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"What's she doing here?" Shinji wondered generally surprised. He had been making his way to Hotery town; which was one of the four towns he had to go through to get to sunneyshore city for his next gym badge.

One the way he had decided to take the forest path, should he come across any powerful Pokemon that could become useful in his next journey, when he heard something, out of curiosity he had gone to check it out, to find a girl unconscious on the ground.

On closer inspection he noticed it was the girl that always travelled with the stupid boy and his Pikachu. 'What was her name again?…Hiromi something?' he thought bending down to check she wasn't dead.

He could have just walked on, pretended he hadn't seen anything. But if he did that, then it would have been on his mind for the rest of the day.

So he bent down and felt for her pulse, it was beating faintly, but it was beating. Suddenly she began to stir. He eyes opened, she sat up and rubbed her head "ouch!" she said defiantly "that gonna hurt in the morning, worse than it dose now".

She turned to him and smiled happily

Shinji stared at her stunned as she stood and began to brush herself off. She looked around "where am I"

Shinji noticed that she had long midnight blue hair that reached her waist and matching blue eyes.

He shook his head, happy that his curiosity was satisfied and turned to go on his way, when he stopped and asked again curious that seems a weird place to take a nap, and where are your friends? Did they finely get sick of you, troublesome girl" he still couldn't remember her name so instead he just used the nickname he had come up for her.

(I was going to go into flashback but couldn't be bothered, so instead she is just going to tell him)

She gritted her teeth and looked like she wanted to hit him, but then took a deep breath and said "normally, id make you pay for that comment, but today I don't feel like it. And no, ash and Brock didn't leave, we were attacked by team rocket" gesturing what happened "we were training together by the lake, when they stole all my Pokemon. I managed to sneak into the balloon and get them back" she smiled a lop-sided grin "but I accidentally fell out of the balloon"

Shinji sweat dropped. "But no need to worry, because…" but before she could continue he had already started walking away.

After a few seconds of walking shinji noticed someone else's footsteps stepping behind him. He stopped and the footsteps stopped. When he started walking, the footsteps also continued. Finely he swirled around to see the troublesome girl following behind him.

"What do you think your doing, troublesome?" he said annoyed

She looked at him as if it were obvious "following you"

"I can see that" he said "but why are you following me"

She shrugged "you don't think that I was just going to just sit there waiting for hours for someone to find me then your mad. Im going with you" she said in-matter-of-factly

"No!!" he snapped

"Yes!!" she retorted "look, we can stand here with our yes, no's all day long, or you can just let me travel with you and save us both the trouble" she smiled annoyingly.

He clenched his fist and was ready to slap her, never mind her being a girl, when he noticed she was right. They would argue all day and if that happened he could loose valuable time. If he just left she would only follow so the only option was to save his pride and…

"Fine" he finally agreed "but don't walk too close, if possible I want to forget your existence"

"But if I walk behind you I might not be able to keep up" she said

"That's what Im hoping for" he said. But when he turned around she was, as promised, not too close but she was still by his side "don't hold your breath" she smiled again

Shinji looked forward, avoiding eye contact "what ever troublesome"


He turned "what?" he asked

"Hi-Ka-Ri" he said, adding empathise to each word "my name is hikari"

Shinji stared at her for a second before turning around again "whatever"