Saiyan Vainglory

Chapter 2: A King's Encouragement

King Vegeta watched the saiyans file into the hangar where their space pods waited. Each of his loyal disciples slowly filed into their respected pods and prepared for takeoff. Once everyone was ready to leave, King Vegeta walked over to his slightly bigger pod. As he climbed in, he noticed a small, innocent child playing with a red, rubber ball. He made his way over to the kid and squatted to his level. The little boy looked up to see a large, muscular man leaning over him

"Hello," The King was startled by the friendliness in his own voice, "What are you doing playing in such a dangerous area?"

"My daddy dropped me off here while he went to work!" The boy's eyes grew sad as he said, "But he hasn't returned for a long time."

King Vegeta thought about the previous missions Frieza had assigned and suddenly realized which mission this kid's father must have been on. He had been sent to planet Karakorum, one of the most dangerous planets ever to be inhabited. This kid won't see his dad unless he meets him in Hell.

"Listen, Kid," The King's voice grew harsh, "You won't see your father for a long time, so why don't you go train a little with your peers. A saiyan child must strive to be the best, strongest, ruthless, warrior ever to live! Now that is something that would make your father proud!"

The kid was crying now.

"I-It-Its not fair!" The kid sobbed, his sadness slowly turning into anger. He stood up and faced his king with such confidence that King Vegeta couldn't help but to smile. His scouter read that this boy's power went from 150 to 500 in a matter of seconds.

When he grows up, he will be a dangerous solider. The King thought.

"I will be the best!" The kid was now yelling at one of the most powerful men in the universe.

"Don't just say it kid. Do it. Show everyone on this planet that you will be the best!

"Uh, King Vegeta, sir?"' stammered a pudgy little technician, "Your crew is ready to, uh, l-leave"

"Very well then! Lets go!"

The King took one last look at the little boy running off before climbing into his pod.