Dawn awoke that morning feeling a strange sense of warmness and security. She opened her eyes to hazy vision as she tried to grope forward into darkness, only to have her arms restricted by something. She opened her eyes fully and saw purple. Suddenly, last nights events caught up with her.

After the kiss, Dawn had cried, cried from sadness, cried from the pain of her past, all the tension she had kept inside for so long came out in the form of tears. After a while Paul had helped her back to the Pokemon centre and had pulled her (fully clothed) into his bed.

They lay like that for the while night, with his arms around her tightly while she sobbed into his shoulder until finally falling asleep. Paul's arms were still around her, hugging her into his chest in sleep as his breathing ruffled her hair with each breath.

Dawn smiled as she looked up at him, Paul had such a beautiful sleeping face, calmer then he would ever be, so serene. He was so beautiful. That night Dawn had experienced the happiest sleep she had ever known. For the first time in so long she slept without nightmares or painful feelings, it was like Paul's mere presence protected her from them and made her troubled mind calm.

She etched her hand free and reached up to brush away his fringe from his eyes. Dawn traced her fingers over the closed eye lid until it stirred under her touch. Paul opened his eyes and smiled. "Morning" she allowed herself a shaky smile "morning yourself…sorry about crying all over you last night. I don't like to talk about my past, you're the first person I've actually told who wasn't a psychiatrist."

She looked down for a minute, his studying gaze a little too much for her "I guess that keeping it in for so long, it all kinda gushed out uncontrollably" "don't worry about it" Paul murmured with a yawn "got the time?" Dawn raised her eyebrow "well its kinda hard with your arms around me"

Paul turned his head to try to hide his blush, but Dawn saw it, and it warmed her heart to see his obvious display of affection for her. Really, someday she was going to find a way to convince him not to hide his blushes when it was just them. Someday, the word made her want to shiver with pleasure to think that there just may be a someday for them. she tried to push her self up only to have Paul's arms tighten around her, "not so fast, I want to sleep some more" "you can sleep without me" she said "no, actually, your keeping me warm" now it was her turn to blush as she settled her self back down more comfortably and rested her head on his shoulder "ten more minutes then" Paul placed his chin on top of her head and fell asleep.

Later a little past mid day the two had left the town and were now walking through the forest on their way to a boat that would take them to Noen town where rumour had it the gym leader was now holding battles till the gym was being repaired.

They walked in their usual silence, Dawn thinking about possible contest moves and Paul going over different battle strategies. After sometime, Dawn started to murmur to her self out loud while slowing down considerably. Paul sighed and stopped for a moment waiting for her to catch up.

When she finally did, he slipped his hand into hers and proceeded to gently pull her along. Dawn looked up from her midday dream surprised a little by the physical contact. She stopped and Paul turned "well, come on then, or we'll miss our boat" Dawn smiled, would she sound like a love sick fan-girl if people knew it gave great pleasure to here the words 'our and we'll?' Paul shinji, the guy who not to long ago, she thought was a cold emotionless, pain in the but, turned out to be her life-line, her silver-lining, her boyfriend!

If someone had told her this a few months ago she would have laughed straight out in their faces. As they walked her grip on Paul's hand tightened had she used her other hand to clutch onto his arm.

Paul looked down at the little sapphire haired girl clutched onto his arm. Strange, he should feel used to the odd felling he had when the disgust didn't come but he still wasn't. Paul was usually very anti-social, he did not like people, but with Dawn it was different. Whenever she touched him, he always expected the familiar wave of loathing but instead received a wave of content and calm.

He turned his head and hid his blush, no matter how nice it felt it was still embarrassing so he etched his arm away from her and instead draped it over her shoulders. There, Much better. He thought back to what she had told him, Yuuto, now that he was thinking clearly, the name sounded familiar.

They boarded the boat; Dawn rushed up the gang plank faster then him the get a good place by the railings. Paul resisted the urge to laugh at her eagerness; maybe they should take boats all the time. He made it up the gangplank and sat himself on deckchair behind her.

