Harry clenched his arse, squeezing Nuada's cock. Harry panted as he felt the coiling begin in his stomach, he reached down, wrapping his hand around himself and he began to stroke.

Harry came first again. With a cry of 'Nuada', he released himself into his own hand. He watched, fascinated, as the Elf followed him seconds later, the clenching of Harry's muscles around his cock too much for him to bear.

(Slash Scene Ends)

Nuada rolled to the side, pulling Harry within and settling the brunette into the crook of his arm. "I love you too, my Melanin," Nuada told him for the first time. Harry smiled, his face against the Elf's chest.

"I love you," he replied, just before he fell asleep.


The following day, Harry and Nuada didn't wake until rather late. When they ate, they did so in silence and in the kitchens, just the two of them. The others were gathered in the library when Kreacher came to fetch his master. "Follow me, Master," the House Elf wheezed, bowing at the waist and walking backwards.

"Good morning," Dalton grinned at the other Wizard. Draco gave Nuada a sneer, having guessed why they were so late rising and he wasn't impressed by it at all.

"Have a good night, little brother?" Hellboy winked at him, blowing a puff of cigar smoke into his face. Harry scowled. "So, details? How long, how hard, how loud?"

Harry bared his teeth at the red demon, and hissed, "Rhachon le!" (I curse you)

"Yeah, yeah, with bells on," Hellboy muttered, not having known what his brother said but being smart enough to guess that it was something unpleasant.

"Anyway," Harry said, clearing his throat. "Did you all sleep well? Good. Excuse me." He turned away from them, most of who were desperately smoothing grins, and headed towards the fireplace. "Ministry of Magic, Minister's office," he called out loudly, throwing a handful of green powder onto the logs. A green flame burst into life, flickering wildly as Harry stuck his head inside.

"Hello Lord Potter," a tall black man said with a smile. He stood up from his desk and made his way forward to kneel before the fireplace. "How are you?"

"Have you heard about my double?"

Kinsley Shacklebolt grinned, his white teeth flashing in contrast against his dark skin. "Looks and sounds just like you, but is in need of a personality transplant? Yeah, I know of him." Kingsley sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. "I also heard about what happened yesterday in Diagon Alley."

"Yeah." Harry blew out a deep breath and frowned. "I need your help, Lee. I was thinking about it, and I think, maybe, if we can push him through the veil it will either send his soul back to hell, or destroy it completely, or very unlikely but possible it may merge it with myself, joining us back together again. But, I need your permission for my friends and I to enter the Department of Mysteries."

"Very well, if you think it will help." Kingsley said softly. "But be careful. You remember what happened last time?" Harry nodded. In his second year, Lord Voldemort had attempted to steal a prophecy from the Department of Mysteries. Because Harry had not gone to Hogwarts until he was fourteen, Voldemort had half decided that the other prophecy child, Neville Longbottom, must have been the real 'hero'. Voldemort had lured Neville to the Ministry in hopes of capturing both the boy and the prophecy, but he hadn't counted on Harry having a vision of the plan. Harry had arrived, along with Luna and Draco, just in time to see a Death Eater push Neville through the veil.

"Yeah, I'll be careful."

"Then you have my permission."

Harry gave Kingsley one more smile, before pulling his head out of the fireplace. He grinned at the group of people who were watching him worriedly. "Where did Dalton go?"

"To Knockturn Alley," Draco said. "He said he knew someone who would sell him a Snare." Harry's eyebrows furrowed, and then a smirk spread across his face. "I see you know what one is."

"The only problem will be getting Ciaràn alone. I don't want to risk trapping anyone else inside."

"What is a snare?" Nuada asked, frowning over at his mate.

Johann Krauss, who had remained practically mute since they arrived, began to speak. "A Snare," he explained, "is a magical device, a trap if you will. It is shaped like a small box, generally in black. When the lid is opened, facing a person, they will be sucked into the trap until the lid is opened a second time. However, if someone becomes trapped with Ciaràn, there is no way to release that person without freeing Ciaràn as well. But it's the best plan we have so far."

"What were you going to do, Harry?" Liz asked suddenly, looking worried.

"I was going to push him through the veil. But I wasn't sure how to get him there."

Draco frowned. "The veil is dangerous Harry! But the Snare isn't a permanent solution either. I suppose, if you timed it right, opened the Snare directly into the veil, he wouldn't have a chance to grab onto you."

Harry felt the wards tingle. With a frown, he looked towards the door. Dalton was the only person who should have been entering Potter Manor, but the wards were telling him there was more than one person. His eyes narrowed as the door flew open.

"We have a problem," Dalton said. He threw the Snare to Harry without warning. The brunette ex-Seeker caught the box, holding it against his chest.

"Why hello, hello," Andromeda said to each person in turn. She shook hands with Harry and Draco and waved at everyone else. Harry's godson, Teddy, waited just behind his grandmother. The eight-year-old rolled his eyes at Harry and gave a grin: one of his front teeth was missing. "Well, where is Scorpius?" She asked with a wide grin.

"What?" Draco hissed, his voice cold and angry. "Andromeda, you are minding my son."

