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Chapter 7

The tennis courts of Hyotei and their surrounding grounds were crowded with people. Not only were the two hundred members of the tennis club present, but there were at least another hundred students there watching the practice.

"Syuusuke." Tezuka glanced over at his boyfriend as they neared the courts. "Exactly why did you insist that we change into our Regular uniforms?"

"Hm? Oh, I thought that it would be easier to gain Atobe's attention this way."

'That's an understatement.' Tezuka thought as he surveyed the crowd. Many people were already eyeing the two Seigaku students and whispering to themselves.

Fuji took note of the gossiping crowd and smirked internally. 'Maa, this will go better than I planned.' Instead of stepping directly onto the courts like Tezuka thought he would, Fuji knelt down next to a bench out of Atobe's field of vision. "Ne, Akutagawa-san, wake up."

"Mm…" Jirou mumbled, blinking sleepily. He turned to the one who woke him from his nap and instantly snapped wide awake. "Sugoi~! It's Fuji Syuusuke! Fuji Syuusuke! Fuji Syuusuke! Fuji Syuusuke!" The Hyotei player happily glomped onto the tensai tightly. "You'll have a match with me, ne? Please?!"


"Huh?" The volley specialist turned his head to see his captain glaring slightly.

At Jirou's first happy outburst, Atobe had turned to see what had woken the other boy so easily. His eyes narrowed as he spied Seigaku's top two tennis players intruding on his domain. "And exactly what business do Seigaku's buchou and tensai have on Ore-sama's courts, ahn?"

Fuji smiled brightly and entered the courts with Jirou still clinging to him. "Why so suspicious, Atobe? Can't this be a mere social visit?"

"Do you honestly think that Ore-sama is foolish enough to believe any visit from Seigaku's resident sadist is for a simple chat?"

"Mou, that's so mean. And honestly?" Fuji giggled and addressed the Hyotei Regulars that had crowded behind Atobe. "How do you stand such a harsh buchou?"

Gakuto snorted at the other's question. "The harshness is tolerable. What's really annoying is the whole prima donna-"

Oshitari quickly placed a hand over his partner's mouth. "Now, now, Gakuto. It won't do for you to upset Atobe and get kicked off the Regulars."

The redhead rolled his eyes but agreed to stay quiet.

Atobe's eyebrow twitched, and he reminded himself to make Gakuto run laps until the acrobat fainted. "Ore-sama will ask one more time why the two of you find it necessary to disrupt Ore-sama's practice."

"Well…" Fuji smiled and idly played with Jirou's hair. "There's something that I found curious. Exactly why did you start a rumor about Tezuka and me being in a relationship, Atobe?"

The silver-haired boy stared at the other captain in disbelief. "You let him come all the way here and disrupt practice for that?"

Tezuka shrugged. "Better your practice than mine."

Atobe bit his tongue in order to refrain from cursing the other player all the way to Rikkaidai and back. He quickly disguised his annoyance under his aura of superiority and looked down on Seigaku's singles two player. "To answer your question, Ore-sama thought it was pathetic how everyone was careful to tip-toe around your relationship. Seriously, it's not as if it wasn't common knowledge within the tennis circuit that you two were together."

Tezuka's eyebrow twitched. "What do you mean?"

"Ahn?" Atobe looked amused for the first time since the two Seigaku players entered his courts. "Ore-sama means exactly that, or didn't you know that your secret relationship wasn't so secret?"

Tezuka glanced at Fuji who merely shrugged and re-focused his attention on Atobe. "Is that so? Saa, that's interesting. I suppose that we should thank you for clearing the air then."

The Hyotei Regulars stared at the tensai in shock.

"Is he serious?!" Shishido ground out. "Damn. For someone who's supposed to be a tensai, he sure doesn't have very much common sense. Ch'. Gekidasa."

Atobe blinked in surprise before recovering his composure. "Ah, your appreciation is accepted."

Fuji's eyes opened a slit for only a fraction of a second, but Tezuka was able to identify the mischievous glint held in those eyes. "Syuu…" Tezuka warned softly.

The smaller boy's eyes snapped to lock with his boyfriend's, and his smile softened slightly. "Something wrong, Mitsu?"

Tezuka shook his head but did nothing to stop Fuji.