Dawn was leaning far out and the wind was blowing through her hair, she reminded him of those wooded statues captains used to put on the end of their ships when in the olden times.

"You have a very pretty girlfriend" some old lady beside him said with a smile. Paul wanted to tell her to mind her own business, but it was Dawn she had complimented, "thanks" he murmured. "There's a restaurant inside if either of you get hungry, Im going there now" another lady said. Paul looked up at her with out a glare "thanks" he repeated. The old lady glowed and turned with the mutter of "such a polite young man" said one "no wonder he has such a pretty girlfriend" commented the other.

Paul swelled with ride, as he turned back to Dawn. Her hair fluttered in the breeze as the sun kissed her cheeks and lit up her delicate rosy skin. Her smile was wide and happy and it lit up her azure eyes. She reached out her hand to try to beckon a Wingull who was flying by.

She was beautiful; Paul didn't miss the looks some boys who were also boarding gave her, as well as the jealousy etched on their faced when they saw Paul with his arm around her shoulders. She was his girl, and it was good to know the suited each other well enough that know one questioned it.

"Paul!" he snapped out of his daydream to see Dawn call out your name, "feel the wind, its fantastic" she stretched out her arms "kinda reminds you of titanic, huh? Oh wait" she paused her arms dropping slightly "you've probably never seen it" "I've seen it" he cut her off. She turned and raised her eyes "really, it doesn't seem like somthin you…" "Or better yet" he cut her of again "my mom loves that movie, when I was young I was forced to watched it at least twice, as was my brother" Dawn giggled "it's hard to imagine someone forcing you to watch something that wonderfully beautifully, romantic and sad" she turned.

"If your thinking Im gonna go up there and hold you like Jack Dawson, then you've got another thing coming" he grunted. Dawn ignored him and just turned her face to the wind while stretching out her arms again. Paul got up, he didn't stand behind her like Jack Dawson, and instead he leaned on the railing beside her and listened to her soft humming of the titanic song my heart will go on.

She sung a few lines of the first verse and chorus as Paul listened with his eyes closed "I like listening to sing" he murmured quietly "you have a nice voice" it was too bad his eyes were closed because he missed seeing her blushing face. "What was that song you sometimes sing?" he asked after a few minutes. "What song?" she asked "you know, something about eagles and setting suns and soaring wing and being alone. How did it go again?" Dawn knew what song he was talking about so she took a deep breath and began to sing softly.

Far, far above the clouds

Soaring with the wind

A falcon flies alone, silent as the sky

I hear his lonely cry

Never can he rest

I walk with you along an empty winding road

We're far from the one to love

Never can return

Never can we see again, the country's of our birth

When will I ever find a place to call my home?

Sadness circling like a falcon in the sky

When will I ever find a way to speak my heart?

To someone who knows, what it means to be alone

Paul was so engrossed in her song he didn't hear the rustling behind him.

Far, far above the clouds

Against the setting sun

A falcon flies alone, Silent as the sky

I hear his lonely cry

Never can he rest

I long to spread my wings and fly into the light

Open this lonely home

To the one who understands?

When will I ever find a way to speak my heart?

When will I ever find a place to call my home?

Sadness and loneliness, a falcon in the sky

When will I ever find a way to speak my heart?

To someone who knows, what it is to be alone

The song ended and there were a few moments of silence. "Did you make up that song?" Paul eventually asked Dawn looked down with an emotionless expression "No, my mother…my first mother used to sing it to me when I was young" that caught Paul's attention as he opened his eyes to look at the teal haired girl

"It was one of the only affectionate things she'd ever do for me. When it stormed outside, she would put my head in her lap and sing softly. It was things like that that made it impossible to hate her." "Is it painful?" he asked. Dawn knew he wasn't asking about physical pain, he was inquiring if she thought about her mother's painful words every time she sang that song.