"Well, I was," she agreed, "but Marcaunon collected him from me fifteen minutes ago and told me to go shopping." She frowned. "I didn't even need to buy anything, but Ainion said I should go shopping."

"Where were you when Harry came?" Draco asked, clenching his fists at his sides.

She frowned, "you know, I don't remember. But it doesn't matter, because Ainion is here. So where is Scorpius?" No one answered her. Instead, Liz reached forward and took the woman by the hand. Liz sat Andromeda down in a chair, and patted the woman awkwardly on the shoulder. Teddy followed his grandmother, his hair a sickly straw colour as he sniffled sadly. "He is ok, isn't he?" Again, no one answered her question.

"You didn't tell her I had a doppelganger?" Harry scowled at the blond. He clicked his fingers and waited for Kreacher to appear. "Have you seen Scorpius Malfoy?"

"Yes Master," Kreacher said as he bowed low. He began to wring his ears. "Master tell Kreacher nots to be telling, sir."

"I'm telling you to tell me, right now, elf, or I will punish you severely!" Kreacher said nothing still, but he squeezed harder at his ears. "Fine! Kreacher, go iron your fingers and come straight back here. No bandages!" Nuala looked over at him, her eyes wide in horror. "Oh don't mind Kreacher. He enjoys being treated like this. I said 'please' to him once and he tried to strangle me as I slept. He only likes me because I treat him like shit." He gave a shrug and a wry grin and waited for the house elf to come back.

"Kreacher is being sorry Master. Forgive Kreacher!" The elf threw himself to the ground, his burnt hands stretched out in front of him so that Harry could inspect them.

"Suitable," Harry muttered. "Now, tell me where Scorpius is."

"He is at the Grim Old Place, Master. Little master is at home, sir."

Harry narrowed his eyes and Kreacher gave a squeal and popped away immediately. "Come on Draco. Dalton, bring the Snare." He held it out to the vampire, who took it with a nod of his head.

"My lord, perhaps this isn't the best idea you've ever had?" Dalton said softly, twisting the black box between his hands. "Perhaps we should call the Aurors, just this once?" Harry raised an eyebrow. "No, you're right. Let's go before I change my mind."

The others waited behind. Harry, Draco and Dalton entered the fireplace one by one and flooed to Number 12, Grimmauld Place – Sirius Black's old home. It was dark where they arrived, and the dust was at least two layers thick. Draco sneezes, and wrinkled his nose in disgust. His hand covered his face, grey eyes looking around for any sign of his son, as much as they flickered back to the fireplace and the clean home they had left. Dalton took a deep breath. One hand held the Snare, and the other rested on the lid, ready to draw it back at a moments notice.

A streak of green light shot passed in front of Harry's face and he threw himself to the ground on autopilot. He rolled onto his back, his wand raised. A second jet of light raced towards him and he cried, "Protego!"

The red light bounced back the way it had come and someone screamed. When the screaming stopped, another spell was fired towards them. There was hissing, and Harry suddenly remembered the Cobra Ciaràn had purchased. They would all have to be careful not to get bitten. Draco looked at Harry, wide eyed, and nodded. He walked back the way they had come, and snuck around through the hidden door in the wall that Mrs. Black's portrait had once covered. He appeared behind Ciaràn, shooting a spell into the creature's back. Ciaràn screamed, turning around and slapping Draco across the face. The blow had enough force to knock Draco back into the wall. A child cried out, and the blond turned his head slowly. His vision was fuzzy and his head felt heavy, but he came back to his senses quickly enough when he caught sight of the tears on his son's face. The three-year-old was tied to a chair, and there was a hand shaped bruise on his left cheek.

"The little brat wouldn't stop crying. He needed to be taught some manners." Ciaràn hissed, raising his wand and pointing it at Draco. "Avada Ked-" He began.

Three things happened at once. Firstly, Draco grabbed onto Scorpius' hand, and apparated them both, and the chair, out of range of the Killing Curse. Secondly, Dalton lifted the lid of the Snare, sneaking up behind Ciaràn. And thirdly, Harry heard the beginning of the curse and dived forward, not seeing Dalton, and knocked Ciaràn to the ground. When the Snare activated, he was sucked inside along with Ciaràn.

"Ainion!" Dalton screamed, and rushed forward to grab the box he had dropped to the ground. Draco grabbed his arm before he could open it again.

"Let's take it to the Ministry first. Marcaunon will be fine for a little while." He was panting softly, holding a hand to the back of his head. Together they untied Scorpius. Dalton carried the toddler while Draco held on to the box. The blond felt a little too dizzy to be trusted to hold his son safely.

"Where is Ainion?" Nuada asked. Draco held out the Snare. "Give it to me!" The Elf ordered.

Draco clutched it tighter. "He wouldn't want us to open it until we get to the Department of Mysteries." The blond insisted.

"Then we shall go to this mysterious place, and you shall release my mate from your prison." The blond Elf said with narrowed eyes.

"Mysteries," Draco corrected under his breath, "not mysterious."

Dalton led them to the fireplace. No one wanted to be left behind this time.


