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Title: Demon Pacifier
Author: piratequeen0405
Theme: Sneak
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Warnings: May cause tooth decay
Word Count: 300
Summary: Sometimes Mommy needs a break

Kagome wondered if it was possible to die of guilt as she pulled into the garage, finally home, but an hour later than she had promised.

Two hours to herself was all she wanted. Two hours without someone sucking on her. Two hours of not feeling like a human pacifier. Two hours…that turned into three due to an accident on the highway.

Her infant son, now six weeks old, had gone through a growth spurt and, for the past week, nursed around the clock. Those two hours, which had seemed so necessary to her sanity as she gleefully jumped in her car earlier that afternoon, she now considered the greatest mistake of her life. She knew Sesshoumaru, though he looked slightly anxious when she gently handed him their freshly fed offspring and kissed him goodbye to a whispered "be back soon", would competently, lovingly care for the baby; he was however deficient in one crucial physical attribute, namely lactating breasts. And after three hours the poor, dear babe would be starving and very likely furious about his father's flat, useless chest.

She rushed in the quiet house, and then paused. Expecting a screaming infant and a frantic spouse, the tranquility confused her. Into the living room she wandered and, spying them, had to bite her lip to keep silent. Sesshoumaru was lying on the couch, baby curled on his father's chest, both sleeping peacefully. Two heads of white, silky hair. Two foreheads, adorned with blue crescents. Two males who held her heart and soul.

She snuck across the room and knelt down. The baby had tight hold of a large hand, sucking on a fingertip. Kagome saw scissors on the coffee table and smiled dreamily, realizing Sesshoumaru had cut off a claw in order to calm his hungry child.