We Cullen's love a party. Wait, correction: The Cullen women love parties, the men just love what makes their women happy. Second correction: Bella, not quite a Cullen, apparently detests parties, but yet here we are, about to celebrate the 18th Birthday of Isabella Swan.

I stood at the kitchen door, quietly observing the buzz of excitement that filled our home. Alice, my pretty little Alice, was skipping around lighting the dozens of baby pink candles she had spread about the room. Emmet was sitting cross-legged on the thick white rug wrapping Bella's gifts. His tongue hung slightly from his mouth as he concentrated on trying to fold the silver paper around the boxes as best he could. His brows furrowed and he growled in frustration when the piece he had cut from the roll provided by Alice proved too small.
"Give it here". With one swift movement, Rosalie took the box from Emmet, refolded it and stuck it neatly into place. She handed it back to him and he kissed her hand in appreciation. Rosalie then looked up to where I was standing,
"That smells disgusting!" I couldn't help but let out a laugh when I heard my wife respond from the kitchen,
"I heard that Rose, and it's for Bella so you don't have to like it." I turned into the kitchen just as Rosalie rolled her eyes and slumped angrily onto the couch. Esme was stood over a large mixing bowl in our rarely used kitchen. Her appointed cooking assistant, Jasper, was manoeuvring a large tray over from by the window where it had been cooling. On the tray there was a large, round, light brown…. thing. A cake, I had been told. As I had spent my days working this week, Esme had made several practice cakes, none of them went tasted of course, so her only way of measuring her success was how they had looked. Jasper had recently graduated from Forks High, and had kindly assisted Esme in her attempts all week. The pair now worked in silence as I watched them. Each time Esme looked up to get a required utensil, Jasper would be there waiting with it. That's how Jasper works. His affections are less vocal than Alice's, less physical than Emmet's, they're subtle. The sight of Jasper performing such a mundane task (well mundane to humans at least), was so wonderful to me. Since Jasper joined our family over fifty years ago, I have watched him fighting to adjust.

Tonight was important, it was obvious. It was important to Esme, who was now neatly spreading the pink mix over the cake with Jasper's help. Edward's new found happiness had been so joyous to her, and Bella had become like a daughter to both of us. Tonight was important to Alice. Alice adored Bella, her new sister. Her love for Bella combined with her love for Edward, combined with her love for grand celebrations meant tonight had to be wonderful, and if it was important to Alice, it was more than important to Jasper. However hard it was for Jasper to be around Bella, there was nothing he would not endure for Alice. Emmet and Rose, well they had come home early from Africa for tonight. Emmet did care for Bella; there were no limits to the entertainment she provided him with. Rosalie may not be so thrilled about tonight, or indeed Bella, but this family is very important to her, so she would play along. But the real reason we were all making such a fuss, was Edward. In the past few months Edward's world had become centred on Bella. In his many years with me Edward had brought me so much peace and happiness, just as he had with the other members of our family as they joined it, it was now time for us to help him find happiness. If Bella was important to him, she was important to us.

I snapped out of my deep thought when Jasper came up beside me; he was holding the huge, now pink cake on a large silver dish,
"Alice, where dya want the cake?"
"Put it on the table by Edward's piano, Oh Jazz, Esme it looks great!" Esme followed Jasper to the table; she was holding a stack of glass plates. Rosalie, who remained slumped in the sofa across the room asked,
"Esme, what's with all the plates?" Emmet laughed too and stood to put his arm around the closest he had to a mother,
"Yeah I mean, I know you and Jazz worked hard 'n all but, you can't expect us to eat that"
"And I don't. I just thought one solitary plate would look a little bit pathetic, plus these plates really do work better as a set." Emmet laughed again and kissed Esme on the forehead. Alice bounded towards me then, her arms overflowing with colourful paper orbs.
"Carlisle, they'll be here in two minutes, will you please put these lanterns out on the porch and I'll light them after I put out the roses"
"Of course Alice" She thrust the lanterns into my arms and skipped away.

I stood before the porch surveying the lanterns I'd put out. They looked acceptable to me, so I went back inside. I stood for a moment as Alice gathered everyone to wait in the living room.
"Carlisle come on, when she comes we all have to say "Happy Birthday, Bella" together and with feeling" I took my place behind Esme and wrapped my arms around her, bending down to rest my head on her shoulder. Tonight would go well, it had to.

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