The veil fluttered lightly before them. It looked like a tattered black curtain, hanging from midair, and moving in a breeze that no one else could feel. Hellboy cringed away from the veil; the voices followed him, taunting him. Liz could hear them calling to her, begging her to join them again, to come back to where she belonged but she wouldn't listen. Dalton could hear them snarling at him, spitting and hissing, calling him a demon then begging for his forgiveness, but he was used to it. The others could hear nothing.

"It's just a curtain." Abe said, looking sideways at it, hoping that it would do something other than hang there.

"It is evil," Nuada and Nuala said at once, before turning to smile at the other.

"But it is still only a curtain." Johann reiterated, crossing his arms over his chest.

Dalton gave a chilling laugh. "They know better, especially him." He nodded at Hellboy, who would have been pale if he could have managed it. "The veil is the gateway to Hell, and it's calling Red home, isn't it?"

They stayed silent after that. They spread out, moving to stand in a semi circle around the veil, with Dalton and Draco at the centre points. Dalton laid the Snare on the floor between him and the veil, and raised the lid. He jumped back into his position, wand raised, and waited.

A light flashed through the room, and when it cleared the Snare was closed again, but empty. Harry stood before them, just one of him. He was dressed the same way they both had been, and his hair was the same length and colour and he was the same height. The snake around his shoulders was the same colour as his eyes; a green so dark they were almost black. But he was smiling.

"Who are those people, master?" The Cobra hissed.

Harry reached out to stroke her head, his fingernails scraping lightly against the scales above her nostrils. "Those people are my nest mates, my family. And that tall one there, with the long blond hair, he is my mate."

"He will give you good hatchlings." The snake said decisively, bobbing her head slowly as her lipless mouth split into what passed as a grin.

"Cormamin lindua ele lle." (My heart sings to see thee) Harry said with a smile. He raised one hand to wave at them. A small gasp escaped his mouth as Hellboy grabbed hold of him and swung him around in the air.

"Damn you! I thought you had let that other little shit beat you!" The demon squeezed his little brother against his chest, careful so as not to hurt him, and he pressed a kiss to Ainion's head. "It's good to have you back."

"What happened?" Dalton asked, picking up the Snare from the ground.

"We fought. I won. This is Nagini II by the way; don't ask about the name, Ciaràn named her. Ciaràn disappeared and I have a blinding headache."

"And your eyes have changed colour." Draco pointed out, since Harry didn't seem to have noticed yet. "But it looks much better on you than it did on him."

"Well of course it does." The brunette grinned. One hand continued to stroke the snake's head and his other hand took Nuada's, lacing their fingers together, and squeezing tightly.

They left the Department of Mysteries, walking silently along the hallways and corridors, taking the stairs instead of the lift. Harry stopped at Level Three and they followed him. He stopped in front of a door that read 'Department of Family Affairs', and turned to the King of the Elves.

"Since we're here, and all, do you want to get married?" He said it nonchalantly, but Nuada could feel Harry tense, and he could feel the grip Harry had on his hand tightened slightly.

"I would love to get married to you, Melanin." The blond smiled warmly, his eyes sparkling.

"Good. Since we're here already, and everything."

Nuada held the door open for his mate and the group filed inside. They headed towards the door marked 'marriage licenses', and waited as a woman offered to find the Officiator. She also sent a message down to the Minister's office. As they waited for both men, Hellboy ran his eyes over his brother first and then the Elf.

"So," he lit up a cigar and took a puff, "which one of you is wearing the dress?"

"Futue te ipsum et caballum tuum,"10 Harry said calmly in Latin, a red flush already spreading across his cheeks. Liz gave a sigh, and clicked her fingers. Hellboy didn't notice when her hand caught fire, but he gave a cough when she slapped him on the arse. He also didn't notice when the fire jumped from Liz's palm to his trousers, setting them alight.

And Harry wasn't really inclined to tell him.

The End

* * *

1 – "Mára aurë" [Mah-rah ow-ray] Translation: Hello.

2 – Ciaràn means "dark haired one", but it also means "dark one", which I suppose is referring to his hair colour anyway. It's my brother's name.

3 – "Im gelir ceni ad lín" [Eem geh-leer keh-nee ahd leen] Translation: I am happy to see you again.

4 – "Sen tîr?" [Sehn teer] Translation: Is this true?

5 – DA –Diagon Alley. RV –Rendezvous Point. The numbers are random area codes (like a phone number) and the M – for Menagerie. After the war, the WW went through an overhaul. They now allow Portkeys in and out of Diagon Alley but they must be Ministry and Department for Magical Travel (international or not) sanctioned and they deliver at certain locations.

6 – "Man mathach?" [Mahn mah-thakh?] Translation: How do you feel?

7 – "Aníron gwanna" [Ah-NEAR-on gwahn-nah] Translation: I wish I could leave.

8 – "Nai Valaraukar tye-mátar" [nye Vahl-are-ow-kahr too-ay-mah-tahr] Translation: May Balrogs eat you

9 – "Rhachon le!" [Rahkh-on lay] Translation: I curse you!

10 – "Futue te ipsum et caballum tuum." Latin for: Screw you and the horse you rode in on.

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