It was the end of July and Harry's birthday. He was twenty two years old. He was home for once. He had joined the national quidditch team out of school and they played the summer months. The semi-finals were over and the final game was not till next week in Romania. As starting seeker he had played in the finals two of the three past years and they had one once. Harry had surprised everyone with his career choice. He had been divided between his love for Charms and potions. And had found a balance. He had graduated in June as a healer, apprenticing under Madam Pomfrey. It combined both fields. Madam Pomfrey usually left potion making to his dad but Harry had also apprenticed with his dad and become a potions master second class. It would have taken a lot more time and three more years to be a first class like his dad but it was not where his heart lay. He and his dad still spent a lot of time in the lab together and would continue. Poppy had retired and in September Harry would be the healer for school. George still taught flying and ran the shop in Hogsmeade, Fred now running a second location in London and married to Alicia.

Harry looked at his family. His Dad and Dora had two kids together. Damon was six and his little sister Iola Drusilla was three. Iola was definitely her Daddy's princess. But she was definitely high on Harry's list as well. Remus and Sirius had come with Max and Rory as well. He could not believe Rory would start school in a year. Among the Weasleys were Grant and Charlie. Stephanie had been joined by two brothers, Gareth and Markus but she was Grant's secret favourite. Harry watched Grant and his daughter and there was definitely no doubt she was that.

Harry looked at Fred who was coming his way. "Where is your brother anyways? I would think my boyfriend could manage to show up on time."

Fred laughed. "He is working on a special surprise for you for your birthday. I have a feeling that you will think that it is worth the wait."

Harry raised an eyebrow at that. George definitely liked his surprises. Nothing had changed there. But that was not always a good thing. He loved George dearly but sometimes he scared Harry with his boyfriend. He could see from the looks on faces he was the only one not aware of what was going on. Even his dad had an odd look on his face. Harry was confused but it would not take long for him to get an answer to his question.

Suddenly a little ball of gray fur with a huge pink ribbon around his neck dashed at him and he scooped it up. "For me?"

George smiled and came to kiss him. "I knew you were sad since Whiskers died and you needed a new cat. I hope it is enough to forgive me for being late."

Harry's beloved cat he was given from Narcissa had died that winter. He had not had the heart to replace Whiskers yet. But he always thought he would have a cat around him. But he had spent time with Rory's cat. And he kept telling himself he would soon enough. It was just hard to replace a cat he had for nearly seventeen years. He had his owl besides. He was touched especially since the cat was the spitting image of whiskers. But he was not sure what all of the excitement and odd looks were about over his new kitten.

He looked at George. "I love my gift and you but I am not sure it is worth all the hype."

George laughed and pointed at the cat's neck. "You have only noticed half of the gift."

Harry realized what he mistook for a tag on the collar was a ring. Not just a ring. It was an engagement ring. He gaped at the platinum band which had a large ruby center with little diamonds along both sides of it. George had made quite a bit of money with his shop not to mention teaching but he was still shocked. He was still gaping when George took the ring from the collar.

He knelt in front of Harry. "I love you. You are my heart and soul. You make me laugh. I want to spend my life with you, have a family with you. Marry me."

Harry had been waiting for this but he could still not believe this was happening. He nodded as he was choking on his words. "Yes."

George took the ring and slid it on to Harry's hand and standing he swung Harry off the ground and around in a circle as he kissed him. George had asked Severus his permission to propose and Severus had provided him the ring. Severus had bought it for Lily. He had never been able to give it to her. But she would have been happy to see her son wear it. He had only ever proposed once, to his beloved wife and mother of his two youngest, but he kept the ring for Lily would always have a part of him because of the son they shared together.

Severus came to congratulate them and explained about the ring. "I thought it would mean more to you then some new ring from the shop."

Harry hugged his dad and Dora. "It does. Thank you for it Dad. I can't believe that this is happening."

The birthday party turned into an impromptu engagement celebration as well. The Weasleys were of course just as happy. Molly had always wanted Harry as a son. She had loved him as one since he was a little boy. But she was definitely over the moon when she found out it would be for real. Harry's siblings were excited to have George as a brother. But the only thing Iola wanted to know was the name he had chosen for the cat. Harry had bought her one like Rory for both his sisters loved cats. His new one turned out to be a part kneezle from Arabella as well.

Harry laughed and looked at his cat. "Well in honour of my late cat, this is Sir Bear, as he has already become my little ring bearer."

Author note: Iola Drucilla: Iola (Greek) means a violet, and is the name of one of the wives of Hercules, carries on the Greek myth tradition of the Blacks, Drucilla (Latin) fruitful is a nam from Roman history like Severus, daughters of both Emperors Coligula and Agrippa carried the name