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Chapter 1


Fuji stumbled slightly as he was suddenly glomped from behind. "Good morning, Eiji."

Eiji smiled brightly and continued to cling to Fuji as they entered their classroom. "So, is it true?"

"Is what true?"

"That you're dating Tezuka, nya! Why didn't you tell me?!"

Fuji tilted his head to the side. "Saa, it must have slipped my mind. Where did you hear that from, Eiji?"

"Eto…" The acrobat looked thoughtful for a minute. "Momo heard it from Kamio who heard it from Ibu who heard it from Gakuto who heard it from Akutagawa who heard it from Atobe."

Fuji blinked. "Why did Ibu-kun hear it from Hyotei?"

"I think they were at the street tennis courts and Gakuto kind of yelled it. Some of the Fudomine members were there at the time."

As the pair reached their desks, Fuji gently tried to pry Eiji's arms off of him which only caused the other to cling to the tensai even harder. "Fuji~!" Eiji whined, making sure his arms were firmly locked around the shorter boy's neck. "You didn't answer me!"

"Eiji, the teacher is about to start class."

The redhead pouted but released Fuji so that they could take their seats. "We're not done talking yet, nya!" He whispered as the teacher began the day's lesson.

Fuji chuckled quietly and turned his head to stare out the window. Blue eyes opened slightly before slowly closing once again. 'So Tezuka and I are dating now. I wonder if he knows that.'

"Tezuka, are you ready to go to lunch?"

The tennis captain looked up at Oishi standing beside his desk and stood himself. "Aa. Let's go."

As the two walked toward the cafeteria, a girl suddenly stepped in front of Tezuka, stopping their progress.

"Tezuka-sama! I don't care if you are taken now! I still love you!"

Oishi blinked as the girl ran off in tears. "What was that about?"

Tezuka shrugged, and the two continued to their regular table.

"Oishi~!" Eiji called out as he dragged Fuji over to their table. "Did Tezuka tell you?"

"Tell me what, Eiji?"

"That he's dating Fuji!"

Oishi choked on his food. "What?! Since when?"

Eiji plopped down next to his doubles partner and nodded while Fuji took his seat next to Tezuka. "So he didn't tell you. Fuji didn't tell me either. Isn't that mean?" He pouted at Fuji across the table. "How could you not tell me?! I'm your best friend! I should be the first person to know immediately after it happens!"

Tezuka glared at Fuji. "Is this what that girl was yelling about?"

Fuji paused in his eating to glance at Tezuka. "Girl?"

"A girl stopped us in the hallway and said that she still loved Tezuka even if he was taken." Oishi explained.

"Really?" Fuji laughed. "That's interesting."

Tezuka abruptly stood, grabbing the tensai's arm and yanking him out of his chair.

"Tezuka, what-"

"We need to talk." The captain pulled his singles two player out of the cafeteria and into an empty classroom. "What did you do?"

"I'm hurt, Tezuka." Fuji pouted. "What makes you think that I'm behind this rumor?"

"Aren't you always?"

Fuji waved that statement off. "That's unimportant. But I swear to you that I didn't start this one."

Tezuka raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "Are you sure?"

Blue eyes locked with framed hazel ones.

"I promise that I did not start this rumor."

The taller boy sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "No matter how it started, we need to end it."


"Fuji, we are not dating."

"We could be."


"Fine. You do know that this won't be easy to do, right?"

"Why not?"

"By the end of the day, the entire school will think that we're a couple. Oh, and at least Fudomine and Hyotei have heard the same rumor."

Tezuka's eyebrow twitched.

"Mm. Eiji told me that Fudomine overheard it from Hyotei, and I'm not sure where Hyotei heard it from."

"Any idea how to end this rumor?"

"Break up with me."

"We're not dating."

"But everyone thinks we are."

"Fine. We're breaking up now." Tezuka turned to leave but stopped as Fuji's hand closed around his wrist.

"That won't work. No one will believe that we broke up just like that. To make it official, you'll have to dump me in front of someone."


"Because you're the one who doesn't want to be my boyfriend."

"We're not boyfriends."

"But I don't mind being your boyfriend. You're the one who wants to end the rumor. I don't mind it."

"Fuji, we are not dating."

The shorter boy sighed and released Tezuka's wrist. "If you really want the rumor to end, then break up with me at tennis practice. There will be enough witnesses to spread the word if you do it then." Fuji moved to leave but paused with his hand on the door handle, head bowed. "Tezuka, I'll make this clear to you right now. I love you. I have since we were first years. No matter what you decide to do at tennis practice will change that. I'll still love you."

Tezuka stared as Fuji left the room, sliding the door shut behind him.

'Damn. Now what do I do?'