I know this took forever but whatevs, after you read it I'm sure I'll be forgiven.

Just a note: this is completely AU for the Secret story. Bella's not thinking this stuff in the story and neither is Edward. It was just a what-if thing I wanted to write. They have no bearing on the characters of the story or the plot.

I don't own Twilight, but Steph owns Edward in his peaked cap & tighty whities ;) (love you HARD woman)

I was on the elevator, going to find Edward. Jacob and our friends were at the house when it occurred to me I had forgotten to ask him something really important. I wasn't sure if Vanessa was still around but I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue to borrow him for five minutes. It's not like I was going to do anything. I was happily committed to Jacob. She could see that herself.

How committed Edward was to her? Well, that was a different story. I'd never seen them interact other than that one morning at police headquarters and tonight was truly strange. His body language was totally uninviting towards her and his rebuttal of Jacob's compliment was equally cold. If I didn't know any better I'd swear Edward was living in an ice cave. Even the apartment looked sterile and completely unwelcoming from the little I could see.

I was actually completely shocked when he was at the door. I had no idea where he lived and never had any intention of finding out but for some reason I was truly happy he lived so close. Although, I wasn't entirely sure it was only his apartment.

There was a possibility Vanessa lived there but I wasn't too sure. The apartment didn't have any feminine touch and not that I was a guru on making a home warmer and more feminine but it was very obvious he had decorated it. It was all stainless steel and top of the line; the kind of stuff that looked nice but you never actually used because you'd get it dirty very quickly.

The elevator finally reached his floor and I stepped off. I began to get nervous and my body temperature rose. A slight line of perspiration was beginning to form beneath my lower lip and along my hairline. Why was I so nervous? Because you totally have the hots for him, my devious side snickered. I clasped my hands together and moved my fingers absentmindedly. I bit my lip and scrunched my eyebrows together.

Why was I coming here again? Oh right because I had something to ask him. I raised my right fist to the door and hesitated. I hadn't told Jacob I was coming here. He didn't even know I was working with Edward now. I only told him I had an emergency and asked him to cover for me. My friends were unaware of my other identity. It was something I didn't even want to tell Jacob but did so because I knew I had to. Our relationship would never survive if I kept a secret that large.

I decided to buck up and knock on the door because let's face it. I was Bella (or to Edward, Isabella) fucking Swan. I was doing nothing wrong by talking to Edward. We were completely platonic. Only "friends." There was nothing more. I was in love with Jacob. He and I would get married one day and Edward would have meaningless sex with random women until he was old and no one was into him anymore.

Although, truth be told I'm sure he'd be a good-looking older man. I could totally see him as the George Clooney type.


Right, so I was about to knock on the door. My fist made contact with the metal and wood. I waited a minute and there was no response. I knocked once again and still no response. I was a little curious so I grabbed the handle. It was open. I pushed the door open and peeked my head in side.

"Hello?" I called out.

Again, no response.

I walked in and closed the door quietly behind me. I looked around the apartment. It was absolutely huge. The western wall was made entirely of glass and had a breathtaking view of Seattle. I began to feel uneasy as I thought of how much this apartment must cost him.

The only thing I could say for Edward was that he had good taste in furniture. It was all very modern and expensive-looking. I called out his name but again there was silence. I was beginning to worry that maybe he was sleeping when I finally heard the faint music. It was Chopin. The music was such a somber tone that I didn't quite understand at first. I called out his name again and pushed open what I assumed to be his bedroom door just a little.

My breathing hitched and my chest tightened. Edward was standing in front of his walk-in closet. His back was to me. He was wearing his uniform. The peaked cap was still in place and his crisp white shirt was on. His shoulder holster was also on but I quickly noticed there was no gun in place. The song ended and the room grew quiet. My heavy breathing was exposed.

Edward turned around and my knees grew weak. His shirt was open, revealing every muscle and dip of his chest and lower stomach. I'd never seen a man so beautifully defined before. He was muscular but lean at the same time. There was no bulk to his obvious strength, just the chiseled planes of his abdomens and pectorals. I began to feel the need to run the tips of my fingers down his chest. I made eye contact with him and he breathed my name. I absolutely loathed my full name but hearing him say it made it so much more desirable.

My lips trembled and I had every intention of saying his name back just because it felt appropriate but I was completely under his control. My lips parted and he shook his head so unnoticeably I wasn't sure if it really happened. He unstrapped and took off the shoulder holster. He tossed it to the side and I was kind of sad to see it go. I was never a fan of violence or weapons but gosh I was really turned on by seeing him wear it.

My ever-noble conscience was screaming at me to leave because the fact he was stalking towards me and taking off his shirt only meant one thing. My libido was screeching back that I wanted to know what this would be like for weeks and who was I to stop him? My libido won out because well…Edward was now shirtless and right in my face.

"I should ask what you're doing here but I don't care," he whispered.