Fuji returned his attention to Hyotei's captain, whose eyes shown with amusement. "Ne, Atobe?"

"Ahn?" Atobe smirked, amusement clear in his voice.

"You should take your own advice."

The Hyotei captain frowned. "And what advice would that be?"

"Hm?" Fuji giggled and gently shoved Jirou off of him and into Atobe, who automatically caught the sleepy player. "It's annoying tip-toeing around your relationship as well. I know for a fact that Eiji and I know that you sleep with Akutagawa-san."


Fuji blinked as the strawberry-blonde boy cut in. "Sorry?"

The other boy smiled brightly. "Call me Jirou. Akutagawa is way too long."

Fuji nodded and smiled. 'Maa, I don't think he realizes what I'm saying. Oh well.' He glanced at Atobe and smirked while slightly raising his voice so that the spectators could hear more clearly. "Is something wrong, Atobe?"

The taller boy gaped slightly. "What…did you just say?"

"Well, you do sleep with him, right?"


"Yes you do!" Jirou pouted and stared up at his captain, clinging to the other's jersey. "You slept with me last night, remember? None of my family was home, so you told me to stay with you."

"Jirou." Atobe growled, glaring at Fuji who was biting his bottom lip to keep from laughing. "This is neither the time nor the place to discuss this."

Tears welled up in the smaller boy's eyes. "You don't want to sleep with me anymore?" His voice was soft, but it rang clear throughout the courts that had fallen dead silent.

"Jirou, that's not what-" Atobe's rush to placate his singles two player was cut off by several loud shrieks.

"Atobe-sama! No! Say it's not true!"

"Kya! They're so cute together!"

"No! Atobe-sama was supposed to marry me!"

"Congratulations, Akutagawa-san!"

Atobe grimaced as the screams got louder while his Regulars snapped out of their shocked state.

"Holy shit!" Gakuto screamed over Atobe's fangirls. "Jirou, why the hell didn't you tell me you were together with Atobe?!"

"So Atobe-buchou and Jirou-senpai are…" Ohtori blushed and swayed slightly until Shishido placed a hand on his arm to steady him.

Jirou blinked at the chaos that erupted in and around the courts. "A-re?" He blinked up at Atobe. "What are they getting so worked up about?"

"Fuji!" Atobe snarled.

Fuji just giggled and waved, taking Tezuka's arm. "You might want to explain things to your boyfriend, Atobe. Seriously, if you didn't want anyone to find out about your relationship, then you shouldn't sleep with Jirou-san in such public places, like the street courts. Oh well. It looks like this is a Hyotei matter, so we'll just be leaving now. Bye!" Fuji quickly dragged Tezuka off of the courts and Hyotei's campus, passing many students rushing to the courts on the way out. "See?" Fuji looked up at Tezuka expectantly. "I was good."

Tezuka stared at the smaller boy. "You call announcing to hundreds of people that Atobe was having sex with Akutagawa being good?"

"I never said that. Everything I said was the truth. Atobe does sleep with Jirou-san. I can't be held responsible if some people take that out of context."

"Syuusuke, anyone would think that you meant sex and not actually sleeping."

"Jirou-san didn't." Fuji laughed. "I guess he's pretty innocent, ne? That really did turn out better than I thought it would."

"Syuusuke." Tezuka scolded.

"Mou…" Fuji pouted. "What happened to 'Syuu?'" He tilted his head down and looked up through his eyelashes uncertainly. "Is Mitsu upset with me?"

Tezuka sighed but gave Fuji a small smile. "No, and you're still my Syuu."

"Yay!" Fuji bounced back quickly. "So, do I get a reward for being good and not doing anything permanently bad to Atobe?"

"What type of reward do you want?"

"Well, Kaa-san and Nee-san are out of town again, and Yuuta refuses to come home for some reason. So…I'm all alone tonight." He wrapped his arms around Tezuka, blue eyes sparkling. "Ne, Mitsu? Do you mind sleeping with me tonight?"

Tezuka chuckled softly and pressed a kiss against Fuji's lips. "I suppose I can do that. After all, I guess you do deserve a reward for being good for me."

"Does that mean I can be bad tonight since I was good this afternoon?" Fuji smirked, nibbling on Tezuka's neck gently.

"Hn. We'll see."

The end.