1 The final chapter

Hi sorry its been so long since I updated. I guess its because I only got 6 reviews. But then I remembered that 6 reviews this fast in Xenogears is worth 45 in DBZ. By the way demon king piccolo I have to disagree about him hating his mother. After all he hated his father for not being there to save her so he must love her. Also we never saw much of Id anyway so how do we know how emotional he is? Anyway maybe he is but it was the best I could think of :).

I don't own Xenogears but I did capture the creator and am holding him in my closet until he gives me legal ownership. (Not Really!!!) Now on to the show.

How Dare He!! Him. The weakling. He stood up to Id. And he actually won! How was that possible? On top of that he created a fourth personality. Well actually it would have been better to classify it as an answering machine. Or maybe a bookmark? All it was doing was waiting for someone to take control. And Id planned to be the one. He moved through the depths of his mind. He grabbed the Bookmark who unfortunately was near the Weakling. "What are you doing?" he asked. Id really didn't have time to talk to him(and his pride was hurt from the recent battle) so he only stopped briefly to tell him the basics of what was happening before he ventured into his part of the mind where no one but he could go. He then destroyed the Bookmark and took control.


Well this was interesting. Did they really think that this would really hold him? Id gathered the energy with in him, felt it spread around him, engulfing him. Nothing could hold Id now that he was completely in control. The Carbonite exploded around him. Two children had been staring at him. Gawking at him like he was a monkey in a cage. Well he'd teach them a lesson they would never forget. How many ways you could die and how painful they could be. But then he felt Him again. Blast him Id thought. Must he know every one I find? Deciding it wasn't worth the risk of losing control Id blasted out of there. Lucky for Id he hit the main generator of the already damaged Shevat. He got some pleasure of watching them franticly make a controlled landing. It smashed into the snow like a hot knife through butter. Well not as spetacular an end as Solaris and unfortunately some had survived. He'd deal with them later. He had a mission and he was going to complete. (Note: This is probably not gonna be anything like the game but that's why it's a fanfic. No one wants to read the same thing that they could watch anyway)


So this was Zohar.. Amazing power it seemed to just give and give. Id let the power flow through him. It was the best feeling he had ever felt. Then his subordinate's friends appeared. Let them come Id thought. I'll rip them to pieces. They attacked with surprising power for friends of the Weakling. The whole time they despretly tried to reach "Fei" "Fools. You can't help him now. I am the one in control." He laughed. The energy was making him giddy. Perhaps this was the ultimate alcoholic beverage? Then HE showed up. Of all the times he could have meddled why did he pick this time. "You!" Id no longer felt the energy's intoxicating power. All he felt was rage and unfathomable power flowing through him. "Why won't you just die already. Do you think you can save Fei too? That would be like you wouldn't it? You never cared about me or mother. If you did you would have listened to me! You would have saved her! You would have prevented all that pain. But you didn't. You never cared!" "No." said his father. "I did care about you and your mother. I should have paid attention. But I was too busy with my work. But its not too late. Your still alive and you can still save Elly." "Elly" The word was like a catalyst pulling he deep into himself. Blast it. No! He couldn't resist. But he did.


"We have to unite!" Shouted Fei. "We have to save Elly." "Oh be quiet." "The coward will never come out of his shell. He'll never agree. He is so selfish." "But I have to try." Fei/the Weakling walked off. Seeing that he was going to be stuck anyhow Id decided he might as well watch the Weakling fail. Id stood as close as he could come to the Coward. "You have to accept the pain with the good. It's not fair just to live with everything good and leave Id with everything bad." Fei shouted. He dragged the coward over to Id's memories. Id was relishing this as the coward finally accepted the pain that Id had suffered all his life. But then, something he hadn't ever seen. No! Its wasn't possible! His mother.. His mother had saved him. No! The coward must be making it up. But Id knew it was true. The thing he hated more than anything, the thing that had caused him to kill and murder, to hate, was himself. Deep down where Id himself would never accept which was why he refused to remember this. Everything he blamed on others was his fault. He was the copy. He was not the original personality or the true personality of Fei. He didn't deserve to exsist. "No" Fei whispered. "Its not all your fault. Everyone must accept responsibility." Id knew he was right. And then he saw something else. The memories that he had never seen. The times before himself. The times when mother was nice. For the first time in his life.. Id laughed a laughed that wasn't cruel or smug, but a genuine laugh. Id felt good inside. Id knew what to do when the memories ended. He let go of all the memories that he had held to himself about his other lives. About Abel. About Lacan. About all the lives from the beginning. He could feel himself becoming one. He was the Coward. He was the Weakling. He was Id. He was the incarnation of Lacan. He was what he was supposed to be. What he had been for 10,000 years. He was Fei. As Id disolved into the others his last thought was "Thank You father. I forgive you. And I love you."

The End.

There its done. I hope you liked it. I personally think it wasn't my best chapter. Too emotional if you ask me. But now I'll go to work on my next fic. Check back occasionaly to see if I have posted it. Thanks for the reviews. Wedge.

Oh by the way. I just want to say that there is a TON of Christian stuff in Xenogears. I mean wow! Basically the whole plot is base on it. Also at the end of the game remember at the end of the game. After you beat Dues but before Urolbulos. The path to god is called the "Path of Seporoth" Weird huh? Is there a connection?