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Little Italy didn't expect to see him that morning. Not like that.

He was only going out to get a pail of water for Austria, when upon his way he saw his best friend, Holy Roman Empire, and some other people from the house, gathered around a carriage.

Feliciano skipped over, forgetting his duties for a brief moment. "Holy Roman Empire, Morning! What are you doing up~?" He chirped in a singsong voice.

Holy Roma looked up from the drawing he was holding, immediately became flustered, and hid the drawing behind his back. "Eh?! H-How did you know where I-?!" Italy took a step closer. "D-Don't! Stop there!" He warned. "Don't get any closer! Y-Yeah, stay there…"

Italy paused in his tracks. "Huh?"

"I… I woke up early… so I wouldn't see you…" Holy Roma began to explain, his voice hinting a sour topic. He didn't want to confront the girl like this… (Well, Italy was actually a boy, but he never noticed due to the maid uniform he wore or the dresses Hungary put him in. So he assumed Italy was a girl.)

"Holy Roman Empire? What do you…" Italy was confused. His heart felt like something grabbed it and began to squeeze it… was it fear?

Holy Roma sighed. "L-Look, Italy… I need to tell you, that I'm sorry… I'm sorry for everything… This…" He bit his lip. "This is goodbye, so… don't worry… about me…"

Feliciano's eyes began to sting, and the fear squeezed harder. "I-I don't understand…"

"I meant what I said…" Holy Roma looked away, hurt.

One of Holy Roma's followers walked up. "Holy Roman Empire. We're set and ready to leave."

He nodded once. Then turned his head back to Italy. "Well, so long… Stay well, okay?" He smiled sadly. "Goodbye…" He walked to the carriage.

"No…" Italy's voice came out in a gasp. The tears welled up in his eyes… "Y-You're really going?" One tear fell freely down his cheek. "Don't go, Holy Roman Empire, please…"

He couldn't stop him, but he had to do something. "Oh what, what??" Italy fretted. "What should I do? What should I – Oh!!" He shuffled a little. "Holy Roman Empire!"

Holy Roma stopped. Gaining enough courage to face the Italian, he turned around-

Italy was holding his panties.

"T-Take this!" He squeaked, his tears still running. "Take this, and think of me!"

Holy Roman Empire's face glowed red. "What are you-?" His face got redder. 'E-Eh… underwear as a gift… That means…' Redder than a tomato. 'This is a confession!' "T-thank you, Ita... I accept your feelings. I'll also… What do your people give to loved ones, Ita?"

"A…" Feliciano pondered. "… A kiss?"

"Ah, I see." Holy Roman Empire said. "Italy… Ever since the 900's, I've always loved you."

He leaned forward, softly placing a kiss upon Italy's lips.

Italy gently hugged back, more tears rolling down his cheeks. Not so much in sadness, though. "Really?"

"Yeah… It's true, Ita. No lie."

The Italian smiled. "I'm so happy."

After a while, Holy Roman Empire backed away, a look of hope on his face. "Farewell, Italy! I'm definitely coming back to you when the fight is over, I promise!"

"Yes!" Italy grinned widely. "I'll wait for you! And make lots of sweets for your return!" He waved as Holy Roma walked to the carriage. "D-Don't get sick, or hurt, okay?! We'll see each other again! We really will!"

Holy Roma waved back, smiling. As the carriage pulled away, he shouted, "No matter how many hundreds of years go by, I'll always love you more than anyone in the world!"


Years passed. Long, long and lonely years.

Italy had grown since he made his promise with the Holy Roman Empire, but he didn't forget him. Even if he no longer dressed as a girl and was living with big brother France now, he still had strong feelings for his childhood friend.

Today he was sitting by the window, gazing out over the French countryside. He didn't know what he was to do today, and it wasn't time for lunch yet. France was also out, so he couldn't leave the house. Francis said he would have to talk to him when he returned…

Right on queue, the Frenchman entered the room. His movement was steady, and he wasn't smiling. Feliciano stood still, the greeting smile he had quickly vanished. Francis wasn't smiling… something wasn't right.

France tried to smile. "Today, my boss… He signed the treaty, and Austria admitted defeat…" He sighed. "The… The Emperor…"

"The Emperor…?" Italy's stomach twisted into a knot.

"Oui… The Holy Roman Emperor…" – The Italian's eyes widened in surprise – "He resigned. My boss conquered it… The Holy Roman Empire."

Feliciano gasped, his face lightened up as he smiled widely. "SO! So, that means he'll live with us now?!" The thought of him coming back… it was just like he promised! He jumped from the chair he was sitting in. "Holy Roman Empire will live with us now?! He-?!"

Francis turned around, his head tilted down and to the side… Italy froze.

"The Holy Roman Empire… Doesn't exist anymore, Feliciano." He sighed.

Italy's smile faded.

"Wh…What?" His breath, his excitement… it was all lost. "It... doesn't exist? But, Francis, what does that-?"


France nodded once.

"He, just… Just like grandpa…? He… He… How?" Feliciano held his breath, trying to hide a sob… "How?... What happened? What…"

"I don't know, Feliciano." France said. "My boss created a confederation with part of his land… But the Holy Roman Empire we knew… Is dead."

Italy couldn't hold back the tears any longer. His eyes stung until the tears overflowed uncontrollably, grabbing at his shirt as he curled into himself, sobbing.

France couldn't do anything but listen to the sound of the Italian's sorrow.


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