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so here is chapter 1, it is told from both matsumoto's and hitsugaya's perspectives.

i tried to put some humor into this one so enjoy!!!


Matsumoto Rangiku

I look out the office window at the sky. It's early evening, and the sun is just beginning to sink in the sky. I sigh. Another day, another sunset. Another day of my life that has gone by without Gin. How are you still doing this to me? I cry out in my mind. Even when you're gone, how are you still such a big part of my life?

I try to force these thoughts out of my mind by attacking the paperwork that rests in front of me. Whenever I fall asleep, I see Gin in my mind, his slitted red eyes mocking me. So instead of sleeping on the office's couch like I used to, I throw myself into our squad's paperwork. The one advantage of working is that by the time I finish I'm too tired to think about Gin anymore.

Actually, there are two. Because when I'm in the office I can feel the presence of my taicho. His reiatsu is cool and comforting and as long as I am by his side, I feel assured that somehow everything will be all right.

I know that my taicho has been worried about me lately. Whenever I look up at him, I can see his green eyes gazing at me with concern. A few nights ago, he came to me when I was staring at the sunset thinking of Gin. He wiped away my tears and promised that he would never leave me, and I believed him. I still do. The words he spoke that day gave me the strength to stop moping about Gin and smile again. But Gin still haunts me, and no matter how I try, I can't break free.


Hitsugaya Toshiro

I hear Matsumoto sigh, and the anguish that I hear in her voice makes me want to smash something, preferably the smiling face of Ichimaru Gin. Every time I look at her, I see the sadness in her beautiful blue eyes and each time makes me renew the promise I made to myself to hunt down Ichimaru and make him pay for hurting her.

I mean, she's doing paperwork. Matsumoto Rangiku doing paperwork! That is a sure sign that something is wrong. The bubbly Matsumoto that I knew before the betrayal would be out drinking with her friends instead of sitting in, working as if the pile of papers in front of her is the only thing that is anchoring her to life. It's like she's been reduced to a shell of her normally energetic self, and it hurts me to see her like this.

I think that she has recovered some since I talked to her a few days ago, but I can tell that Ichimaru's betrayal has left her with a deep hole inside that I'm not sure is in my power to heal.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying.

As I think this, a Hell Butterfly flutters in through the window and lands on my finger.

"Juuban tai taicho, Hitsugaya Toshiro," it chimes. "Yammamoto-soutaicho has summoned you, along with the other taichos of the Gotei 13, to a meeting in order to discuss the recent events that have taken place in the Seireitei. Please come immediately That is all." The black insect lifts off my finger and flaps away.

Another meeting?! Another afternoon spent listening to useless arguments with absolutely nothing being accomplished.

But it was the orders of Yammamoto-soutaicho. I place my brush down, but then I hear Matsumoto sigh again. Looking at her dejected face as she signed her name makes me realize just how much she is suffering right now. I can't leave her alone, not now. She's not just my fukutaicho, she's my friend, and I…I love her.

The words slip easily into my mind, and they ring with truth. I love her. I love her, and her happiness means everything to me.

Yammamoto-soutaicho has summoned you…Please come immediately…

I'm either going to have face the wrath of Yammamoto-soutaicho, or live with the Matsumoto that I love slip away more and more as time goes by.

As if I even have to think about it.

Screw Yammamoto. That old man doesn't need me, while Matsumoto…while Rangiku does. You don't have to be a tensai to figure out that she needs support and comfort, a way for her to smile and be herself again. Her blue eyes, normally so bright, look lifeless.

I swear to myself that I will find a way to show her that there were people who cared about her. I will find a way to bring her back and make those eyes light up again.


Matsumoto Rangiku

I blink, and the world snaps into focus again. I look up and see my taicho gazing at me with an unreadable expression on his face. I remember that I had seen a Hell Butterfly come in, but I must have zoned out and missed the message.

"Taicho?" I ask. "Is something wrong? What did the Hell Butterfly say?"

Now there is determination, burning in the emerald depths of his eyes.

"It was nothing important," he replies. "Come with me, Matsumoto." He gets up from his desk, and beckons for me to follow him. I stand up slowly, unsure of what is happening.

I trail him silently as we exit the building. The sun is setting, staining the clouds in brilliant hues.

"Rangiku," I turn to face him in surprise. He hasn't called me by my first name since that sunset last week. He's holding out his hand to me.

I stare at his outstretched arm in confusion. "Taicho…what—?"

He cuts me off. "Do you trust me?"

"O-Of course I do taicho," I stammer.

"Then take my hand."

I look at his green eyes, but in my mind I see another figure. Gin. Gin had extended his hand in the same way, back when we were growing up, offering me precious food. But then he had broken his promises and abandoned me. But my taicho is nothing like Gin.

My taicho had promised me that he wouldn't abandon me either, and I know that he keeps his word.

I trust him, not only with my life.

But with my heart.

I take his hand, it is pleasantly cool and I can feel hard calluses from sword training. Suddenly he whispers something and icy wings spread from his back. I'm surprised; I had no idea that he could use a partial version of his bankai. But in one swift second, I have no more room for thoughts.

Because we're flying.

My taicho's wings are barely pumping, but we are soaring effortlessly beneath the rainbow clouds. The feeling of the wind rushing beneath us is exhilarating.

"Hey taicho?" I ask; smiling a little as a thought comes into my mind.

"What is it?" he responds warmly.

"What if somebody looked up at me and saw my boobs?" He rolls his eyes. "Of all the things to worry about…I could drop you right now, but instead you're thinking about people looking up your shihakusho…But, if it makes you feel any better, I will personally hunt down any person that you feel is guilty and turn him into a icicle."

"Awww, thanks taicho," I exclaim. "Coming from you, that's really sweet!" He scowls and the sight makes me want to glomp him. Too bad we're in midair…though maybe I can find a way around that…

I am feeling happier than I have felt for a long time. A laugh of pure joy escapes my lips. And even though it's a long way to the ground I'm not afraid, because I know that my taicho will never let go of my hand.


Hitsugaya Toshiro

She's laughing; her face looks so happy and full of life again. It's worth facing the consequences of skipping a taicho's meeting just to hear Rangiku laugh again.

Suddenly, her grasp on my hand tightens. She pulls me closer towards her.

"What—?" She laughs again.


"MATSUMOTO!!!" I try to yell, but due to the uncomfortable position of my face in her…assets, it comes out more like 'Mafumofo'.

Even though I feel like I am about to die, either from asphyxiation or by crashing into a tree because I can't see anything that's going on around me (because she just glomped me in MIDAIR), I still smile.

Because if Rangiku feels happy enough to glomp me, then that means my mission to bring her back to her old self is working.

But if we survive this flight, mission or no mission, I am going to cover her with so much ice that she won't thaw until next July.


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