I was staring at his Adam's apple. I swallowed hard and audibly. My eyes trailed up to meet his and they were smoldering. His stare was even more intense than the one he'd given me after I slapped him last month. I noticed that his cap was still on and I smiled. His eyes questioned me in response.

"Keep the hat on?" I requested.

He glanced up at the hat and smirked a little before looking at me. He smiled his crooked smile and I knew he was agreeing. His left index finger came up and hovered above my cheek. The heat emanating from my skin was embarrassing. Once he made soft contact my eyes closed and everything became heightened. It was a sensory experience.

His finger slowly trailed from my cheek, past my jaw, down my throat, to my collarbone, and finally to the valley between my breasts. I opened my eyes. Edward's deep green ones were transfixed on the leather I was wearing. He pinched the zipper between his thumb and forefinger but didn't move.

I exhaled shakily, my body trembling with every release. He tugged it down infinitesimally and one set of teeth was undone. He glanced up and I stared back. I didn't have it in me to tell him to stop. We both wanted this more than anything in the world combined. At least I knew I did. It was the curiosity and pull between us. I just wanted to know what he'd be like.

Edward pulled it down some more and I could feel the tops of my breasts relax from their previous confines. Edward looked back down at the zipper and pulled it down slowly but completely. His eyes trailed from the undone zipper at the top of my waist, up my chest, to my eyes. He gulped a bit when he noticed I wasn't a bra. I silently urged him with my eyes to kiss me already. I wanted to taste him.

I wanted to know if he tasted as good as I had always suspected he did. I grabbed his hands and placed them around my neck. I cradled his face in response and his eyes smoldered even more darkly. There was a slight amber in his solid green eyes. It reminded me of embers from a fire. I leaned forward and he crushed his lips to mine.

I wanted to gasp in surprise but my mouth was completely covered. His feather-soft lips were urgent and pleading against mine. My hands left his face and I threw my arms around his neck. I almost knocked his cap off so I pulled back for a second and adjusted his cap. When I looked back at Edward he was smirking.

He lifted me up without warning and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. He threw me onto his bed and fell on top of me. He kissed me frantically while I pushed back against him. His tongue slid past my top lip and I gave him what he wanted because he was polite enough to share his intentions. No awkward or gross shoving of tongues into people's mouths.

I was hyper-aware of the fact his hands were now grabbing at the sides of my leather jumpsuit. He pulled the material past my shoulder at a snail's pace. I would've urged him to go quicker but I was content with his tongue fucking my mouth and his groin grinding into mine. I needed to breathe so I, unfortunately, pulled back and titled my head. Edward obliged and started kissing my jaw, up to my ear.

"God, Isabella you have no idea how badly I wanted to peel this suit off of you earlier," he whispered in my ear and nipped my ear lobe.

I arched into him while he pulled the leather from my back. My chest was now completely exposed. The cool air hit immediately and my body reacted. Edward pulled back momentarily and straddled my waist. I gulped as he crawled down my body. He got to my waist and looked up at me from under his eyelashes.

He slowly peeled the sleeves off my arms and my entire upper body was bare. Once the top portion of my jumpsuit was sitting at my waist he looked at his progress. His eyes widened when he noticed I was not, in fact, wearing pasties or anything to cover my breasts with this outfit. I couldn't decide who was more thankful me or Edward.

"Isabella," he whispered almost reverently and for a split second my stomach did flip-flops because I'd never felt so proud of my girls.

He stared at my body through narrow eyes and with a look of hunger. He licked his lips as if he was fucking LL Cool J and I whimpered. His green eyes shot back to mine and he stared at me so intensely. His index fingers came to my shoulders and I shuddered slightly at his touch. They ghosted down my arms. He moved back up to my shoulders and placed a kiss on each side.

He began with my right arm and placed a trail of a searing hot kisses down my arm. When he got to my hand he lifted my palm to his lips and placed a tender kiss while he maintained eye-contact. It was soft and romantic and I'd never felt more beautiful. He did the same with my left arm and hand but I couldn't stand to be away from him any longer.

I grabbed his neck and pulled his lips to mine because I hadn't got enough of those lips of his yet tonight. Edward was a fantastic kisser. I coaxed his mouth open by sliding my tongue along his bottom lip. He opened his mouth wider and with more force to allow my tongue in. His tongue was warm, and smooth, and just amazing. I was losing my ability to think and formulate intelligent responses.

I felt his hand ghost up the side of my thigh. I shivered slightly and he pulled back from our conjoined mouths only slightly to smile. Suddenly, his hand was right below my right breast and he paused. It was the first time he had paused to gauge my reaction. He was trying not to scare me off. I reached my free hand down and placed it on top his. I placed his hand on my breast and let go.