"No" Dawn replied "it doesn't. I grew up on that song. When my mother sang it she was always nice, so I can only think of it in a peaceful way. I sing it when ever I feel happy, or when ever I need to feel happy. To me it's a precious happy memory from my past, and since I don't have many of those I keep this one very close"

Paul could see the logic in her thinking "it's a nice song, a little depressing, but still. A nice song, and your voice makes it even better." Dawn turned around "my voice?" Paul looked at her, no, It's not possible "hasn't anyone ever told you about your voice?" he asked. Dawn shook her head. Paul smirked "then let me be the first to say, you have an incredibly beautiful voice"

Dawn blushed "flattery will get you no where" Paul actually looked a little insult "I don't flatter" he stated "I tell the truth and give my honest opinion. And you have an amazing singing voice"

She didn't know what to say, he was right, Paul never needlessly flattered anyone, he thought it troublesome and pointless. So all she did was say "Thanks"

They walked of the boat some time in the afternoon; the sun was setting into the sea so beautifully it was breath taking. Then something crossed over her mind. "Hey, if you come here for your gym battle, wont Ash?" Paul tensed at the thought of the black haired boy. That idiot would defiantly come here, and when he did would Dawn go with him? Even though they had both now admitted to their feelings? "Are you going to leave with him?" he curtly asked.

Dawn paused; she was pretty sure enough that she was hopelessly in love with Paul. But in a weird way she also missed her friends. She looked up at Paul and thought about not waking up with him on the other side of the room, not travelling in silence by his side, not being with him. "No, I think Ash would understand if I told him my feelings. Besides…"

She reached up and pecked him on the jaw "…I love you, and isn't it natural for a person to want to stay beside the person they love if they can help it?" both Dawn and Paul couldn't believe those words had just come out of her mouth, while both turned their heads to hide their blushes.

"Yeah" he said simply as the two made their way to a Pokemon centre.

That night, and every night after that Dawn slept in Paul's arms (fully clothed). They found out that while the gym leader was holding matches in the city, he was on vacation. So his apprentice was holding the gym battles instead, piece of cake and besides. He had spent every, second training before he met Dawn, he was sure to win.

So he spent the next few days going on dated with Dawn spending time with her like a real boyfriend should. And doing mild training and strangely enough, he had a blast, it was nice to able to kick back and relax. If he had tried to do so, on his own then he would have not been able to stop thinking about the coming battle, and would have ended up training anyway.

But Dawn's good humour and happy attitude was contagious, when he was with her, he found it impossible to remain serious enough to contemplate different battle strategies let alone go out and actually put them into practice. So his Pokemon got a little holiday, while he got some time off.

One day while Paul and Dawn were in town on their way to see an show of water Pokemon, it was suppose to, personally Paul thought the whole idea was ridiculous, but when he told Dawn where they were going she had jumped up and thrown her arms around his neck with a sequel. Paul grunted with embarrassment as some girls giggled at his obvious dislike. Dawn noticed also and released him immediately "Gomen nasai Paul, it's just that…this is so great. I've wanted to see this for so long." She crossed her arms and pouted playfully "but when ever I finally get to the town their performing I always miss it" Paul wanted to smile at her childishness, that was another thing he was finding himself smiling more then before. If his brother could see him now, cuddling, smiling and acting like a normal teenager in love, Reggie would most likely have a heart attack, recover, and then tease him mercilessly.

Paul shivered at the very thought, but also swelled at the idea of Dawn meeting his Mom, she was one of the only women he respected other then Dawn. Such a motherly figure, and he knew she would probably gush over Dawn and love her like her own. His mother adored Dawn's type.

"lets go, lets go" Dawn cried jumping up again. Her voice broke him out of his train of thoughts, what was with him? Only been going out with her for a few days and already thinking of introducing her to the parents! He was going soft, Paul glanced at Dawn's smile, and strangely enough, he was ok with it!

He nodded with a small smirk/smile at her eagerness and they began walking. "it doesn't start till later, so lets get lunch" Dawn nodded and began to run. Paul didn't bother catching up with her since he knew that when she noticed he wasn't there she would stop and wait. So he walked calmly, enjoying the sea air.

