Yes, this fanfic is UlquiorraxYoruichi. I'm trying something new and unique xD We'll see how this goes, since I'm not an expert on Ulquiorra (yet). I am currently finished through book 25, so, I don't know half as much as most people do know.

I will say there –may- be spoilers, so please only read this if you either aren't worried about spoilers, or know everything that has happened with Ulquiorra so far, as I do read spoilers online sometimes, so information in here may be used from spoiler information. This will probably take place before Ulquiorra actually encountered everyone the first time, since he will not have seen Ichigo yet in this story. And, please also note I have –no- idea what it's like in Hueco Mundo, or Las Noches, so all rooms, building themes, etc. are all just based off of my imagination, so… please bear with me ^^ Though, I did do some slight research…but do they have rooms? I don't know xD

Anyway, I'll start with an intro and see how everyone likes it. I will explain some more at the end.


Destiny always brings us to those we should trust, and those we should trust, are sometimes who we least expect them to be.

The night brought on one mystery after another it seemed. At first, it was simple, he was to pinpoint the three he knew might be trouble someday, so he would know relative locations, and be able to give as much information to Aizen as possible before any attacks were made. Of course, he was most interested in Ichigo Kurosaki, since he seemed to be a large threat now. However, He was also the he was the easiest one to find. That kid doesn't know how to hide himself very well. He thought as he turned yet another corner. The only one left is Yoruichi Shihouin.

It was a calm night that provided him with an ease to concentrate on finding them, but he couldn't sense her at all. What he could sense however, was that he was being followed, and had been for a few minutes. He kept a steady pace as to not give away any indication that he had caught on, but tried to tell who it was, no one who had any spiritual pressure that he could find, so how did it see him to follow? Maybe it's just a coincidence… yet following me down these back streets this late at night is peculiar. He stopped short and stood still, noticing that his follower also came to a halt. He slowly turned his head just enough to see behind him out of the corner of his eye, and noticed something shadow like leap onto a rooftop nearby. Acting quickly, he moved with a flash step and had the cat by the scruff of its neck before it could make a reaction. He noted the black fur and bright yellow eyes that stood out against the short, fine coat. The cat's eyes looked inquisitive, as they studied his face. He said nothing, but took note of the cat's odd behavior and continued on his way still holding it tightly. It made no effort to escape at that moment, and relaxed in his hand. He thought about it for a moment and decided her whereabouts didn't matter at the moment, deciding she could likely be in the soul society.

His hand slashed through the night air, opening up a portal to Hueco Mundo. He took one glance around before stepping inside, the cat still accompanying him. Its eyes scanned the world outside of the portal before it was closed out of that world. Once the new world flashed into perspective, the cat stared at everything, taking it all in one stride. Everything was plain, and everything was pure white and plain. Desert scenery was the only landscape theme here, along with a towering fortress located in the middle of the white void, or was there a middle?

Ulquiorra moved on without hesitation at the dull scenery he knew as home. He held the cat close to him, trying to sneak it in without it being noticed. As soon as he entered the building, more white noted, he walked down the hallways naturally, taking turns in stride, and finding his room. Once inside, and safely unnoticed, he tossed the cat on the floor and closed the door behind him. The cat scanned the room quickly, only more white and nothing too revealing, then returned it's attention to him. He ignored its presence and wanting eyes, and walked out the door.

I'm stuck here now I suppose. I guess getting close to the enemy will be to my benefit anyway, as long as I am not killed first. The cat thought to herself, and sat on the floor. And how does he live in here? Its empty, and completely boring. I'm going to die of boredom before anyone even gets their hands on me. She sighed and sprawled across the floor, allowing her mind to keep her occupied with its questioning. Why did he take me here, and what does he plan to do with me? I'm only a cat as far as he knows. Maybe he's just lonely…

With each passing day, the enemy becomes my friend, and my friend becomes my lover…

Ok, My introductions are never overly exciting or anything, after all... it's just an introduction xD The first chapter will be much longer, more interesting, and the characters will start to interact, as the next chapter is "The Cat Talks"

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