Edward grabbed me firmly but with a careful softness. He wasn't going to be rough and grabby. He was going to worship my body just like he'd been doing all night. There wasn't a second that had passed where I didn't feel appreciated. I pulled away breathless and my head leaned back against the pillows of his bed. His lips moved to my neck and my eyes fluttered.

I noticed he was still wearing that peaked cap and I smiled. His kisses moved to my collarbone. He sucked and nipped at my skin and I moaned loudly. I bit my lip due to my embarrassment. Edward chuckled deeply and the vibration of his laughter against my skin sent chills down my spine.

He dragged his top lip down to my breast and teased me. He never touched my right nipple but danced around it. I wanted to fist his hair but the hat was on, so I settled for putting my hand behind his neck and pushing him into my skin. His teeth finally grazed my nipple and I let out a stuttered breath.

His mouth went to work on my right breast while his hand moved around. He never stayed in one place for too long. It was as if he was memorizing every piece of my body. My right hand ran down his arm and my God his biceps were as hard as steel. I could feel his muscles straining as he held himself up. I felt guilty for all his work so I pulled his mouth back to mine and decided to take control.

I rolled us over despite his hesitance and reached blindly for his belt buckle. I accidentally brushed against his crotch and felt how hard and big he was. His cock twitched and my stomach flopped again. I was imagining how he'd fill me up and I began to become even more aroused. Edward probably wouldn't last long when he realized I wasn't wearing underwear with this outfit either.

I undid his belt buckle finally and threw it off the side of the bed. I yanked his zipper down and popped the button open. The pants needed to come off already! I pulled them down and released Edward's lips. I crawled down his body, along with the pants, and threw them on the floor. I looked up at him from underneath my lashes in the same manner he had.

I glanced at his how pantless lower half and smirked when I noticed he was wearing white boxer briefs. He was standing at attention and I grinned. I pulled out his thick cock and he groaned. His eyes slid shut and God he was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. His chest was defined, his face was chiseled, his lips were parted and swollen from kissing, and that damn sexy hat was still on.

I used the precum from his swollen head to stroke him. His head fell into the pillows silently and he thrust forward. I stroked him from base to tip and back down again. The look on his face was enough to tell me I was doing okay. My hand started to cramp and I got curious about what he tasted like so I released him. He looked at me incredulously.

His eyes widened when I kneeled over his cock, relaxed my throat, and opened my mouth. I wrapped my lips around him and he grunted. The taste of him was sinful but I highly doubted anything tonight would be about righteousness and nobility. As my head bobbed, he fisted my hair and mumbled incoherently. I could tell he wouldn't hold out much longer so I let go of him and sat up.

I stepped off the bed to take my boots off and take the lower half of my jumpsuit off. When I crawled back into the bed, Edward's boxer briefs were missing. I pressed my lips to his and straddled his waist. His strong hands grabbed my hips. I pulled back and looked at him. Our eyes locked and there was an understanding that we both needed this. We had this intense attraction and connection. We cared for each other too much for this to be wrong. I positioned myself right above his cock and lowered myself slowly. His eyes snapped shut and his head fell back. I moaned and he squeezed my right hip letting me know he felt the same way. I forced my eyes open and his green ones were staring back at me.

"You are so beautiful," he groaned out.

I rolled my hips into Edward slowly. It was sensual and more erotic than any sex I'd ever had. Even my most adventurous sexcapades paled in comparison to how I felt in this moment. I could tell there was something more than just raw lust despite the extradinory attraction and sexual tension there was between us.

Edward's firm hands controlled my movements. I placed my hands on his chest to steady myself as our heavy breathing filled the silence. He started to thrust his hips into mine and I whimpered. He was hitting me in places I'd never felt. I threw my head back and moaned his name loudly.

"Shit, Isabella. Say it…again," he requested.

"Edward," I moaned.

The feeling of him inside me was more than I had imagined. I forced my eyes open and Edward's were closed. I could see the veins and muscles in his neck straining as he ground his teeth together. His strong arms were tensed despite the much less than rough grip his hands had on my waist.

It was a contradiction to the way his body was loving me. It was passionate but there was nothing primal about it. No dirty talk or forcefulness. Just one man worshipping my body the way I always knew only he could.

"I don't know…how much longer…I'll last," he warned.

I grabbed his neck and pushed myself against his cock. The pace quickened and I could feel my orgasm on the brink. He sat up and our chests become flushed together; our heads in the crook of each other's neck.

"Edward, I'm going to…"

He thrust one hard one and I lost it. I screamed out and Edward covered my mouth with his own as he came. I collapsed on top of Edward and he fell back into the bed. I kissed him with wild abandon and an intensity I'd never felt before. He rolled us over and kissed me back hard. I pulled back once I was breathless and sighed. I leaned my chin on his shoulder as he panted against my body.

"Thank you," he breathed out.

I pressed a soft kiss to his cheek and wrapped my arms around his body.

"For what?" I whispered.

"For you."