Dawn rushed forward, feeling the wing rush through her hair she closed her eyes, only to run head first into someone WHAM! They both fell to the floor. "Oh, Im sorry, I didn't mean…" she opened her eyes and stopped short in her sentence "Heeey" a blond boy with orange eyes to match his orange and white striped outfit looked up at her and they both yelled in union "its you!".

Jumping up she cried out "Your Jun, the Paul wannabe" and your…your…that girl who's name escapes me at this moment, but that girl" "My name" she said irritably "is Dawn. D-A-W-N, Dawn Hikari" he waved his hand in a bored expression "whatever, like I care, all I know is that you're weak and not worth my time" just as he was finishing his sentence they both heard a strong masculine voice call out "Dawn, hey slow down."

Paul appeared from around the corner and smirked "your marine show thing isn't going to run away this time" he said draping his arm over her shoulders. He looked at her face, anger slipping into happiness "hey what happen…" he was cut of by someone with a loud voice "YOU-YOUR-YOUR…"

Paul's' cold exterior returned, he was only gentle with Dawn and from her face this guy had made her really angry. "Who're you?" he said curtly. Jun finally was able to get out what he wanted to say "Your Paul Shinji!!"

"And who are you" he repeated rudely. Jun thrust out his hand "M-my name is Jun, I've been a huge fan of yours since…well since the first time I saw you battle. You're the best; your battle is so amazing that I wanna be just like you."

Paul scoffed "pathetic, that's all I need, another Fan-boy" Dawn looked angry again, but in a lighter manner "Paul, you don't have to be rude about it. He was only saying how much he admired you" Paul rolled his eyes. But Jun didn't seem to mind Paul's rudeness, in fact his eyes were as wide as wheels "wow, the rumours about your cool, don'-care, I-hate-everyone attitude was true. Awesome. That's must how you remain so unattached to your Pokemon!"

Suddenly Jun calmed down a little and noticed Paul's arm around Dawn's shoulders. And his mouth fell open. "Wait, what are you doing with Paul-sempai, what happened to Ash and that other guy?" Dawn smiled "well, a while back we all got e[separated and then I met Paul. Since then we started travelling together and well…" she drifted off with a light blush. Jun understood "Wait, no way! You can't mean that you two are together!" to Paul he cried "you can have your pick of so many girls and of all of them you choose this weakling!"

Paul looked seriously angry "you gotta problem with my girl-friend?" he said coldly with a glare. "N-no Paul-sempai. Its just I always thought you'd end up with some amazing beauty. And she…" Jun didn't bother finishing his sentence. The murderous look Dawn was giving his was enough to scare anyone. "Look, do you want something, because I wouldn't have fallen for Dawn if she were boring. And from the look on her face" he glanced at Dawns angry face "things are about to get really entertaining. Though I really don't feel like being troubled by Officer Jenny again" Dawn snapped out if her anger and laughed.

"you wish" she grinned "like the way you keep troubling Nurse Joy with your insane training strategies" Paul smirked "the only reason she's bothered, is because she can never actually get around to my Pokemon. She's always too busy patching up the girl who can't seem to keep herself out of trouble" Dawn playfully hit his shoulder "Baka"

Jun was watching the exchange surprised, the Paul he admired…was laughing, at her, but laughing. It was weird; he was used to seeing his cold and reserved on TV, even turning away from his Chimchar once. But now he was laughing, joking and teasing like a normal teenager. Was this the real Paul shinji, or was this someone who only the girl Dawn could bring out? And most importantly, could he still fight like before. "Hey, Paul-sempai, will you battle me?" he blurted out. It had always been his dream to battle with his idol.

Paul looked up, his cold glare once again returned, "Im busy at the moment, and besides. I don't battle with the weak" Dawn interjected "you battle with me" she said "and before you once said I was the weakest of the group"

Paul sighed "wait till my gym battle is over, then we'll see. Because as you can see now" he slipped his arm around Dawn's waist "Im on a date with my beast of a girlfriend" Dawns eye brow twitched "are you both just begging to be slapped? First him now you. I don't look that bad" Paul smirked and they passed Jun. "OK" Jun called to their backs "I'll be watching your battle"